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King of the Big Blocks
Bridgeport Motorsports Park | Swedesboro, New Jersey
Sunday, April 23, 2023
Race Recap  

BATTLE ‘TIL THE END: Mat Williamson Opens Championship Season With Bridgeport Victory

Mat Williamson started his run for a second Super DIRTcar Series title by scoring his fifth win in seven Series matchups.

Having won four of the last six Super DIRTcar Series races, Mat Williamson rode that wave of momentum into a victorious start to the 2023 championship season with the Series.

The 2019 Super DIRTcar Series champion has already claimed a crown in his journey to a second Series title, winning the King of Big Blocks at Bridgeport Motorsports Park Sunday night. However, walking away with the $7,500 prize at the end of the 75-lap was not an easy task.

“The track was challenging,” Williamson said. “The lapped cars were a little challenging. But there was really only one place you wanted to be, and that was a smooth line and there was only one of them through each corner.”

When the Feature commenced, sophomore full-timer Darren Smith – who set a new track record during Low-E Insulation Qualifying – pulled ahead with the lead. Williamson went from third tosecond on Lap 2 when defending Series champion Matt Sheppard suffered a flat right rear tire coming off Turn 3, forcing him to enter the infield.

A battle then ensued between Williamson and Smith after the St. Catharines, ON driver chipped away at Smith’s sizeable lead, briefly moving into the top spot on Lap 35 before Smith regained control. However, the Buzz Chew Racing driver kept Smith in sight. That persistence paid off around Lap 60 as Smith’s car began to fade.


Trying to not get fatigued himself, Williamson pounced on his opportunity to pass Smith for the lead on Lap 63 and then ran away with it to claim his fifth Series win in seven races. Williamson won twice during the 2022 season finale at The Dirt Track at Charlotte and then won two more in February during the Federated Auto Parts DIRTcar Nationals – also claiming his first Big Gator championship.

Behind Williamson, New Jersey native Matthew Stangle attempted to make the final laps entertaining, making a late race charge on Williamson. As Williamson passed Smith for the lead, Stangle followed him through and went by Smith for second. He tried to close the gap to Williamson but was not as efficient at perfecting his line.

“The whole Feature we were good,” Stangle said. “I feel like we just couldn’t put together some good laps at the end of the race. Every time I would get a good run in one corner, I would lose it in the next. I would either lose position on the leader or I would lose a couple spots. Those last five laps were probably my better laps, but one or two corners ruined my chance.”

His hard-fought efforts fell short in the end, having to settle for second.

Billy Pauch Jr. led an astounding charge from 22nd to 3rd to round out the night’s podium finishers. Mike Gular finished fourth, and Darren Smith finished fifth. Sheppard ended the night in seventh place.

Williamson walked away as a true king, sitting atop the Super DIRTcar Series points standings to kick off the 2023 season.

UP NEXT: The Super DIRTcar Series Big Blocks return to Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY on Sunday, May 7. You can find event information, here.

RESULTS (75 Laps)

1. 88-Mat Williamson[3]; 2. 6S-Matthew Stangle[5]; 3. 15P-Billy Pauch Jr[22]; 4. 2A-Mike Gular[9]; 5. 12S-Darren Smith[2]; 6. 8H-Max McLaughlin[13]; 7. 9S-Matt Sheppard[1]; 8. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[6]; 9. 5H-Chris Hile[10]; 10. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[4]; 11. 30-HJ Bunting[28]; 12. 215-Adam Pierson[12]; 13. 54-Steve Bernard[15]; 14. 2L-Jack Lehner[7]; 15. 4-Anthony Perrego[14]; 16. 7D-Tyler Dippel[17]; 17. (DNF) 21A-Peter Britten[16]; 18. (DNF) 37M-Mathieu Desjardins[20]; 19. (DNF) 33-Louden Reimert[18]; 20. (DNF) 84Y-Alex Yankowski[11]; 21. (DNF) 35-Mike Mahaney[8]; 22. (DNF) 32R-Ronnie Davis III[24]; 23. (DNF) 34-Kevin Root[25]; 24. (DNF) 17Z-Dillon Steuer[19]; 25. (DNF) 126-Jeff Strunk[21]; 26. (DNF) 24-Sammy Martz Jr[23]; 27. (DNF) 17-Marcus Dinkins[26]; 28. (DNF) 14-CG Morey[27]

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Feature Results
13+288Mat Williamson 750.00014Running150$7,500
25+36SMatthew Stangle 75-0.0560Running146$4,000
322+1915PBilly Pauch Jr75-2.5910Running144$2,500
49+52AMike Gular 75-4.1860Running142$1,800
52-312SDarren Smith 75-4.92156Running140$1,600
613+78HMax McLaughlin 75-6.1280Running138$1,400
71-69SMatt Sheppard 75-6.3531Running136$1,300
86-283XTim Sears Jr75-8.7720Running134$1,200
910+15HChris Hile 75-9.5530Running132$1,100
104-698HJimmy Phelps 75-11.3980Running130$1,000
1128+1730HJ Bunting 75-11.6220Running128$300
12120215Adam Pierson 75-14.1460Running126$700
1315+254Steve Bernard 75-16.1320Running124$600
147-72LJack Lehner 75-17.6720Running122$575
1514-14Anthony Perrego 74-1 Laps0Running120$550
1617+17DTyler Dippel 74-1 Laps0Running118$525
1716-121APeter Britten 65-10 Laps0DNF116$500
1820+237MMathieu Desjardins 62-13 Laps0DNF114$500
1918-133Louden Reimert 60-15 Laps0DNF112$500
2011-984YAlex Yankowski 59-16 Laps0DNF110$500
218-1335Mike Mahaney 52-23 Laps0DNF108$500
2224+232RRonnie Davis III46-29 Laps0DNF106$500
2325+234Kevin Root 43-32 Laps0DNF104$500
2419-517ZDillon Steuer 40-35 Laps0DNF102$500
2521-4126Jeff Strunk 32-43 Laps0DNF102$500
2623-324Sammy Martz Jr17-58 Laps0DNF102$500
2726-117Marcus Dinkins 16-59 Laps0DNF102$500
2827-114CG Morey 3-72 Laps0DNF102$500
Hard Charger: Billy Pauch Jr
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+1126Jeff Strunk 100.00010Running0$0
21-124Sammy Martz Jr10-4.0180Running0$0
33015XJustin Stone 10-7.9040Running90$0
44091Felix Roy 10-8.2630Running90$0
5509JFJF Corriveau 10-9.3090Running90$0
67+128FStan Frankenfield 10-9.6930Running90$0
76-1118Jim Britt 10-11.8760Running90$0
88014CG Morey 10-14.5380Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jeff Strunk
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
14+315PBilly Pauch Jr100.0002Running0$0
22032RRonnie Davis III10-0.6547Running0$0
35+230HJ Bunting 10-1.1090Running0$0
43-18SRich Scagliotta 10-4.5690Running90$0
56+134Kevin Root 8-2 Laps0DNF0$0
61-517Marcus Dinkins 5-5 Laps1DNF0$0
7703Sammy Martz 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
88099LLarry Wight 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
Hard Charger: Billy Pauch Jr
Heat 1 Results
112LJack Lehner 218.6660.0005
2388Mat Williamson 219.497-0.8314
342AMike Gular 220.144-1.4783
428HMax McLaughlin 220.411-1.7452
557DTyler Dippel 221.290-2.6241
6724Sammy Martz Jr221.814-3.1480
7615XJustin Stone 222.386-3.7200
899JFJF Corriveau 223.325-4.6590
9828FStan Frankenfield 87.852130.8140
Heat 2 Results
149SMatt Sheppard 490.0680.0005
2398HJimmy Phelps 491.318-1.2504
355HChris Hile 492.138-2.0703
464Anthony Perrego 492.609-2.5412
5933Louden Reimert 493.037-2.9691
62126Jeff Strunk 493.523-3.4550
7191Felix Roy 493.532-3.4640
88118Jim Britt 303.440186.6280
9714CG Morey 137.235352.8330
Heat 3 Results
1235Mike Mahaney 381.7350.0005
2112SDarren Smith 382.345-0.6104
3484YAlex Yankowski 382.920-1.1853
4754Steve Bernard 384.285-2.5502
5317ZDillon Steuer 385.860-4.1251
6817Marcus Dinkins 388.553-6.8180
798SRich Scagliotta 389.397-7.6620
8530HJ Bunting 390.588-8.8530
963Sammy Martz 30.600351.1350
Heat 4 Results
116SMatthew Stangle 130.0940.0005
2383XTim Sears Jr131.433-1.3394
32215Adam Pierson 133.879-3.7853
4421APeter Britten 134.773-4.6792
5637MMathieu Desjardins 136.859-6.7651
6532RRonnie Davis III138.058-7.9640
7715PBilly Pauch Jr138.310-8.2160
8834Kevin Root 140.047-9.9530
9999LLarry Wight 140.067-9.9730
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
111+102LJack Lehner 00.0000Running0$0
28+691Felix Roy 0-0.0020Running0$0
34+18HMax McLaughlin 0-0.0360Running0$0
418+14126Jeff Strunk 0-0.0420Running0$0
517+1288Mat Williamson 0-0.0420Running0$0
69+398HJimmy Phelps 0-0.0510Running0$0
716+92AMike Gular 0-0.0880Running0$0
82-69SMatt Sheppard 0-0.0910Running0$0
913+47DTyler Dippel 0-0.1110Running0$0
1012+25HChris Hile 0-0.1350Running0$0
115-615XJustin Stone 0-0.2190Running0$0
123-94Anthony Perrego 0-0.2730Running0$0
1315+224Sammy Martz Jr0-0.3720Running0$0
1414014CG Morey 0-0.5080Running0$0
151-1428FStan Frankenfield 0-0.5590Running0$0
167-9118Jim Britt 0-0.6530Running0$0
176-119JFJF Corriveau 0-0.9700Running0$0
1810-833Louden Reimert 0-1.0620Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jeff Strunk
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
12+112SDarren Smith 00.0000Running5$0
213+116SMatthew Stangle 0-0.0910Running0$0
318+1535Mike Mahaney 0-0.0940Running0$0
412+8215Adam Pierson 0-0.1850Running0$0
57+217ZDillon Steuer 0-0.2330Running0$0
61-583XTim Sears Jr0-0.3310Running0$0
711+484YAlex Yankowski 0-0.3520Running0$0
810+221APeter Britten 0-0.3730Running0$0
916+730HJ Bunting 0-0.4050Running0$0
106-432RRonnie Davis III0-0.4200Running0$0
119-23Sammy Martz 0-0.4220Running0$0
123-937MMathieu Desjardins 0-0.4590Running0$0
134-954Steve Bernard 0-0.4970Running0$0
1414015PBilly Pauch Jr0-0.5090Running0$0
1515017Marcus Dinkins 0-0.6990Running0$0
165-1134Kevin Root 0-0.7540Running0$0
171708SRich Scagliotta 0-0.7930Running0$0
188-1099LLarry Wight 015.4720DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Mike Mahaney
Hot Laps 1 Results
14+38HMax McLaughlin 00.0000Running0$0
28+691Felix Roy 0-0.0030Running0$0
39+698HJimmy Phelps 0-0.1370Running0$0
411+72LJack Lehner 0-0.1740Running0$0
518+13126Jeff Strunk 0-0.1790Running0$0
63-34Anthony Perrego 0-0.2610Running0$0
770118Jim Britt 0-0.2810Running0$0
812+45HChris Hile 0-0.2890Running0$0
92-79SMatt Sheppard 0-0.2940Running0$0
1010033Louden Reimert 0-0.3090Running0$0
1116+52AMike Gular 0-0.3110Running0$0
125-715XJustin Stone 0-0.3320Running0$0
1317+488Mat Williamson 0-0.5700Running0$0
1413-17DTyler Dippel 0-0.6860Running0$0
1515024Sammy Martz Jr0-1.0070Running0$0
1614-214CG Morey 0-1.1000Running0$0
176-119JFJF Corriveau 0-1.3490Running0$0
181-1728FStan Frankenfield 0-1.3700Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jeff Strunk
Hot Laps 2 Results
13+237MMathieu Desjardins 00.0000Running0$0
22012SDarren Smith 0-0.0510Running0$0
34+154Steve Bernard 0-0.1740Running0$0
49+53Sammy Martz 0-0.1980Running0$0
510+521APeter Britten 0-0.2030Running0$0
611+584YAlex Yankowski 0-0.2470Running0$0
718+1135Mike Mahaney 0-0.2550Running0$0
81-783XTim Sears Jr0-0.3080Running0$0
97-217ZDillon Steuer 0-0.3250Running0$0
1016+630HJ Bunting 0-0.3740Running0$0
1114+315PBilly Pauch Jr0-0.3770Running0$0
12120215Adam Pierson 0-0.3840Running0$0
136-732RRonnie Davis III0-0.3860Running0$0
1413-16SMatthew Stangle 0-0.3880Running0$0
1517+28SRich Scagliotta 0-0.4580Running0$0
1615-117Marcus Dinkins 0-0.6070Running0$0
175-1234Kevin Root 0-0.7410Running0$0
188-1099LLarry Wight 0-0.8900DNF0$0
Hard Charger: Mike Mahaney
Redraw Order Results
12+19SMatt Sheppard 00.0000Running0$0
27+512SDarren Smith 00.0000Running0$0
35+288Mat Williamson 00.0000Running0$0
46+298HJimmy Phelps 00.0000Running0$0
54-16SMatthew Stangle 00.0000Running0$0
68+283XTim Sears Jr00.0000Running0$0
71-62LJack Lehner 00.0000Running0$0
83-535Mike Mahaney 00.0000Running0$0
Hard Charger: Darren Smith
DIRTVision Highlights  
Event Info  

King of the Big Blocks
Sunday, April 23, 2023
Bridgeport Motorsports Park
83 Floodgate Rd
Swedesboro, New Jersey 

Event Description
"South Jersey Style" means many things here, but at Bridgeport, it means the Super DIRTcar Series' Big Blocks are about to go racing for a $7,500-to-win prize at the high banks!

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
3PM Pit Gates open
5PM Grandstand Gates open
6PM Hot Laps/Qualifying
7PM Opening Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Yes, the top 3 rows

Type of Grandstand
Aluminum bleachers

Handicapped Seating

Handicapped Parking

Pit Age Limit

Pit Gate Location
83 Floodgate RdSweedsboro, NJ 08085

Personal Coolers
as long as you can carry yourself


Credit Card Use
Office, Ticket Window

Smoking Policy
Not in grandstands. Designated areas only

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility

Track Info  

Bridgeport Motorsports Park
83 Floodgate Rd
Swedesboro, New Jersey 

Track Phone
(856) 467-6600

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email

Track Type
0.400; Progressive High Banked clay oval

Sprint Car Track Record
13.215 by Carson Macedo on 5/18/21

Closest Airport

Pit Gate Location
83 Floodgate RdSweedsboro, NJ 08085

Track Map
Competitor Info