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Ron Martin Ransomville Summer Nationals
Ransomville Speedway | Ransomville, New York
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Race Recap  

RIGHT AT HOME: Erick Rudolph uses home field advantage to score Series win at Ransomville

Rudolph passes Matt Sheppard for the lead on the way to 10th career Series win

Erick Rudolph looked right at home Tuesday night at Ransomville Speedway as he cruised to his second Super DIRTcar Series victory of the season in front of his home fans.

To start, the Ransomville, NY native joined SRI/Stock Car Steel Performance pole winner Jimmy Phelps on the front row. As the green flag dropped, nine-time and defending Series champion Matt Sheppard shot up two positions to second from fourth, making an aggressive play for the lead.

Rudolph on the other hand played it safe to start off the 75-lap matchup, staying in third place for the first 24 laps.

With one third of the race completed, and Sheppard in the lead after passing Phelps on the inside on the first of many restarts, Rudolph gradually and incrementally began to make a move. He maneuvered passed Phelps, dropping the pole sitter back into third place. He stayed patient, not forcing his #25R machine into performing, and steadily follow the leader.

As the front runners passed the half-way point and approached the final third of the matchup, tire durability became a contributing factor in determining the end result. Sheppard began to lose steam and Rudolph was ready for the challenge, inching closer and closer to the #9s. Rudolph saw the opening and passed the Waterloo, NY driver on the inside around Turn 1 and 2, moving into the lead on Lap 50.

“The first bit we were kind of settled in for third,” Rudolph said. “I knew with the package we had; we might be getting stronger at the end. I got patient. His car seemed like it might have been fading a little bit or mine was coming on. Either way, we were able to close in on him and got by him in lapped traffic. After that we were just focused on trying to run a smooth race.”

Erick Rudolph (#25R) drove a steady hand Tuesday night after passing Matt Sheppard (#9s) on his way to victory. (Photo: Quentin Young)

Running a smooth race was exactly how he finished, driving through lapped traffic with no problem, seeing his lead increase as they neared the finish line. Rudolph crossed the finish line first, capturing his second Series victory in less than a month. His last victory came at Autodrome Drummond on July 31. His Ransomville win is his first with the Series at the track and 10th career Series victory.

“I was able to keep running my line (after passing Sheppard) and just picked off lapped cars,putting cars between me and him,” Rudolph said. “We’ve ran (Ransomville Speedway) a handful of times this year, so we had a familiarity with the track surface and how races are normally run here. I’m sure it played a factor.”

Sheppard held on to finish in second place, his sixth runner-up finish this season during his campaign for a historic 10th Series title. He attributed his loss of speed in the second half of the race to setup decisions.

“We went with a little bit of a softer tire than he did,” Sheppard said. “It got us the lead, but it just didn’t hold on. Erick (Rudolph) was very good. He drove by us and drove away at the end. It’s one of his home tracks and he’s won a lot of races here. Congrats to him.”

Defending Ransomville Speedway track champion and current track points leader Mat Williamson was also busy charging his way through the field after starting in eighth place. The St. Catharines, ON driver was the winner during last year’s Series visit and aimed to repeat again this time. But with a handful of mid-race cautions and mechanical issues, he settled for a third-place podium finish.

“We were really good on the original start,” Williamson said.  “I drove down into Turn 3, got up to sixth from eighth, and then the bottom of the right-side frame railed out and I just started hopping up into the wall. I couldn’t really control anything. It was a good run, considering. We went with a harder tire. It just seemed like all the restarts in the middle of the race killed us. There’s things I probably would have done differently, but third isn’t bad and we’re not going to hang our heads about it.”

Adam Pierson finished in fourth place – his second top five of the year – and Tim Sears Jr. finished in fifth for his third top-five finish of the season. Nineteen-year-old Rookie of the Year frontrunner Felix Roy scored his second top-10 finish in a row.

UP NEXT: The Super DIRTcar Series Big Blocks travel to Lebanon Valley on Saturday, Sept. 2, for Mr. DIRT Track USA.

If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch all the action live on DIRTVision.

Summer Nationals Results:

1. 25R-Erick Rudolph[2]; 2. 9S-Matt Sheppard[4]; 3. 88-Mat Williamson[8]; 4. 215-Adam Pierson[3]; 5. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[13]; 6. 35-Mike Mahaney[6]; 7. 37S-Gary Lindberg[25]; 8. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[1]; 9. 91-Felix Roy[14]; 10. 27J-Danny Johnson[10]; 11. 42-Pete Bicknell[26]; 12. 5H-Chris Hile[19]; 13. 54-Steve Bernard[27]; 14. 2-Jack Lehner[5]; 15. 3RS-Dalton Slack[12]; 16. 8H-Max McLaughlin[20]; 17. 12-Darren Smith[11]; 18. 14-CG Morey[22]; 19. 99L-Larry Wight[17]; 20. 18R-Brad Rouse[23]; 21. 17-Marcus Dinkins[15]; 22. 11N-Ricky Newton[21]; 23. (DNF) 70A-Alex Payne[16]; 24. (DNF) 22-Noah Walker[7]; 25. (DNF) 3-Chad Brachmann[9]; 26. (DNF) 1-Andrew Smith[18]; 27. (DNF) 678-John Smith[24]

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Feature Results
12+125RErick Rudolph 750.00025Running150$7,500
24+29SMatt Sheppard 75-3.08536Running146$4,000
38+588Mat Williamson 75-6.2500Running144$2,500
43-1215Adam Pierson 75-8.3970Running142$1,800
513+883XTim Sears Jr75-11.5720Running140$1,600
66035Mike Mahaney 75-12.0710Running138$1,400
725+1837SGary Lindberg 75-12.4320Running136$1,300
81-798HJimmy Phelps 75-13.65314Running134$1,200
914+591Felix Roy 75-14.3400Running132$1,100
1010027JDanny Johnson 75-14.7800Running130$1,000
1126+1542Pete Bicknell 75-15.1520Running128$800
1219+75HChris Hile 75-16.0510Running126$700
1327+1454Steve Bernard 75-16.7370Running124$600
145-92Jack Lehner 75-17.8580Running122$575
1512-33RSDalton Slack 75-18.4030Running120$550
1620+48HMax McLaughlin 74-1 Laps0Running118$525
1711-612Darren Smith 74-1 Laps0Running116$500
1822+414CG Morey 74-1 Laps0Running114$500
1917-299LLarry Wight 74-1 Laps0Running112$500
2023+318RBrad Rouse 74-1 Laps0Running110$500
2115-617Marcus Dinkins 74-1 Laps0Running108$500
2221-111NRicky Newton 73-2 Laps0Running106$500
2316-770AAlex Payne 35-40 Laps0DNF104$500
247-1722Noah Walker 35-40 Laps0DNF102$500
259-163Chad Brachmann 31-44 Laps0DNF102$500
2618-81Andrew Smith 21-54 Laps0DNF102$500
2724-3678John Smith 11-64 Laps0DNF102$500
Hard Charger: Gary Lindberg
Heat 1 Results
112Jack Lehner 313.4960.0005
2335Mike Mahaney 313.919-0.4234
323Chad Brachmann 314.465-0.9693
4427JDanny Johnson 314.786-1.2902
5583XTim Sears Jr315.211-1.7151
6870AAlex Payne 315.694-2.1980
765HChris Hile 315.725-2.2290
81014CG Morey 316.802-3.3060
9737SGary Lindberg 316.828-3.3320
10954Steve Bernard 96.702216.7940
Heat 2 Results
1188Mat Williamson 140.6930.0005
229SMatt Sheppard 141.467-0.7744
3398HJimmy Phelps 144.426-3.7333
4512Darren Smith 146.118-5.4252
5491Felix Roy 146.947-6.2541
6699LLarry Wight 147.905-7.2120
778HMax McLaughlin 148.368-7.6750
8818RBrad Rouse 150.258-9.5650
9942Pete Bicknell 151.281-10.5880
Heat 3 Results
11215Adam Pierson 145.2250.0005
2225RErick Rudolph 145.624-0.3994
3422Noah Walker 149.050-3.8253
433RSDalton Slack 149.846-4.6212
5517Marcus Dinkins 151.874-6.6491
661Andrew Smith 152.426-7.2010
7711NRicky Newton 152.445-7.2200
88678John Smith 154.467-9.2420
99111Allan Wills 0.000145.2250
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
17+62Jack Lehner 00.0000Running0$0
23+13Chad Brachmann 0-0.0780Running0$0
35+235Mike Mahaney 0-0.0890Running0$0
44027JDanny Johnson 0-0.1010Running0$0
51-483XTim Sears Jr0-0.2070Running0$0
610+45HChris Hile 0-0.2240Running0$0
72-537SGary Lindberg 0-0.4480Running0$0
88070AAlex Payne 0-0.4500Running0$0
99054Steve Bernard 0-0.5220Running0$0
106-414CG Morey 0-0.5850Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jack Lehner
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
15+488Mat Williamson 00.0000Running5$0
28+69SMatt Sheppard 0-0.1190Running0$0
32-198HJimmy Phelps 0-0.1290Running0$0
47+391Felix Roy 0-0.1350Running0$0
54-112Darren Smith 0-0.1730Running0$0
69+399LLarry Wight 0-0.3080Running0$0
71-68HMax McLaughlin 0-0.5460Running0$0
83-518RBrad Rouse 0-0.8790Running0$0
96-342Pete Bicknell 0-0.8870Running0$0
Hard Charger: Matt Sheppard
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
17+6215Adam Pierson 00.0000Running0$0
26+425RErick Rudolph 0-0.0220Running0$0
39+63RSDalton Slack 0-0.1250Running0$0
45+122Noah Walker 0-0.3810Running0$0
51-417Marcus Dinkins 0-0.5070Running0$0
62-41Andrew Smith 0-0.5610Running0$0
74-311NRicky Newton 0-0.5830Running0$0
880678John Smith 0-0.6880Running0$0
93-6111Allan Wills 0-0.6880DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Adam Pierson
Hot Laps 1 Results
14+327JDanny Johnson 00.0000Running0$0
210+85HChris Hile 0-0.2140Running0$0
38+570AAlex Payne 0-0.3190Running0$0
43-13Chad Brachmann 0-0.3780Running0$0
59+454Steve Bernard 0-0.4300Running0$0
67+12Jack Lehner 0-0.4490Running0$0
71-683XTim Sears Jr0-0.6850Running0$0
82-637SGary Lindberg 0-0.7250Running0$0
96-314CG Morey 0-0.7790Running0$0
105-535Mike Mahaney 0-0.8920Running0$0
Hard Charger: Chris Hile
Hot Laps 2 Results
14+312Darren Smith 00.0000Running0$0
28+69SMatt Sheppard 0-0.0620Running0$0
35+288Mat Williamson 0-0.0800Running0$0
41-38HMax McLaughlin 0-0.2690Running0$0
59+499LLarry Wight 0-0.2700Running0$0
67+191Felix Roy 0-0.3600Running0$0
72-598HJimmy Phelps 0-0.3970Running0$0
83-518RBrad Rouse 0-1.0770Running0$0
96-342Pete Bicknell 0-1.3890Running0$0
Hard Charger: Matt Sheppard
Hot Laps 3 Results
17+6215Adam Pierson 00.0000Running0$0
29+73RSDalton Slack 0-0.1960Running0$0
36+325RErick Rudolph 0-0.2980Running0$0
41-317Marcus Dinkins 0-0.4110Running0$0
52-31Andrew Smith 0-0.4620Running0$0
63-3111Allan Wills 0-0.6840Running0$0
78+1678John Smith 0-0.7500Running0$0
85-322Noah Walker 0-0.7660Running0$0
94-511NRicky Newton 0-0.7840Running0$0
Hard Charger: Dalton Slack
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Event Info  

Ron Martin Ransomville Summer Nationals
Tuesday, August 22, 2023
Ransomville Speedway
2315 Braley Rd
Ransomville, New York 14131 

Event Description
The Super DIRTcar Series will be joined by the DIRTcar Sportmans in the Summer Nationals at Ransomville Speedway. The 75-lap Big Blocks will offer $7,500 to the winner.

August 23 RAIN DATE

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series, DIRTcar Sportsman Series

To Win Amount

Event Schedule
4 p.m. Pit Gates Open
5 p.m. Grandstand Gates Open
6:45 p.m. Hot Laps/Qualifying
-Racing to follow
*All times Eastern

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Reserved Seating
Top 5 Rowes

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Be polite to those sitting in front of and behind you

Handicapped Seating
Bottom row

Handicapped Parking
Near ticket booth

Pit Age Limit
Any age with a copy of birth certificate and a minor release signed by a parent

Personal Coolers
You may bring in a small soft sided cooler, no glass and no alcohol


Credit Card Use
Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
No alcoholic beverages may be brought in, we do sell beer at our beer booth located near the concession stands

Smoking Policy
No smoking in the grandstands. Smoking may be done in the grassy area

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost

Track Info  

Ransomville Speedway
2315 Braley Rd
Ransomville, New York 14131 

Track Phone
(716) 791-3602

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email

Track Type

Sprint Car Track Record
12.629 seconds by Donny Schatz on 10/16/17

Late Model Track Record
17.432 seconds by Billy Moyer in 2005

Closest Airport
Buffalo International or NIagara Falls

Track Map
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