THERE AND BACK AGAIN: Big Block Modified legends Tim Fuller and Billy Pauch on finding Victory Lane outside the cockpit of a modified

CONCORD, NC — Many would agree that wheeling a Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified takes a unique driver skill set. Massively powerful, torque-heavy engines, center steer chassis, wide bodies, and dirt-kicking Hoosier Racing Tires combine to make Big Block Modifieds one of the most exciting, and challenging forms of oval racing in the world.

In the past, a number of Super DIRTcar Series drivers have made forays into racing disciplines outside of their familiar Big Block Modified seat. Two of these drivers are featured on the DIRTVision Watch Parties this week: Billy Pauch and Tim Fuller.

The legendary Billy Pauch, from Frenchtown, NJ, is one of the few drivers able to conquer both Big Block Modifieds and 410 sprint cars. Although he never followed the series full time, Pauch has accumulated 14 Super DIRTcar Series wins, which puts him twentieth overall on the all-time wins list.

Although he’s successfully raced in a wide range of premier race car divisions, Pauch noted, “Modifieds are my forte.”

(RELATED: Hear from Tim Fuller Friday at 7 pm ET on DIRTVision when he recalls his first World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series victory, and then on Saturday at 7 pm Billy Pauch joins DIRTVision to talk about his win in the 1994 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series event at the New York State Fairgrounds Moody Mile.)

Pauch was inducted into the Northeast DIRT Modified Hall of Fame in 2016.

“Modifieds are what I grew up with and it’s what I feel most comfortable in. I love Sprints, believe me, and I drove for a lot of good people in Sprint Cars. The Sprints are physical and more of a younger guy’s car,” said Pauch.

Pauch won one of the crown jewels of sprint car racing: The 1994 Supernationals at the New York State Fairgrounds mile speedway. The famous win was over the best drivers of the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series.

First, all the fan-favorite Frenchtown driver had to do to put the Zemco #1 Sprint Car on the front row was break a world record. So he did.

Pauch wheeled his trimmed-out sprinter around The Moody Mile, clocking in a blistering lap of 24.825 seconds which was over 144 MPH average speed around the track.

This incredible record would stand until 2015 when Paul McMahan astonishingly broke the record at Rolling Wheels Speedway, ironically on the night before the final race ever on the famed Syracuse Mile.

Teams were known for building Syracuse specials. These were purpose-built designs for maximum straight-line speed. The unique creations found throughout the pit area were a part of the draw to The Moody Mile. Pauch’s Zemco entry was one of the most sealed-off sprint cars to ever roll off a trailer.

“It was my second year going to Syracuse with Zemco. They learned and watched the other teams. They were pretty sharp on getting the car aerodynamic,” said Pauch. “The team really slicked it up. That was the key. That and Davey Brown building the motor. Those together really gave me something special for Syracuse.”

Pauch also noted, “The biggest thing you can take back to the short tracks after a win like that is confidence. That always helps a lot.”

That and the $25,000 check.

Incredibly, Pauch raced at the top echelon of both Big Block Modifieds and Sprint Cars at the same time for many years, even fielding cars at NAPA Super DIRT Week in both divisions on the same weekend. Few drivers are that adaptable.

“When you ran Sprint Cars and Modifieds at the same time, going back into the Modified was like slow motion,” Pauch said. “Things happen a couple of seconds slower on a mile racetrack. It made it easier to drive a Modified but it didn’t make it easier to drive a Sprint of course.”

The speeds and treacherous nature made passing a premium on The Mile. Pauch preferred passing in the Modifieds because “you had the addition of ‘rub rails’ which you don’t have on a Sprint Car so you could muscle your way up a bit. If you tried that in a Sprint Car you’d usually hook wheels and go for a ride. It was easier to pass with a Modified,” Pauch attested.

Over the years, The Kid never shied away from a challenge. No matter what, he always drove the highest tier race car he could get his hands on.

After winning many races on Flemington Speedway’s dirt, Pauch spent some time on the new asphalt when the track was paved in 1991.

“Flemington was my home track. I won a lot of races there. In 1991 they paved it,” noted Pauch. “We switched the dirt cars over and ran the pavement but that only lasted for a couple of years. Then they went with the Asphalt Modifieds or what I call pancake cars.”

There was one “pancake car” that Pauch really liked and that was Mario Flores’ #44 Race of Champions asphalt modified. Here he describes the famous race at Flemington:

“They called me to run the Race of Champions race at Flemington in Mario Flore’s car. I knew it was a good car and I wasn’t doing anything so I took him up on it. I went up there and got the car in the show and started forty-third. It was a tough day coming through the field. The car got tight. At around 50 to go, I was in the top 10 and I told the team I couldn’t get the car to turn so they said pit next caution. We pitted and they made an adjustment and changed the right front tire. In 50 laps I came back through and won the race!”

Pauch returned to Flemington again in a NASCAR Truck Series race and finished a career-best sixth.

Today race fans can find the hand-painted, yellow #1 Big Block Modified racing around New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but also at select Super DIRTcar Series races like this year at Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTcar Nationals.

2005 Super DIRTcar Series champion Tim Fuller is a hero of what New York calls The North Country in upstate New York. Fuller hails from Watertown, NY, a famous haven for Big Block Modified drivers including Bob and Tim McCreadie.

Fuller has 31 Super DIRTcar Series wins, which is good enough for eighth on the all-time wins list, tying him with Jack Johnson. After winning the Series championship in 2005, Fuller was ready for a new challenge.

Fuller hooked up with Gypsum Express and John Wight to make an assault on the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series in 2007. Fuller was incredibly fast out of the box and picked up the 2007 Rookie of the Year honors.

After leaving the Gypsum team, Fuller attempted to follow the Series full-time on his own budget. Unfortunately, Fuller had a cold spell that sapped the new operation’s funds.

Fuller left the tour in 2012 and began racing his Big Block Modified more again in the Northeast, although he continued to catch select World of Outlaws races until 2015.

The Watertown, NY-driver did not leave without making a mark though. Fuller is tied for thirteenth on the all-time Fast-Time Award list. He’s tied with Clint Smith in Heat race wins. The pilot of the #19 also had the third-most Fast-Time Awards in one season with 12 in 2009.

Fuller’s last World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model win came at River Cities Speedway in 2014 after an incredible battle with fellow Watertown native and Big Block Modified hot-shoe Tim McCreadie.

Another notable driver who returned to the seat of a Big Block Modified after dabbling in other forms of motorsports is perennial NAPA Super DIRT Week contender Jimmy Horton. He was a double-threat when he rolled into tracks with both a Modified and a Sprint Car in the tri-state area and on the Super DIRTcar Series trail.

But then the high banks of Daytona International Speedway called to The Sensational One and he heeded that call.

Between 1988 and 1995, Horton scored eight ARCA Menards Series victories including five out of eight races he entered in 1990. Although Horton struggled in the upper echelons of stock car racing, he made a definitive mark on ARCA. Due to his ARCA success, he was picked to sub for an injured Darrell Waltrip in the Junior Johnson-owned car but never landed a full-time ride.

Others have gone to the big track looking for success, such as eight-time Series champion Brett Hearn and 1986 Series champion Charlie Rudolph. Hearn finished tenth in his very first NASCAR Xfinity Series start in 1985 at Dover International Speedway but was unable to replicate that success in later starts.

More Super DIRTcar Series drivers who have found success outside of the Big Blocks include Tim McCreadie, who has had a superb Dirt Late Model career; Mike McLaughlin, who found success at NASCAR’s pinnacle; and the NASCAR Truck Series’ newest star, Stewart Friesen.

All of these drivers can agree on one thing: Big Block Modifieds are irreplaceable.

PIT STOP: The View from Central New York

OSWEGO, NY – As we all wait impatiently for the start of this year’s edition of the Super DIRTcar Series, I look back to when it all started. I was just a junior in college at SUNY Oswego.

There had been various modified racing series over the years. There were Challenge Cups and there were attempts to have team races representing tracks from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Canada with three members to each team. A novel concept. 

However, none had them staying power of what has become the Super DIRTcar Series. But who are the legends, the men to beat, and the future stars of the series? Let’s start with the all-time Super DIRTcar Series Feature winners list. 

Billy Whittaker Cars 200 at Oswego Speedway, 2018 – Chris Owens photo

Top 10 All-Time Super DIRTcar Series Feature Winners List (Points and Non-Points) 

140 Brett Hearn
89 Danny Johnson
78 Matt Sheppard
70 Billy Decker
57 Alan Johnson
39 Bob McCreadie
32 Stewart Friesen
31 Jack Johnson
31 Tim Fuller
28 Jimmy Horton

The Legends

Wayne Reutimann charges down the backstretch of The Moody Mile, 1973 – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

I remember when the Schaefer Circle of Champions raced the what would become the first series shows back in 1972 at tracks like Five Mile Point, Rolling Wheels, Fonda, Flemington, Twin Valley, Orange County, Nazareth, East Windsor, Lebanon Valley, Weedsport, Merrittville and The Mile.

Chuck Ciprich all smiles at NAPA Super DIRT Week – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

Winners included the likes of Buzzie and Wayne Reutimann along with Will Cagle, Kenny Brightbill, Dick Hansen, Don Beagell, Chuck Ciprich, Stan Ploski, and Bobby Rossell. These names were always at the top of the results in the race papers. 

Kenny Brightbill in Victory Lane at Albany-Saratoga Speedway, 1979 – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

The Super DIRTcar Series has been the lone series that brought together the elite of Northeast Modified racing on a regular basis. For fans, it is treated to have so many of the legends of the tour still with us today and competing on a regular basis.

The winningest driver is Brett Hearn and although he has taken up a management role at Orange County, he hasn’t totally walked away from possibly running a Super DIRTcar Series show from time to time.

Brett Hearn and Billy Pauch talk shop, 1986 – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

Whoever would have thought that Danny Johnson, who won his first tour race in 1983, would be second in the all-time win list and still be racing when the resumption of action commences in 2020.

Danny Johnson, 2019 – Pete MacDonald photo

Youthful compared to the guys he is surrounded by in the all-time win list, Matt Sheppard is third and he’s managed to achieve that climb in just 15 years.

The other still competitive drivers in the top 10 list of all-time winners include Billy Decker, Alan Johnson, Tim Fuller, Stewart Friesen, and Jimmy Horton.

Billy Decker triumphant, 2001 – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

Alan Johnson still finds time to hit the tour while The Sensational One Jimmy Horton is usually on the roster for NAPA Super DIRT Week and when the tour hits Orange County.

Alan Johnson in chase-mode in the Last Chance Showdown at NAPA Super DIRT Week before going on to win the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 from last, 1989 – Courtesy of the NAPA Super DIRT Week Program

Tim Fuller has been running the tour on and off for years successfully. His win total would be far more substantial it not for his years following the World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model tour. 

There is no doubt that within the next 10 years The Doctor, Billy, Alan, Tomkins, Fuller, and Tremont will find other things to do other than sit in the cockpit of a Modified.

Okay, so maybe The Doctor will never quit, but you never know.

The Men to Beat

Obviously, Matt Sheppard has set the bar and after four consecutive years of winning the title will continue to be the man to beat.

Matt Sheppard, 2019 – Pete MacDonald photo

Mat Williamson had the season of his life a year ago in capturing the Super DIRTcar Series title and the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 at NAPA Super Dirt Week and he too is going to be around for a long time to come.

Mat Williamson, DIRTcar Nationals, 2020 – Joe Grabianowski photo

Others who will help maintain the high caliber of racing on the Series include Larry Wight and Erick Rudolph.

Erick Rudolph, DIRTcar Nationals, 2020 – Terry Page photo

Stewart Friesen also should find his way to his share of SDS shows as he too is one helps the tour maintain its luster.

I think Peter Britten and Mike Mahaney will continue to be mainstays on the tour fielding strong entries year after year. 

Peter Britten, Airborne Speedway, 2019 – Joe Grabianowski photo

Teams change goals and aspirations. For some, the thrill of running on the tour and the prestige that comes with it is a dream or their ultimate goal in racing. They try it, for maybe a year or two, and say, “Well, I did it.”  However, others are in for the long haul.

Jimmy Phelps is a driver that can get hot any minute and be a real threat on the tour.

Jimmy Phelps on the gas at Autodrome Drummond, 2019 – Joe Grabianowski photo

Betting on Futures

How does it feel predicting the future Super DIRTcar Series stars? Let me use just one word…Unpredictable.

Certainly, Demetrios Drellos made his presence known last year as a rookie and getting his first tour win as even when I talked to him in February still couldn’t believe his team actually won in the very first year.

Demetrios Drellos, Autodrome Granby, 2019 – Joe Grabianowski photo

Jack Lehner is still quite young and he has a program that might allow him to be in this thing for the long run. He’s still learning and getting his feet wet. Jack made strides last year and he is one of the Young Ones.

Jack Lehner, Weedsport Speedway, 2019 – Joe Grabianowski photo

Chris Hile, a regular in Central New York, has proven to be competitive the series races he selects to run. He is doing the tour for the first time this year and if he can adapt to some tracks he’s never seen he could be a contender. There is no reason why he couldn’t finish in the top ten in the point standings.

Chris Hile, Eldora Speedway, 2019 – Mike Mallet Photo

If anyone has followed Tim Sears Jr. they know just by watching him for one single night that this kid has talent. The team has received some assistance from John Wight over the years when they are in need, but he would be a tremendous addition to the series. He is the future of Big Block Modified racing and needs to find a ride.

There are a bunch of DIRTcar 358 drivers with the talent to make that step up if sponsors and support can be found including Davie Marcuccilli, Corey Wheeler, Kyle Dingwall, Ryan Arbuthnot, and Jordan McCready.

Corey Wheeler and Todd Root race door-to-door at Oswego Speedway, 2019 – George Smith

However, my base of operation is in Central New York so those are the drivers that stand out to me. Series talent comes from all parts of the Northeast and Canada. 

It’s difficult to see what the future might hold especially in the crazy world we are currently surviving in. When the economy eventually bounces back, the sponsors and fans will be able to remain involved and the longest Big Block Modified series in the Northeast will continue to give fans their fill of the stars of racing. 

There is no crystal ball, but in witnessing racing since the late 60’s I thoroughly understand that times change, drivers change, racing changes, but our sport and in this case the Super DIRTcar Series live on.

Billy Foley is a prolific writer for racing news website Dirt Track Digest and announcers weekly at Brewerton and Fulton Speedways.

10/9-10/13/19 — Oswego Speedway

Mat Williamson followed up his Thursday 358 Modified Hurricane 100 win at Brewerton Speedway with a repeat at Sunday’s NAPA Super DIRT Week main event, the Super DIRTcar Series Billy Whittaker Cars 200. With several Big Block Modified favorites falling out of the race under caution, Williamson became the guy to beat for the second half of the 200-lap Feature. The Ontario native joins Stewart Friesen as the only Canadians to score the $50,000 win.  In an impressive late-race charge on six-time NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion Brett Hearn (in third) and first-timer Anthony Perrego — who led 83 laps during the first half of the race — Tim Fuller took second, with Hearn in third after Perrego ran out of fuel in the final lap.


Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Diff Gap
1 88 Mat Williamson 200 54:45.5    
2 19 Tim Fuller 200 54:51.8 6.333 6.333
3 20 Brett Hearn 200 54:52.4 6.889 0.556
4 26 Ryan Godown 200 54:55.0 9.515 2.626
5 98h Jimmy Phelps 200 54:55.5 9.992 0.477
6 44 Stewart Friesen 200 54:55.7 10.233 0.241
7 5H Chris Hile 200 54:56.4 10.909 0.676
8 91 Billy Decker 200 54:56.8 11.326 0.417
9 43h Jimmy Horton 200 54:57.1 11.661 0.335
10 3J Marc Johnson 200 54:57.9 12.417 0.756
11 62s Tom Sears Jr. 200 54:58.5 13.03 0.613
12 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 200 54:58.7 13.228 0.198
13 18 Anthony Perrego 200 54:59.2 13.694 0.466
14 21a Peter Britten 200 54:59.7 14.232 0.538
15 42p Pat Ward 200 55:00.1 14.634 0.402
16 3 Justin Haers 200 55:00.9 15.434 0.8
17 83x Tim Sears Jr. 200 55:01.3 15.798 0.364
18 27J Danny Johnson 200 55:01.9 16.403 0.605
19 23 Kyle Coffey 200 55:02.0 16.547 0.144
20 1m Dave Marcuccilli 200 55:03.3 17.88 1.333
21 25 Erick Rudolph 193 49:12.5 7 Laps 7 Laps
22 8a Duane Howard 190 48:13.0 10 Laps 3 Laps
23 3rs Ryan Susice 187 46:57.0 13 Laps 3 Laps
24 49 Billy Dunn 179 39:01.0 21 Laps 8 Laps
25 6h Max McLaughlin 153 21:34.5 47 Laps 26 Laps
26 2L Jack Lehner 150 20:23.2 50 Laps 3 Laps
27 111 Demetrios Drellos 144 18:47.0 56 Laps 6 Laps
28 35 Mike Mahaney 133 06:18.4 67 Laps 11 Laps
29 14w Ryan Watt 133 06:18.5 67 Laps 0.104
30 7mm Michael Maresca 131 09:01.8 69 Laps 2 Laps
31 9s Matt Sheppard 122 57:21.8 78 Laps 9 Laps
32 14J Alan Johnson 120 44:03.1 80 Laps 2 Laps
33 11r Rob Bellinger 120 44:13.0 80 Laps 9.871
34 96L Gary Lindberg 120 44:57.4 80 Laps 44.482
35 37 Paul St.Sauveur 120 45:01.5 80 Laps 4.072
36 93 Danny Varin 58 52:57.3 142 Laps 62 Laps
37 34 Dave Constantino 54 50:35.1 146 Laps 4 Laps
38 19m Jessey Mueller 51 49:03.8 149 Laps 3 Laps
39 84 Gary Tomkins 46 46:48.4 154 Laps 5 Laps
40 99L Larry Wight 46 52:58.2 154 Laps 06:09.7
41 4v Billy VanInwegen 29 29:36.7 171 Laps 17 Laps
  Lap leaders          
  91 lap 1-6,  18 laps 7-48, 88 laps 49-58, 18 laps 59-101, 83x laps 102-119, 88 laps 120-200



Pos No. Name Best Tm 2nd Best Diff
1 91 Billy Decker 20.316 20.362  
2 9s Matt Sheppard 20.496 20.708 0.18
3 88 Mat Williamson 20.51 20.553 0.194
4 19 Tim Fuller 20.697 20.854 0.381
5 18 Anthony Perrego 20.709 21.033 0.393
6 3 Justin Haers 20.71 21.63 0.394
7 98h Jimmy Phelps 20.71 21.789 0.394
8 99L Larry Wight 20.744 21.195 0.428
9 49 Billy Dunn 20.756 20.825 0.44
10 35 Mike Mahaney 20.762 20.938 0.446
11 8a Dwayne Howard 20.764 20.916 0.448
12 1m  Dave Marcuccilli 20.796 20.842 0.48
13 3J Marc Johnson 20.797 21.037 0.481
14 25 Erick Rudolph 20.816 20.858 0.5
15 3rs Ryan Susice 20.864 20.997 0.548
16 6h Max McLaughlin 20.943 21.086 0.627
17 5H Chris Hile 20.944 21.02 0.628
18 62s Tom Sears Jr. 20.952 21.185 0.636
19 44 Stewart Friesen 20.983 21.051 0.667
20 21a Peter Britten 20.988 21.381 0.672
21 2L Jack Lehner 21.001 21.11 0.685
22 126 Jeff Strunk 21.015 21.092 0.699
23 43 Keith Flach 21.015 21.187 0.699
24 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 21.063 21.972 0.747
25 23 Kyle Coffey 21.068 21.264 0.752
26 12x Dillon Groover 21.07 21.188 0.754
27 37 Paul St.Sauveur 21.079 21.563 0.763
28 83x Tim Sears Jr. 21.08 21.343 0.764
29 43h Jimmy Horton 21.135 21.192 0.819
30 27J Danny Johnson 21.138 21.318 0.822
31 11r Rob Bellinger 21.155 21.805 0.839
32 26 Ryan Godown 21.17 21.183 0.854
33 18Jr. Louie Jackson 21.21 21.55 0.894
34 19m Jesse Mueller 21.217 21.359 0.901
35 93 Danny Varin 21.225 21.389 0.909
36 49b Francois Bernier 21.229 21.67 0.913
37 111 Demetrios Drellos 21.25 21.493 0.934
38 7mm Mike Maresca 21.284 21.304 0.968
39 14J Alan Johnson 21.296 21.861 0.98
40 14w Ryan Watt 21.325 21.373 1.009
41 1 David Hebert 21.36 21.503 1.044
42 7F Matt Farnham 21.46 21.573 1.144
43 25st Steve Bernier 21.465 21.567 1.149
44 34 Dave Constantino 21.491 21.71 1.175
45 84 Gary Tomkins 21.521 21.54 1.205
46 7 Rich Laubach 21.527 22.19 1.211
47 42p Pat Ward 21.533 21.57 1.217
48 22c Mario Clair 21.55 21.615 1.234
49 109 Billy Whittaker 21.633 21.757 1.317
50 96L Gary Lindberg 21.637 21.743 1.321
51 6h Josh Hohenforst 21.644 23.134 1.328
52 18b Bodie Bellinger 21.736 21.873 1.42
53 0 Dan Humes 21.752 21.952 1.436
54 97 Bobby Hackel IV 21.813 22.727 1.497
55 4v Billy VanInwegen 21.929 21.94 1.613
56 88a Dave Allen 22.037 22.425 1.721
57 14s Brian Swarthout 22.091 22.888 1.775
58 33h Jason Occhino 22.147 22.683 1.831
59 151 Brian McDonald 22.221 22.322 1.905
60 1ny Greg Atkins 22.32 22.483 2.004
61 2R Rusty Smith 22.333 22.445 2.017
62 X Chad Phelps 22.35 22.422 2.034
63 24k Nick Krause 22.364 22.957 2.048
64 63 Adam Roberts 22.477 22.706 2.161
65 02a Roy Bresnahan 22.508 22.913 2.192
66 14 C.G.  Morey 22.596 23.023 2.28
67 35b Frank Bellemare 22.601 23.138 2.285
68 36 Brian Whittemore 22.694 23.418 2.378
69 16 Aaron Jacobs 22.739 22.823 2.423
70 28p Eldon Payne 22.806 22.972 2.49
71 21Jr Gary Edwards 23.065 23.95 2.749
72 17 Marcus Dinkins 23.42 24.212 3.104
73 14ny Daniel Johnson 23.58 23.882 3.264
74 21L Alissa Cody 23.658 23.746 3.342
75 32h Brian Hitz 25.847 28.985 5.531
76 2a Mike Guler 26.282   5.966
77 20s Dave Schilling      
78 20 Brett Hearn      
DQ 35c Chris Curtis 22.073 22.478  
DQ 23m Mike Stacey 22.176 22.586  



Pos No. Name Laps
1 98h Jimmy Phelps 30
2 35 Mike Mahaney 30
3 91 Billy Decker 30
4 19 Tim Fuller 30
5 6h Max McLaughlin 30
6 3J Marc Johnson 30
7 111 Demetrios Drellos 30
8 83x Tim Sears Jr. 30
9 23 Kyle Coffey 30
10 19m Jessey Mueller 30
11 4v Billy VanInwegen 30
12 14w Ryan Watt 30
13 126 Jeff Strunk 30
14 63 Adam Roberts 30
15 2R Rusty Smith 30
16 11r Rob Bellinger 30
17 109 Billy Whittaker 30
18 7 Rich Laubach 30
19 2a Mike Guler 30
20 18b Bodie Bellinger 30
21 25st Steve Bernier 30
22 35b Francois Bellemare 29
23 14ny Daniel Johnson 12
24 28p Eldon Payne 8
25 33h Jason Occhino 3



Pos No. Name Laps
1 9s Matt Sheppard 30
2 25 Erick Rudolph 30
3 18 Anthony Perrego 30
4 8a Duane Howard 30
5 42p Pat Ward 30
6 99L Larry Wight 30
7 26 Ryan Godown 30
8 5H Chris Hile 30
9 20 Brett Hearn 30
10 43h Jimmy Horton 30
11 21a Peter Britten 30
12 34 Dave Constantino 30
13 X Chad Phelps 30
14 96L Gary Lindberg 30
15 43 Keith Flach 30
16 35c Chris Curtis 30
17 0 Dan Humes 30
18 151 Brian McDonald 30
19 88a Dave Allen 30
20 36 Brian Whittemore 30
21 02a Roy Bresnahan 29
22 21L Alissa Cody 29
23 12x Dillon Groover 26
24 7mm Michael Maresca 21
25 21Jr Gary Edwards 20
26 1 David Hebert 8
27 93 Danny Varin 5



Pos No. Name Laps
1 88 Mat Williamson 30
2 49 Billy Dunn 30
3 62s Tom Sears Jr. 30
4 1m Dave Marcuccilli 30
5 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 30
6 3rs Ryan Susice 30
7 27J Danny Johnson 30
8 2L Jack Lehner 30
9 84 Gary Tomkins 30
10 14J Alan Johnson 30
11 18Jr. Louie Jackson 30
12 37 Paul St.Sauveur 30
13 7F Matt Farnham 30
14 1ny Greg Atkins 29
15 6h Josh Hohenforst 29
16 14 C.G.  Morey 29
17 97 Bobby Hackel IV 29
18 16 Aaron Jacobs 28
19 14s Brian Swarthout 27
20 3 Justin Haers 24
21 32h Brian Hitz 14
22 17 Marcus Dinkins 7
23 23m Mike Stacey 4
24 24k Nick Krause 1
DNS 22c Mario Clair  
DNS 49b Francois Bernier  




Pos No. Name Laps
1 11r Rob Bellinger 25
2 21a Peter Britten 25
3 93 Danny Varin 25
4 14J Alan Johnson 25
5 34 Dave Constantino 25
6 7 Rich Laubach 25
7 12x Dillon Groover 25
8 43 Keith Flach 25
9 18b Bodie Bellinger 25
10 14 C.G.  Morey 25
11 21Jr Gary Edwards 25
12 35b Francois Bellemare 25
13 X Chad Phelps 25
14 21L Alissa Cody 25
15 16 Aaron Jacobs 25
16 24k Nick Krause 23
17 18Jr. Louie Jackson Jr. 21
18 28p Eldon Payne 15
19 63 Adam Roberts 9
20 97 Bobby Hackel IV 7
21 2R Rusty Smith 4



Pos No. Name Laps
1 7mm Michael Maresca 25
2 96L Gary Lindberg 25
3 14w Ryan Watt 25
4 37 Paul St.Sauveur 25
5 4v Billy VanInwegen 25
6 0 Dan Humes 25
7 126 Jeff Strunk 25
8 6h Josh Hohenforst 25
9 7F Matt Farnham 24
10 02a Roy Bresnahan 24
11 35c Chris Curtis 24
12 14ny Daniel Johnson 24
13 1ny Greg Atkins  
14 36 Brian Whittemore  
15 17 Marcus Dinkins  
16 109 Billy Whittaker  
17 14s Brian Swarthout  



1 91 Billy Decker   2 9s Matt Sheppard
3 88 Mat Williamson   4 19 Tim Fuller
5 18 Anthony Perrego -R   6 3 Justin Haers
7 98h Jimmy Phelps   8 35 Mike Mahaney
9 25 Erick Rudolph   10 49 Billy Dunn
11 62s Tom Sears Jr.   12 8a Duane Howard
13 1m Dave Marcuccilli – R   14 6h Max McLaughlin
15 42p Pat Ward   16 115 Kenny Tremont Jr.
17 3J Marc Johnson   18 99L Larry Wight
19 3rs Ryan Susice   20 111 Demetrios Drellos
21 26 Ryan Godown   22 27J Danny Johnson
23 83x Tim Sears Jr.   24 5H Chris Hile
25 2L Jack Lehner   26 23 Kyle Coffey – R
27 20 Brett Hearn   28 84 Gary Tomkins
29 19m Jessey Mueller   30 43h Jimmy Horton
31 44 Stewart Friesen (G)   32 11r Rob Bellinger
33 7mm Michael Maresca   34 21a Peter Britten
35 96L Gary Lindberg   36 93 Danny Varin
37 14w Ryan Watt   38 14J Alan Johnson
39 37 Paul St.Sauveur -R   40 34 Dave Constantino R
41 4v Billy VanInwegen        

Matt Sheppard Takes Seventh Super DIRTcar Series Championship, Tim Fuller Wins at World Finals


Tim Fuller Stuns the 2018 Super DIRTcar Series Champion Matt Sheppard with Late Race Pass for Win

CONCORD, NC – November 3, 2018 – Tim Fuller of Watertown, NY won the battle and Matt Sheppard won the war. With just a handful of laps the 2018 Mohawk International Speedway Champion tracked Sheppard down and made the pass for the World of Outlaws World Finals Presented by Cam-Am 40-lap Feature win. Matt Sheppard crossed the finish line second as the newly crowned 2018 Super DIRTcar Series Champion. The Franklinville Flyer Billy Decker was a threat at the front of the field, but had to settle for third. That rounds out the final chapter in the 2018 Super DIRTcar Series season.

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Tim Fuller Thunders to Victory at Fonda Speedway

2018 0922 JackVictoryLane

Tim Fuller Wins “The Jack” for Guaranteed 12th Place Starting Position at NAPA Super DIRT Week

FONDA, NY – September 22, 2018 – Tim Fuller goes back-to-back in Super DIRTcar Series Feature events after winning “The Jack” at Fonda Speedway. For Fuller, his Mohawk Int’l Raceway victory was sweet, but clinching a guaranteed 12th place starting position at the Billy Whitaker Cars & Trux 200 NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week finale is sweeter. NASCAR Camping World Truck Championship contender Stewart Friesen lead a majority of the laps, but failed to hold off the hard-charging Tim Fuller. Brett Hearn, who started alongside Fuller in row 7, followed in Fuller’s tracks to secure the podium finish.

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09/22/2018 The Jack Fonda Speedway

FONDA, NY – September 22, 2018 – Tim Fuller goes back-to-back in Super DIRTcar Series Feature events after winning “The Jack” at Fonda Speedway. For Fuller, his Mohawk Int’l Raceway victory was sweet, but clinching a guaranteed 12th place starting position at the Billy Whitaker Cars & Trux 200 NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week finale is sweeter. NASCAR Camping World Truck Championship contender Stewart Friesen lead a majority of the laps, but failed to hold off the hard-charging Tim Fuller. Brett Hearn, who started alongside Fuller in row 7, followed in Fuller’s tracks to secure the podium finish.

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Tim Fuller’s Legend Grows at Mohawk Int’l Raceway with Series Win

2018 0915 MohawkVictory

Tim Fuller Wins 100-lap Thriller at Mohawk Int’l Raceway After Starting Seventh

AKWESASNE, NY – September 16, 2018 – In a seesaw battle at the front, Tim Fuller proved his dominance at Mohawk International Speedway for the tenth time in 2018. The win is his first with the Super DIRTcar Series in 2018 and a record-extending tenth at MIR. Fuller becomes the second driver in history to sweep the 358 Modified and Big-Block Modified portions of the Mohawk Nationals. Mat Williamson put up a stout fight against the MIR Track Champion, but once again took second behind the no. 19 after finishing second to him the previous night in DIRTcar 358 Modified action. Billy Dunn quietly slipped into third place with a strong run in the no. 3rs.

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09/15/2018 Mohawk Nationals Mohawk Int’l Raceway

AKWESASNE, NY – September 16, 2018 – In a seesaw battle at the front, Tim Fuller proved his dominance at Mohawk International Speedway for the tenth time in 2018. The win is his first with the Super DIRTcar Series in 2018 and a record-extending tenth at MIR. Fuller becomes the second driver in history to sweep the 358 Modified and Big-Block Modified portions of the Mohawk Nationals. Mat Williamson put up a stout fight against the MIR Track Champion, but once again took second behind the no. 19 after finishing second to him the previous night in DIRTcar 358 Modified action. Billy Dunn quietly slipped into third place with a strong run in the no. 3rs.

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