Williamson Conquers Billy Whittaker Cars 200

OSWEGO, NY – Oct. 13, 2019 — Would he make it or not? The closing laps of Sunday’s Billy Whittaker Cars 200 capped a drama-filled NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week at Oswego Speedway, where Mat Williamson had enough fuel to charge to the checkers while the car that was closing fast did not.

A late caution set up a shootout to the checkered flag. Williamson, a 29-year-old from St. Catherines, Ontario, was in front with an even younger Anthony Perrego and the sport’s winningest driver, Brett Hearn, closing hard. Then, on the last lap and hoping to pounce on Williamson, former winner Tim Fuller swung around Hearn in turn two, then Perrego’s machine suddenly ran out of fuel and slowed as Williamson raced under the checkers with Fuller in second and Hearn third.

In a breakout season for Williamson, winning his first $50,000 Billy Whittaker Cars 200 — joining Stewart Friesen as the only Canadians to win the race — etches his name in the record book among the greatest drivers in the history of Big Block Modified racing.

“Wow! What a dream season,” Williamson said. “When we got hooked up with Buzz and Brian, and the whole Buzz Chew team, I was more than excited about it. I know how much work they put into it and how much they deserve to win a race like this. When we got it done at Orange County this year it was awesome, but I’ve wanted to win this one for a long time. I grew up watching races like this. It’s incredible to get it done.”

Williamson was ecstatic in Victory Lane. The Buzz Chew team swarmed the car in celebration and the winner was quick to recognize them.

“I have such great guys behind me,” Williamson said. “I say it every time, but I can’t say it enough. Those guys are so smart in the pit area. At the beginning of the week I told them that the less I had to worry about, the better we would be. I told them it’s whatever they want to do for strategy. I could never say we lost a race because of what they did. We nailed it today. It’s incredible.”

As it turned out, the win was also a huge gain for Williamson in the Super DIRTcar Series championship points race. Leader Matt Sheppard failed to complete the 200-lapper, finishing 31st.

“I think it was a good points night to catch Matt,” Williamson said. “I know he didn’t finish. Hopefully we narrowed that gap and we can be there at the end.”

The points race comes down to the Northeast Fall Nationals next weekend at Brockville Ontario Speedway and the Can-Am World Finals Nov. 7-9 at the Dirt Track at Charlotte.

But at Oswego, North Country hero Fuller parked the black St. Lawrence Radiology No. 19 firmly in second place after making up two positions on the final restart.

“I was fourth with two laps to go,” Fuller said. “We struggled all day. We fought back to second. Who would’ve thought?”

Fuller’s small band of dedicated crew members worked hard to keep the No. 19 up front coming off pit lane.

“I still have the same guys I had 20 years ago to do these stops,” he said. “It takes a lot.”

Hearn is accustomed to being up front during NAPA Super DIRT Week, but the his road to the front was a rocky one.

“The strategy that we had at the beginning of the race wasn’t going to work with all the early yellows,” he said of the wild first 100 laps. “I got a left front flat. I got into a little jingle on a restart. We had to get back into the pits anyway. We lost all of our track position and I thought we were in trouble. But I came through subtly.”

But there was nothing subtle about the way Hearn worked aggressive lines and great restarts to knife his way through traffic and back to the front.

“I made some good passes and before you knew it, I was in the top five,” he said. “At one point there with 10 laps to go, I thought we had the fastest car on the track. All in all, not a bad day for us.”

Billy Decker captured the $1,000 STOP Tech/GPS Pole Award and piloted the No. 91 Gypsum Express to Saturday’s 150-lap DIRTcar 358 Modified victory, but his hopes of doubling up on the weekend wasn’t to be as he rebounded from early contact for an eighth-place finish.

Eight-time Super DIRTcar Series champion Sheppard put his No. 9s on the outside pole and picked up the $750 award from long-time partners Dig Safely 811 NY. Unfortunately, a mechanical failure on lap 122 forced the two-time Billy Whittaker Cars 200 winner to retire from the event.

From tearing around the Talladega high-banks in his NASCAR Truck to thundering through Oswego with his Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified, Stewart Friesen had his work cut out for him. Due to his conflicting race schedule, Friesen was forced to rely on a guaranteed starting spot he earned winning The Big Show XI earlier in the season.

Starting 31st, Friesen made ground all day working his way up to sixth, which was good enough for the KSE Hard Charger Award. The 25 positions the No. 44 advanced was just one car more that third-place finishing Hearn.

There is one award no one wants to get and that’s the Hard Luck Award. However, great sponsors like Bart Contracting step up to help out the drivers who might need some help just getting their car on the trailer. This year’s Bart Contracting Hard Luck Award goes to Alan Johnson, who was involved in a chaotic turn 3 melee that put his No. 14J on its roof. Johnson and company received $1,000 for their mishap.

Area Auto Racing News has long been a partner with NAPA Super DIRT Week with the Best Appearing Car sponsorship. Jessey Mueller’s vibrant blue and yellow No. 19 was a standout paint scheme amongst over 300 other polished racing machines. Mueller was strong all week in both modified divisions, but his Billy Whittaker Cars 200 was cut short by a broken left rear shock mount.

Notably, Super DIRTcar Series star Mike Mahaney was involved in a hard wreck in turn one with Ryan Watt. Following the crash Mahaney let out his frustration on Watt’s body work. Mahaney finished 28th and Watt 29th.

Next up for the Super DIRTcar Series is the Loud & Dirty Northeast Fall Nationals, where vital Championship points are up for grabs. With only 10 points separating Sheppard and Williamson, it could be a decisive Feature in the 2019 battle for supremacy in Big Block Modified racing.



10/9-10/13/19 — Oswego Speedway

Mat Williamson followed up his Thursday 358 Modified Hurricane 100 win at Brewerton Speedway with a repeat at Sunday’s NAPA Super DIRT Week main event, the Super DIRTcar Series Billy Whittaker Cars 200. With several Big Block Modified favorites falling out of the race under caution, Williamson became the guy to beat for the second half of the 200-lap Feature. The Ontario native joins Stewart Friesen as the only Canadians to score the $50,000 win.  In an impressive late-race charge on six-time NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion Brett Hearn (in third) and first-timer Anthony Perrego — who led 83 laps during the first half of the race — Tim Fuller took second, with Hearn in third after Perrego ran out of fuel in the final lap.


Pos No. Name Laps Total Tm Diff Gap
1 88 Mat Williamson 200 54:45.5    
2 19 Tim Fuller 200 54:51.8 6.333 6.333
3 20 Brett Hearn 200 54:52.4 6.889 0.556
4 26 Ryan Godown 200 54:55.0 9.515 2.626
5 98h Jimmy Phelps 200 54:55.5 9.992 0.477
6 44 Stewart Friesen 200 54:55.7 10.233 0.241
7 5H Chris Hile 200 54:56.4 10.909 0.676
8 91 Billy Decker 200 54:56.8 11.326 0.417
9 43h Jimmy Horton 200 54:57.1 11.661 0.335
10 3J Marc Johnson 200 54:57.9 12.417 0.756
11 62s Tom Sears Jr. 200 54:58.5 13.03 0.613
12 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 200 54:58.7 13.228 0.198
13 18 Anthony Perrego 200 54:59.2 13.694 0.466
14 21a Peter Britten 200 54:59.7 14.232 0.538
15 42p Pat Ward 200 55:00.1 14.634 0.402
16 3 Justin Haers 200 55:00.9 15.434 0.8
17 83x Tim Sears Jr. 200 55:01.3 15.798 0.364
18 27J Danny Johnson 200 55:01.9 16.403 0.605
19 23 Kyle Coffey 200 55:02.0 16.547 0.144
20 1m Dave Marcuccilli 200 55:03.3 17.88 1.333
21 25 Erick Rudolph 193 49:12.5 7 Laps 7 Laps
22 8a Duane Howard 190 48:13.0 10 Laps 3 Laps
23 3rs Ryan Susice 187 46:57.0 13 Laps 3 Laps
24 49 Billy Dunn 179 39:01.0 21 Laps 8 Laps
25 6h Max McLaughlin 153 21:34.5 47 Laps 26 Laps
26 2L Jack Lehner 150 20:23.2 50 Laps 3 Laps
27 111 Demetrios Drellos 144 18:47.0 56 Laps 6 Laps
28 35 Mike Mahaney 133 06:18.4 67 Laps 11 Laps
29 14w Ryan Watt 133 06:18.5 67 Laps 0.104
30 7mm Michael Maresca 131 09:01.8 69 Laps 2 Laps
31 9s Matt Sheppard 122 57:21.8 78 Laps 9 Laps
32 14J Alan Johnson 120 44:03.1 80 Laps 2 Laps
33 11r Rob Bellinger 120 44:13.0 80 Laps 9.871
34 96L Gary Lindberg 120 44:57.4 80 Laps 44.482
35 37 Paul St.Sauveur 120 45:01.5 80 Laps 4.072
36 93 Danny Varin 58 52:57.3 142 Laps 62 Laps
37 34 Dave Constantino 54 50:35.1 146 Laps 4 Laps
38 19m Jessey Mueller 51 49:03.8 149 Laps 3 Laps
39 84 Gary Tomkins 46 46:48.4 154 Laps 5 Laps
40 99L Larry Wight 46 52:58.2 154 Laps 06:09.7
41 4v Billy VanInwegen 29 29:36.7 171 Laps 17 Laps
  Lap leaders          
  91 lap 1-6,  18 laps 7-48, 88 laps 49-58, 18 laps 59-101, 83x laps 102-119, 88 laps 120-200



Pos No. Name Best Tm 2nd Best Diff
1 91 Billy Decker 20.316 20.362  
2 9s Matt Sheppard 20.496 20.708 0.18
3 88 Mat Williamson 20.51 20.553 0.194
4 19 Tim Fuller 20.697 20.854 0.381
5 18 Anthony Perrego 20.709 21.033 0.393
6 3 Justin Haers 20.71 21.63 0.394
7 98h Jimmy Phelps 20.71 21.789 0.394
8 99L Larry Wight 20.744 21.195 0.428
9 49 Billy Dunn 20.756 20.825 0.44
10 35 Mike Mahaney 20.762 20.938 0.446
11 8a Dwayne Howard 20.764 20.916 0.448
12 1m  Dave Marcuccilli 20.796 20.842 0.48
13 3J Marc Johnson 20.797 21.037 0.481
14 25 Erick Rudolph 20.816 20.858 0.5
15 3rs Ryan Susice 20.864 20.997 0.548
16 6h Max McLaughlin 20.943 21.086 0.627
17 5H Chris Hile 20.944 21.02 0.628
18 62s Tom Sears Jr. 20.952 21.185 0.636
19 44 Stewart Friesen 20.983 21.051 0.667
20 21a Peter Britten 20.988 21.381 0.672
21 2L Jack Lehner 21.001 21.11 0.685
22 126 Jeff Strunk 21.015 21.092 0.699
23 43 Keith Flach 21.015 21.187 0.699
24 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 21.063 21.972 0.747
25 23 Kyle Coffey 21.068 21.264 0.752
26 12x Dillon Groover 21.07 21.188 0.754
27 37 Paul St.Sauveur 21.079 21.563 0.763
28 83x Tim Sears Jr. 21.08 21.343 0.764
29 43h Jimmy Horton 21.135 21.192 0.819
30 27J Danny Johnson 21.138 21.318 0.822
31 11r Rob Bellinger 21.155 21.805 0.839
32 26 Ryan Godown 21.17 21.183 0.854
33 18Jr. Louie Jackson 21.21 21.55 0.894
34 19m Jesse Mueller 21.217 21.359 0.901
35 93 Danny Varin 21.225 21.389 0.909
36 49b Francois Bernier 21.229 21.67 0.913
37 111 Demetrios Drellos 21.25 21.493 0.934
38 7mm Mike Maresca 21.284 21.304 0.968
39 14J Alan Johnson 21.296 21.861 0.98
40 14w Ryan Watt 21.325 21.373 1.009
41 1 David Hebert 21.36 21.503 1.044
42 7F Matt Farnham 21.46 21.573 1.144
43 25st Steve Bernier 21.465 21.567 1.149
44 34 Dave Constantino 21.491 21.71 1.175
45 84 Gary Tomkins 21.521 21.54 1.205
46 7 Rich Laubach 21.527 22.19 1.211
47 42p Pat Ward 21.533 21.57 1.217
48 22c Mario Clair 21.55 21.615 1.234
49 109 Billy Whittaker 21.633 21.757 1.317
50 96L Gary Lindberg 21.637 21.743 1.321
51 6h Josh Hohenforst 21.644 23.134 1.328
52 18b Bodie Bellinger 21.736 21.873 1.42
53 0 Dan Humes 21.752 21.952 1.436
54 97 Bobby Hackel IV 21.813 22.727 1.497
55 4v Billy VanInwegen 21.929 21.94 1.613
56 88a Dave Allen 22.037 22.425 1.721
57 14s Brian Swarthout 22.091 22.888 1.775
58 33h Jason Occhino 22.147 22.683 1.831
59 151 Brian McDonald 22.221 22.322 1.905
60 1ny Greg Atkins 22.32 22.483 2.004
61 2R Rusty Smith 22.333 22.445 2.017
62 X Chad Phelps 22.35 22.422 2.034
63 24k Nick Krause 22.364 22.957 2.048
64 63 Adam Roberts 22.477 22.706 2.161
65 02a Roy Bresnahan 22.508 22.913 2.192
66 14 C.G.  Morey 22.596 23.023 2.28
67 35b Frank Bellemare 22.601 23.138 2.285
68 36 Brian Whittemore 22.694 23.418 2.378
69 16 Aaron Jacobs 22.739 22.823 2.423
70 28p Eldon Payne 22.806 22.972 2.49
71 21Jr Gary Edwards 23.065 23.95 2.749
72 17 Marcus Dinkins 23.42 24.212 3.104
73 14ny Daniel Johnson 23.58 23.882 3.264
74 21L Alissa Cody 23.658 23.746 3.342
75 32h Brian Hitz 25.847 28.985 5.531
76 2a Mike Guler 26.282   5.966
77 20s Dave Schilling      
78 20 Brett Hearn      
DQ 35c Chris Curtis 22.073 22.478  
DQ 23m Mike Stacey 22.176 22.586  



Pos No. Name Laps
1 98h Jimmy Phelps 30
2 35 Mike Mahaney 30
3 91 Billy Decker 30
4 19 Tim Fuller 30
5 6h Max McLaughlin 30
6 3J Marc Johnson 30
7 111 Demetrios Drellos 30
8 83x Tim Sears Jr. 30
9 23 Kyle Coffey 30
10 19m Jessey Mueller 30
11 4v Billy VanInwegen 30
12 14w Ryan Watt 30
13 126 Jeff Strunk 30
14 63 Adam Roberts 30
15 2R Rusty Smith 30
16 11r Rob Bellinger 30
17 109 Billy Whittaker 30
18 7 Rich Laubach 30
19 2a Mike Guler 30
20 18b Bodie Bellinger 30
21 25st Steve Bernier 30
22 35b Francois Bellemare 29
23 14ny Daniel Johnson 12
24 28p Eldon Payne 8
25 33h Jason Occhino 3



Pos No. Name Laps
1 9s Matt Sheppard 30
2 25 Erick Rudolph 30
3 18 Anthony Perrego 30
4 8a Duane Howard 30
5 42p Pat Ward 30
6 99L Larry Wight 30
7 26 Ryan Godown 30
8 5H Chris Hile 30
9 20 Brett Hearn 30
10 43h Jimmy Horton 30
11 21a Peter Britten 30
12 34 Dave Constantino 30
13 X Chad Phelps 30
14 96L Gary Lindberg 30
15 43 Keith Flach 30
16 35c Chris Curtis 30
17 0 Dan Humes 30
18 151 Brian McDonald 30
19 88a Dave Allen 30
20 36 Brian Whittemore 30
21 02a Roy Bresnahan 29
22 21L Alissa Cody 29
23 12x Dillon Groover 26
24 7mm Michael Maresca 21
25 21Jr Gary Edwards 20
26 1 David Hebert 8
27 93 Danny Varin 5



Pos No. Name Laps
1 88 Mat Williamson 30
2 49 Billy Dunn 30
3 62s Tom Sears Jr. 30
4 1m Dave Marcuccilli 30
5 115 Kenny Tremont Jr. 30
6 3rs Ryan Susice 30
7 27J Danny Johnson 30
8 2L Jack Lehner 30
9 84 Gary Tomkins 30
10 14J Alan Johnson 30
11 18Jr. Louie Jackson 30
12 37 Paul St.Sauveur 30
13 7F Matt Farnham 30
14 1ny Greg Atkins 29
15 6h Josh Hohenforst 29
16 14 C.G.  Morey 29
17 97 Bobby Hackel IV 29
18 16 Aaron Jacobs 28
19 14s Brian Swarthout 27
20 3 Justin Haers 24
21 32h Brian Hitz 14
22 17 Marcus Dinkins 7
23 23m Mike Stacey 4
24 24k Nick Krause 1
DNS 22c Mario Clair  
DNS 49b Francois Bernier  




Pos No. Name Laps
1 11r Rob Bellinger 25
2 21a Peter Britten 25
3 93 Danny Varin 25
4 14J Alan Johnson 25
5 34 Dave Constantino 25
6 7 Rich Laubach 25
7 12x Dillon Groover 25
8 43 Keith Flach 25
9 18b Bodie Bellinger 25
10 14 C.G.  Morey 25
11 21Jr Gary Edwards 25
12 35b Francois Bellemare 25
13 X Chad Phelps 25
14 21L Alissa Cody 25
15 16 Aaron Jacobs 25
16 24k Nick Krause 23
17 18Jr. Louie Jackson Jr. 21
18 28p Eldon Payne 15
19 63 Adam Roberts 9
20 97 Bobby Hackel IV 7
21 2R Rusty Smith 4



Pos No. Name Laps
1 7mm Michael Maresca 25
2 96L Gary Lindberg 25
3 14w Ryan Watt 25
4 37 Paul St.Sauveur 25
5 4v Billy VanInwegen 25
6 0 Dan Humes 25
7 126 Jeff Strunk 25
8 6h Josh Hohenforst 25
9 7F Matt Farnham 24
10 02a Roy Bresnahan 24
11 35c Chris Curtis 24
12 14ny Daniel Johnson 24
13 1ny Greg Atkins  
14 36 Brian Whittemore  
15 17 Marcus Dinkins  
16 109 Billy Whittaker  
17 14s Brian Swarthout  



1 91 Billy Decker   2 9s Matt Sheppard
3 88 Mat Williamson   4 19 Tim Fuller
5 18 Anthony Perrego -R   6 3 Justin Haers
7 98h Jimmy Phelps   8 35 Mike Mahaney
9 25 Erick Rudolph   10 49 Billy Dunn
11 62s Tom Sears Jr.   12 8a Duane Howard
13 1m Dave Marcuccilli – R   14 6h Max McLaughlin
15 42p Pat Ward   16 115 Kenny Tremont Jr.
17 3J Marc Johnson   18 99L Larry Wight
19 3rs Ryan Susice   20 111 Demetrios Drellos
21 26 Ryan Godown   22 27J Danny Johnson
23 83x Tim Sears Jr.   24 5H Chris Hile
25 2L Jack Lehner   26 23 Kyle Coffey – R
27 20 Brett Hearn   28 84 Gary Tomkins
29 19m Jessey Mueller   30 43h Jimmy Horton
31 44 Stewart Friesen (G)   32 11r Rob Bellinger
33 7mm Michael Maresca   34 21a Peter Britten
35 96L Gary Lindberg   36 93 Danny Varin
37 14w Ryan Watt   38 14J Alan Johnson
39 37 Paul St.Sauveur -R   40 34 Dave Constantino R
41 4v Billy VanInwegen        

Top 6 Drivers Locked into the Billy Whittaker Cars 200

OSWEGO, NY – October 10, 2019 – The Top 6 drivers from today’s Time Trial session are locked into the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 on Sunday, October 13. Billy Decker, from Unadilla, NY, won the STOP Tech/GPS Pole Award at Oswego Speedway with a quick-time of 20.316 seconds for his eighth NAPA Super DIRT Week Big Block Modified pole.

Runner up and defending Super DIRTcar Series Champion, Matt Sheppard, will start second and took home the Dig Safely 811 Outside Pole Award.

Mat Williamson, Tim Fuller, Anthony Perrego, and Justin Haers rounded out the Top 6.

Amidst the busiest week in dirt racing, Billy Decker is relieved and excited to be on the top of the heap going into Sunday’s 200.

“The Gypsum Wholesaler car is really good. I can’t thank the guys at the shop enough,” said Decker on the infield stage.

Decker, still not satisfied with his speed, was looking for some tips from fellow driver Mat Williamson, “I asked Mat if I made a change and what it would do to the car and he gave me the deer in the headlights look.”

The Billy Whittaker Cars 200 pole sitter spoke highly of the sponsor support for NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVIII.

“On behalf of all the drivers I want to thank the product and title sponsors for their support this weekend.”

Matt Sheppard was sure he had the winning lap, but Decker was just a hair too good.

“I thought I had caught pretty good lap there from behind the wheel but Billy [Decker] was just really, really good. We had a fast car yesterday and a fast car today, so we are looking good for the 200.”

Earlier in the day Mat Williamson timed top 6 in the DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Salute to the Troops 150 Time Trial session. Then he came back with his Big Block and clocked it third fastest.

“We’ve been running pretty good. I’m actually a little disappointed with third. It’s a good run for the Buzz Chew guys but we wanted to be on that front row.”

Williamson is very happy with the smooth, fast track. He said, “The guys that make this racetrack deserve a big pay raise because they did an excellent job. There ain’t a ripple in it.”

Tim Fuller also timed in the top 6 for the 358 Modified portion of the event. That’s a good sign going into the weekend’s Features.

“I’m feeling a lot better about the 200 since this morning when we couldn’t get a good lap down.”

“It’s great to Time Trial well in both and start up front and get locked into the show. I had to make the race. No provisional so this is good!” Fuller said with a wide smile.

Anthony Perrego, a Super DIRTcar Series invader, was happy to lock the No. 18 in.

“We were fast all day yesterday. The track changed a little bit there and we got down into the 20-second bracket.”

Justin Haers has shown his grit and resilience this season. He too is relieved to be locked in.

“It’s a big relief off our shoulders. There so many cars here. It’s a great feeling to be locked in. We can play with some stuff in the Heat Race. We don’t have to worry about racing into a qualifying spot.”

And Haers isn’t done making noise.

“The good thing is that I think I can make my car a little bit better.”

The Super DIRTcar Series won’t see the track until 3:45 PM tomorrow for a practice session before the Triple 30 Heat Races. We’ll see you back at Oswego Speedway tomorrow.

NAPA Auto Parts Celebrates Eight Years as Title Sponsor of Super DIRT Week


OSWEGO, NY — Aug. 21, 2019 — NAPA Auto Parts will be a key partner in Super DIRT Week for the eighth consecutive season, extending one of racing’s longest running event sponsorships.

As NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week is preparing for its fourth year at Oswego Speedway on Oct. 9-13, the tradition of “Racing’s Biggest Party” is ready to celebrate its 48th year as DIRTcar Racing’s biggest event.

The partnership between NAPA Auto Parts and DIRTcar Racing is so fitting because NAPA caters to people who prefer to use their “NAPA know how” to maintain their daily drivers, hot rods and even race cars by supplying high-quality parts and service to its customers, who are also huge fans of racing.

“The racing at Oswego Speedway during NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week has been incredible, especially with all of the last-lap battles and close finishes in last year’s event,” said NAPA Auto Parts General Manager Ryan Nowitzke. “We are always excited when customers come into our stores and let us know how much they appreciate NAPA being part of Super DIRT Week. The connection we’ve built through the years is unparalleled in the Northeast and we can’t wait to see how the racing stacks up this year.”

The classic blue and yellow NAPA Auto Parts logo is immediately recognized by all automotive do-it-yourselfers and anyone who appreciates the great selection and availability of parts for cars, trucks or anything that makes you get up and go.

With 58 distribution centers, 16,000 NAPA AutoCare Centers, and more than 16,000 independently-owned and company-owned stores, including over 100 stores Central New York, NAPA Auto Parts is one of the most recognizable and dependable institutions in the automotive industry. NAPA’s inventory includes nearly a half-million parts for all automotive and industrial applications.

We are less than two months away from dropping that green flag on NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week XLVIII. Fans from across the United States and Canada will descend upon Oswego for five consecutive days of non-stop DIRTcar Racing action, with the crown jewel of Super DIRTcar Series racing, the Billy Whittaker Cars 200, putting the exclamation mark on a jaw-dropping week of dirt racing.

“We are very proud of our long partnership with NAPA Auto Parts and Super DIRT Week,” said DIRTcar Racing CMO Ben Geisler. “Our fans are absolutely their customers so it’s a great fit. Their support over the past eight years has allowed us to continue making improvements at Oswego. Most importantly, we always enjoy hearing stories about our fans in their stores. The partnership is good for everybody involved.”

NAPA Super DIRT Week will kick off with early parking for campers at Oswego Speedway on Sunday, Oct. 6. Early Bird tech inspection for all classes and competitors starts on Monday, Oct. 7. On-track activities will begin shortly after the procession of cars through the streets of Oswego at noon on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

A week of racing across four divisions at the historic 5/8th-mile all comes down to 41 Super DIRTcar Series drivers looking to write their names in the history books next to the names of Buzzie Reutimann, Bob McCreadie, Brett Hearn, Stewart Friesen and countless other drivers.

The Billy Whittaker Cars 200 pays a whopping $50,000 to the winner. The granddaddy of all Super DIRTcar Series events is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 13.

Tickets and camping spots for the 48th annual NAPA Super DIRT Week are available online or by calling 844-DIRT-TIX. Stay tuned to NAPA Super DIRT Week, Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Racing social media channels for additional information regarding NAPA Super DIRT Week. Lastly, make sure to download the NAPA Super DIRT Week app for mobile devices for all the late-breaking information.

Larry Wight on Top of the World at NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVII

2018 1007 SDW graphic650

OSWEGO, NY – October 7, 2018 – Gypsum Racing driver Lightning Larry Wight pulled off a late-race pass on veteran driver Jimmy Phelps and held off the five-time NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion Stewart Friesen for the $50,000 pay day. Jimmy Phelps gambled on racing the entire Billy Whittaker Cars 200 without stopping for fuel or tires. Wight’s lap 73 pit stop equipped him with fresh tires, which shot him to the top of the score card in the final quarter of the race. Friesen crossed the finish line in second followed by the Camping World 150 winner Peter Britten.

With a grin as wide as the Victory Lane he celebrated in Larry Wight said, “It’s something I’ve been fighting for, for a long time since we started at Syracuse. To get on the boards here early at Oswego, it definitely means a lot for my family and the whole team.”

A new father, Larry Wight had family on his mind in Victory Lane: “I want to thank my Mom and Dad, my wife Brooke, my daughter Audrey, this is all for them. Everything I do is for that little girl. It’s an awesome feeling being a Dad and to come do this on top of it has got to make this greatest year I’ve ever had.”

A lap 73 pit stop for tires and fuel turned out to be the right call. While pole-sitter Jimmy Phelps attempted to stay on the race track for the entire 200 laps, Wight had new tires and confidence in his fuel situation meaning he could put the pedal through the firewall when he needed it. With the hammer down, Wight streaked passed second place Ryan Godown, and then immediately by Phelps in quick succession on lap 179 and 180.

On that pass and race strategy Wight noted, “I figured I could try and set him up to block and slow him down and it ended up working out. I knew he [Jimmy Phelps] was going to be conservative for fuel. I think they were trying to make it the whole way, so I knew he was conserving for fuel, and as long as I was pushing him, he couldn’t conserve too much.”
The race was far from over when Wight made the pass for the lead. Stewart Friesen was charging through the field in his tire tracks. Wight hoped to use Jimmy Phelps as a buffer between himself and Friesen, but that did not last long as Phelps faded and finally pitted for fuel with four laps to go. “I was just hoping that Jimmy could stay between me and Stewie. He was kind of my buffer car. I knew he was in limp mode,” Wight said. “We got back by him and we had that last caution with four to go there with Stewie right on us. He’s known for the last lap move. We just had to make sure we were hitting our marks and don’t worry about blocking. We knew our car was fast.”

Wight drove the no. 99L to victory with a Bicknell chassis beneath him and ace crew chief Scott Jeffery, who won four NAPA Super DIRT Week Championship at the New York State Fairgrounds with Billy Decker. This was Jeffery’s first win at Oswego Speedway. Wight discussed his racing line in the late stages, “It’s a fine line up there [on the high line] and you gotta trust your car. If you don’t drive it hard enough the car won’t set and if you drive it too hard you hit the wall,” Larry said laughing.

Five-time NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion and NASCAR Camping World Truck driver Stewart Friesen was pleased with his team’s effort but was left wanting more. “Those caution laps kind of killed us. I would have liked more green flag racing,” said Friesen. He thanked his team for their hard work as well: “I gotta thank Halmar Racing, DKM, Billy the Kid, and a lot of great product sponsors. I had a lot of fun here the last couple of days. We just came up a little bit short.”

Friesen pitted on the same lap as Wight and that proved to be the right call for both camps. “We’ve got some speed and Larry’s been due to win one of these for a couple years now. The pit strategy was pretty exciting. We got mud in our wheel there the one time and had to come back in. I didn’t know if we’d get back up there but we had a strong race car thanks you Halmar. Thanks to all the great fans that came out this weekend.”

Batman Peter Britten came up two spots short of his first NAPA Super DIRT Week Championship. Although not quite the heartbreaking last lap pass that lost him the race in 2017, Britten felt he was poised to win the race if not for changing track conditions. Britten noted, “Unfortunately for us the bottom cleaned off a little bit there towards the end and it turned into a one lane track. I just couldn’t get around guys on the outside when it got too dirty. After a restart, I could kind roll a couple guys but it’d just get dirty and I’d tuck back in. Unfortunately, two years in a row our strategy was close but no cigar. Congratulations to Larry. I know how tough it is to win this thing.”

Race strategy played a vital role in Britten’s podium finish. “We felt like using the high side was our best shot. We got ourselves in a position there on lap 120 or so wondering “Do we even get tires?” but we knew it was going to be a tire race.”

Britten made a pit stop on lap 50, so his tires had twenty-three more laps on them than the top two finishers. The Graham Racing no. 21A pilot is confident that he would have won the race if the track changed the way his team thought, “For the way that the track changed, we just didn’t have the right strategy. We stuck to our game plan. I really feel like if the track didn’t rubber up I would have won the race, but it did so it’s irrelevant. All you can do is plan for what you think is going to happen. If you don’t think it’s going that way, you change the strategy, but we really felt that was the way it was going.”

NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVII will be remembered as one of the greatest weeks in dirt racing history. Every single Feature event had late-race passes for the lead, dramatic action, and engrossing race strategy. Ticket and camping renewals are available until November 14. 2018 ticketholders who want to watch the Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar Northeast top this year’s incredible racing, should call 844-DIRT-TIX. Tickets will be on sale to the general public on December 1.

The next Super DIRTcar Series tour stop is at Brockville Speedway Friday, October 12. 

Field Set for NAPA Super DIRT Week


OSWEGO, NY – October 6, 2018 – It took two Last Chance Showdowns, won by Jack Lehner and Ryan Watt, to set the final positions for the NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVII Billy Whittaker Cars 200. Jimmy Horton, Nick Webb, Rich Scagliotta, and Alan Johnson earned the rest of the available starting positions.

Jack Lehner rolls off from position thirty on Sunday, October 7. The no. 2 car looked strong as he outran veteran Jimmy Horton for the win. Ryan Watt had a strong showing as well, driving up from position 13 for the win in the second Last Chance Showdown and starts thirty-first in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.

Jimmy Horton is a past NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion after taking the win in 1994. With experience, speed, and Halmar Racing equipment, he will be one to watch in the back of the pack. Nick Webb proved he has what it takes to run with the top drivers with a third-place finish that put him in thirty-fourth for Sunday’s finale.

Super DIRTcar Series regular Rich Scagliotta lead early in the second Last Chance Showdown, but he could not hold off Ryan Watt. Scagliotta starts thirty-third in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200.

Fan-favorite Alan Johnson scooped up the third and final transfer position in the second Last Chance Showdown.

Due to the postponed Pittsburgher 100, Tim McCredie will not be able to start the Billy Whittaker Cars 200. His absence results in a bump in position for those behind him on the starting field and Billy VanInwegen making the grid in thirty-ninth.

Meanwhile, during the evening race at Fulton Speedway, Mike Maresca won the Dirt Track Digest Win in Your In, putting him in forty-first position for the 200.

The Billy Whittaker Cars 200 rolls onto the Oswego Speedway tomorrow, Sunday, October 7.





1 98h Jimmy Phelps 2 43 Keith Flach
3 28z Gary Lindberg 4 21a Peter Britten
5 83x Tim Sears Jr. 6 44F Stewart Friesen
7 21J Danny Johnson 8 25r Erick Rudolph
9 6m Mat Williamson 10 3x Billy Dunn
11 84 Gary Tomkins 12 19 Tim Fuller
13 6h Max McLaughlin 14 3 Justin Haers
15 9s Matt Sheppard 16 111 Demetrios Drellos
17 99L Larry Wight 18 91 Billy Decker
19 62s Tom Sears Jr. 20 66x Carey Terrance
21 5H Chris Hile 22 5 Ryan Godown
23 93 Danny Varin 24 109 Billy Whittaker
25 115 Kenny TremontJr. 26 76 Bobby Varin
27 42p Pat Ward 28 3J Marc Johnson
29 11r Rob Bellinger 30    2L Jack Lehner
31    14w Ryan Watt 32    43h Jimmy Horton
33    8 Rich Scagliotta 34    27w Nick Webb
35    14J Alan Johnson 36    20 Brett Hearn
37    63 Adam Roberts 38    48T Dave Rauscher
39    4v Billy VanInwegen 40    88m Mike Mahaney
41    7m Mike Maresca      

The Top 30 Starters in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 are Set

2018 1005 Triple30VL 650

The Top 30 Starters in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 are Set

OSWEGO, NY – October 5, 2018 – The Camping World Friday Night Lights Triple 30s brought the huge crowd to their feet with fantastic drives from winners Peter Britten, Danny Johnson, and Gary Lindberg. Graham Motorsports won two out of the three qualifiers making them the hot team of the weekend. NAPA Super DIRT Week surprise Gary Lindberg timed in the Top 6 and went on to win his 30-lap qualifier.

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The Big-Block Modifieds Take Center Stage in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200

18 SDW BBpreview

NAPA Super DIRT Week Concludes on Sunday, October 7 with the Grand Daddy of All Big-Block Modified Races, the Billy Whittaker Cars 200

CONCORD, NC – September 27, 2018 – NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week is an event like no other, culminating with one of the most coveted races in all of dirt motorsports, the Billy Whittaker Cars 200. All eyes will be on Oswego Speedway from October 1-7 wanting to know who will win the Teo Pro Car Pole Award, who looks racy in practice, who will make an epic drive in the Last Chance Showdown to make the feature, and of course, who will take home the $50,000 paycheck at the end of 200 grueling laps on the 5/8-mile Oswego Speedway.
The stars and cars of the Big-Block Modifieds have battled wheel-to-wheel all season long on the road to Oswego. This year seven Super DIRTcar Series races offered a special guaranteed starter award to the winner or highest finishing driver without one. The drama and tension of NAPA Super DIRT Week started long before October 1, rather in April, May, and June as the Super DIRTcar Series set out across the Northeast and Canada.

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