DIRTcar W16 Engine Frequently Asked Questions

The DIRTcar W16 is an option engine for the DIRTcar 358 Division Engine

What is the DIRTcar W16 Option?

The W16 engine option is a motor developed by Carl Wegner of Wegner Motorsports to be used in the DIRTcar 358 Division. The W16 is based on the GM LS Series engines that are standard production in almost all V 8 GM passenger vehicles today. Wegner Motorsports is the company that NASCAR chose to develop the LS motor for competition originally in the K&N Series and now is used on the Modified Tour and many tracks and sanctions throughout the country. The W16 is developed from these applications.

Why now?

The W16 provides a reasonably priced option for drivers/teams that desire to advance to the 358. The W16 fills the gap between the cost of a DIRTcar Sportsman “602” motor and a standard 358 engine. This combination was tested by the Randy Slack Racing Team at Merrittville Speedway in 2015 with driver Billy Dunn with great success including 3 wins. The proven reliability of the W16 engines and the reasonable rebuilds make it a good choice for the racer on a budget.

What are the details?

The W16 is distributed exclusively by Bicknell Racing Products in the US and Canada. Bicknell Racing Products is the only approved vendor of the engine. BRP will maintain an active stock supply of the base engine.

The W16 engine list price is $9,950.00 US funds and plus a $250 shipping charge.

The motor comes complete minus carburetor and headers.

All repairs, if warranted will be done exclusively at Wegner Motorsports.

How will these engines be policed?

The W16 engine comes from Wegners with “Official DIRTcar” cable seals as well as a tape seal that contains a QR Code to track the engine serial numbers. Cable and tape seal numbers can be traced through a web site.

We know, there will be attempts to bend the rules and even cheat the rules. Rule books cannot stop a cheater. However, with a single supplier program, approved stamped parts, aggressive seals, it may assist the tracks in identifying the cheaters.

Where do I get an engine?

Bicknell Racing Products is the exclusive supplier of engines.

USA 716-285-7502
Canada 905-685-7223

What are the mandatory parts?

A.) One (1) 650 cfm Holley carburetor, Part Number 4777 or 80777 or Holley HP Carburetor Part Number 80541-1.

B.) DIRTcar approved MSD Box Part #64316-MSD/DIRT 6ALN fixed 7600

C.) Schoenfeld Headers 1122BVLS1-3 NON TRI Y OR Schoenfeld TRI Y 1124lvyls1

D.) Weight. 2350 lbs.

Any special awards or considerations?

At the end of the 2016 season, there will be a drawing and the winner will receive the use of a W16 for the 2017 season free of charge. At the end of the 2017 season the competitor will then be able to choose the option of purchasing the motor for $7500.00 which will include a complete rebuild.

What Tracks is this motor legal?

At All WEEKLY DIRTcar 358 sanctioned tracks and DIRTcar 358 Series Events. Must conform to all DIRTcar and DIRTcar 358 Division Rules.

Mike Perrotte