Feb 09
Volusia Speedway Park
Feb 10
Volusia Speedway Park
Feb 11
Volusia Speedway Park
Feb 12
Volusia Speedway Park


Oct 11
Weedsport Speedway
Oct 10
Land of Legends Raceway
Oct 09
Can Am Speedway
Oct 08
Fulton Speedway



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Larry Wight
Super DIRTcar Series
Matt Sheppard
Super DIRTcar Series
Chris Hile
Super DIRTcar Series
Erick Rudolph
Super DIRTcar Series


Volusia Speedway Park
Location: Barberville, Florida
Length: 1/2 MILE

Previous Super DIRTcar Series Feature Winners
2019 -- Stewart Friesen on February 16th; Larry Wight on February 15th; Matt Sheppard on February 14th; Billy Decker on February 13th
2018 -- Tim McCreadie on February 17th; Matt Sheppard on February 16th; Tim McCreadie on February 15th; Tyler Siri on February 15th
2017 -- Brett Hearn on February 25th; Justin Haers on February 24th
2016 -- Brett Hearn on February 20th; Rick Laubach on February 19th; Matt Sheppard on February 18th; Tim Fuller on February 17th
2015 -- Neal Williams on February 21st; Rick Laubach on February 20th; Stewart Friesen on February 19th; Brett Hearn on February 18th

2021 Events
February 9, 2021 -- DIRTcar Nationals
February 10, 2021 -- DIRTcar Nationals
February 11, 2021 -- DIRTcar Nationals
February 12, 2021 -- DIRTcar Nationals
February 13, 2021 -- DIRTcar Nationals



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