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Malta Massive Weekend
Albany Saratoga Speedway | Malta, New York
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Race Recap  

MASSIVE RETURN: Stewart Friesen Wins at Albany-Saratoga, Locks Into Super DIRT Week

Stewart Friesen scores $11,500 payday and locks himself into the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 at Super DIRT Week 51

After missing the Super DIRTcar Series Feature at Albany-Saratoga Speedway in June, Stewart Friesen returned to Malta Saturday night for a massive result.

Along with claiming the Malta Massive Weekend victory, worth $11,500, he also scored the final Super DIRT Week guaranteed starting spot, locking himself into the 2023 Billy Whittaker Cars 200 (Sunday, Oct. 8).

His journey to that triumph starting with lining up to the outside of SRI Performance/Stock Car Steel pole sitter Adam Pierson for the 115-lap Feature battle. When the green flag dropped, Friesen rocketed past Pierson and ran away with the lead. Pierson trailed in second and James Meehan settled into third.

The positions stayed the same for the next 20 laps, before Meehan passed Pierson to move into second. Rookie of the Year front runner Felix Roy also wanted in on the action, making his way into third by Lap 22.

In a matchup that saw six cautions, Friesen showcased the stamina of his #44 machine on every restart, maintaining his lead. He kept Meehan at bay behind him, until Roy was able to make a play.

It took over 50 laps of persistence, but Roy eventually passed Meehan on the Lap 79 restart to move into second. The 18-year-old had yet to score a podium finish entering the matchup but could sense this was the night it was within his reach.

The race continued with Friesen extending his sizable lead in clean air. He navigated his way through the spider web of lapped traffic, welcoming the reprieve of the cautions to cool down his tires.

Stewart Friesen scored his first Series win this season during the Massive Malta Weekend and locked himself into a starting spot at Super DIRT Week 51. (Photo: Quentin Young)

“About Lap 80 or so, I could kind of feel the fuel burn off and I started to get a little bit free,” Friesen said. “I wish I would have tightened up a little bit more at that point. But then we got some cautions and I think it let the tire cool down and it just kind of came back to me there.”

Behind the first three drivers, nine-time and defending Series champion Matt Sheppard did not have the same luck with his tires. He started in 10th place and charged his way up to fourth by Lap 51. He stayed there for the next 36 laps, lying in wait for an opportunity to advance.

The opportunity unfortunately did not come, as he rolled to a stop around Turn 1 on Lap 88 with a flat tire. The Waterloo, NY driver was forced to exit the track for the replacement, effectively moving him to the back of the pack upon return.

With the threat of a charge from the current points leader diffused, and a sizable lead over second-place Roy, the Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON driver kept his stride in check for the remaining laps and cruised his way to his first Series victory of the season – and fourth Series win at Albany-Saratoga.

“I think we made the right choice for the track conditions tonight,” Friesen said. “It paid off tonight. I’m proud of the whole Halmar (Racing) Team…a lot of hard work goes into this and hopefully we can carry this momentum into (Super) DIRT Week.”

Behind the Halmar Team, Roy held on to finish second – his most successful finish of his rookie season.

“We made the bottom work on the restarts,” Roy said. “That really helped us. But after that, I was just doing my slider line, going up to the cushion. I think that was the way to go…starting from the middle and sliding to the top.”

The breakthrough performance for the Napierville, QC driver gave him an extra confidence boost before making his debut appearance next week at Super DIRT Week 51 (Oct. 2-8).

“My confidence is really good now,” Roy said. “We made good points in the Heat by winning it… (I’m feeling) super confident for Super DIRT Week and think we could finish up front.”

Meehan rounded out the podium for an encouraging result.

“To be able to battle with professional race car drivers and guys that run the Series is up there,” Meehan said. “We try really hard. Racing here weekly, it’s the best track around, we got the best competition around, and that helps us get better. You only get better when you race against the best.”

Larry Wight scored his second top-five finish of the season, charging up 18 positions to fourth place. Peter Britten – in his first Super DIRTcar Series race since August – finished in fifth. Kenny Tremont Jr. finished off his career at his home track with a 10th-place finish.

UP NEXT: The Super DIRTcar Series heads to Oswego Speedway, Oct. 2-8, for Super DIRT Week 51. They will compete in the $51,000-to-win Billy Whittaker Cars 200 on Sunday, Oct. 8. For tickets, CLICK HERE.

If you can’t make it to the track, you can watch every lap of Super DIRT Week live on DIRTVision.

Malta Massive Weekend RESULTS (115 Laps):

1. 44-Stewart Friesen[2]; 2. 91-Felix Roy[5]; 3. 32C-James Meehan[4]; 4. 99L-Larry Wight[22]; 5. 21A-Peter Britten[17]; 6. 91D-Billy Decker[16]; 7. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[7]; 8. 88-Mat Williamson[9]; 9. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[24]; 10. 115-Kenny Tremont Jr[18]; 11. 3J-Marc Johnson[15]; 12. 215-Adam Pierson[1]; 13. 5H-Chris Hile[19]; 14. 2-Jack Lehner[23]; 15. 12-Darren Smith[8]; 16. 3-Chad Brachmann[11]; 17. 9S-Matt Sheppard[10]; 18. 99-Kolby Schroder[13]; 19. 55H-Brett Haas[14]; 20. 8H-Max McLaughlin[26]; 21. (DNF) 15X-Justin Stone[3]; 22. (DNF) 2RJ-Ronnie Johnson[6]; 23. (DNF) 4-Anthony Perrego[12]; 24. (DNF) 87-Neil Stratton[21]; 25. (DNF) 35-Mike Mahaney[25]; 26. (DNF) 6H-Josh Hohenforst[20]; 27. (DNF) 14-CG Morey[27]

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Feature Results
12+144Stewart Friesen 00.000115Running150$7,500
25+391Felix Roy 0-3.6220Running146$4,000
34+132CJames Meehan 0-5.0760Running144$2,500
422+1899LLarry Wight 0-5.9200Running142$1,800
517+1221APeter Britten 0-8.3380Running140$1,600
616+1091DBilly Decker 0-8.4740Running138$1,400
77098HJimmy Phelps 0-8.9150Running136$1,300
89+188Mat Williamson 0-9.6230Running134$1,200
924+1583XTim Sears Jr0-10.1730Running132$1,100
1018+8115Kenny Tremont Jr0-10.5740Running130$1,000
1115+43JMarc Johnson 0-11.0570Running128$800
121-11215Adam Pierson 0-12.5770Running126$700
1319+65HChris Hile 0-13.2050Running124$600
1423+92Jack Lehner 0-13.9310Running122$575
158-712Darren Smith 0-14.1650Running120$550
1611-53Chad Brachmann 0-14.8470Running118$525
1710-79SMatt Sheppard 0-15.4060Running116$500
1813-599Kolby Schroder 0-16.1820Running114$500
1914-555HBrett Haas 0-1.0680Running112$500
2026+68HMax McLaughlin 0-16.2360Running110$500
213-1815XJustin Stone 0460.8940DNF108$500
226-162RJRonnie Johnson 0454.4650DNF106$500
2312-114Anthony Perrego 01,311.4410DNF104$500
2421-387Neil Stratton 01,628.4140DNF102$500
2525035Mike Mahaney 01,816.0060DNF102$500
2620-66HJosh Hohenforst 01,851.2390DNF102$500
2727014CG Morey 02,556.0990DNF102$500
Hard Charger: Larry Wight
Last Chance Showdown Results
11087Neil Stratton 100.00010Running0$0
2202Jack Lehner 10-1.0380Running0$0
35+28Richard Scagliotta 10-4.9250Running0$0
43-154Steve Bernard 10-5.0570Running0$0
513+88HMax McLaughlin 10-5.3610Running0$0
67+174John Virgilio 10-6.4850Running0$0
78+16Robert Bublak 8-2 Laps0Running0$0
86-225PMichael Parent 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
911+2M2Todd Morey 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
1010018Ryan Macartney 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
119-24SLBob Hentschel 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
124-843Keith Flach 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
1312-129Matt Caprara 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Max McLaughlin
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11099LLarry Wight 100.00010Running0$0
23+183XTim Sears Jr10-0.8360Running0$0
34+13DMatt Delorenzo 10-1.8030Running0$0
42-219Tim Fuller 10-3.2230Running0$0
55027Jeremy Pitts 10-5.0990Running0$0
68+27Donald Ronca 10-6.0830Running0$0
76-121CBrian Calabrese 10-7.1910Running0$0
89+114CG Morey 0-10 Laps0Running0$0
97-24BDerek Bornt 0-10 Laps0DNF0$0
101001Richard Ronca 0-10 Laps0DNF0$0
1111017Marcus Dinkins 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
1212035Mike Mahaney 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Donald Ronca
Heat 1 Results
1291Felix Roy 128.0290.0005
214Anthony Perrego 128.789-0.7604
3312Darren Smith 130.061-2.0323
4499Kolby Schroder 130.487-2.4582
5821APeter Britten 130.800-2.7711
6587Neil Stratton 131.498-3.4690
7654Steve Bernard 132.817-4.7880
898Richard Scagliotta 133.457-5.4280
91074John Virgilio 133.974-5.9450
10114SLBob Hentschel 135.364-7.3350
1112M2Todd Morey 139.177-11.1480
1278HMax McLaughlin 103.48924.5400
Heat 2 Results
12215Adam Pierson 665.6390.0000
239SMatt Sheppard 666.602-0.9630
3498HJimmy Phelps 667.613-1.9740
4655HBrett Haas 668.094-2.4550
510115Kenny Tremont Jr668.370-2.7310
682Jack Lehner 668.655-3.0160
7143Keith Flach 670.451-4.8120
8525PMichael Parent 670.814-5.1750
996Robert Bublak 671.203-5.5640
101118Ryan Macartney 700.075-34.4360
11729Matt Caprara 700.075-34.4360
Heat 3 Results
1215XJustin Stone 124.3010.0000
212RJRonnie Johnson 126.179-1.8780
333Chad Brachmann 126.645-2.3440
443JMarc Johnson 127.802-3.5010
575HChris Hile 128.430-4.1290
6999LLarry Wight 129.142-4.8410
7683XTim Sears Jr129.794-5.4930
81127Jeremy Pitts 130.758-6.4570
9104BDerek Bornt 132.120-7.8190
10814CG Morey 133.660-9.3590
11517Marcus Dinkins 133.660-9.3590
Heat 4 Results
1144Stewart Friesen 124.2640.0000
2232CJames Meehan 127.156-2.8920
3388Mat Williamson 128.193-3.9290
4491DBilly Decker 129.522-5.2580
586HJosh Hohenforst 130.247-5.9830
6519Tim Fuller 131.222-6.9580
773DMatt Delorenzo 132.110-7.8460
8921CBrian Calabrese 133.110-8.8460
9107Donald Ronca 134.268-10.0040
10111Richard Ronca 134.653-10.3890
11635Mike Mahaney 53.63870.6260
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1104Anthony Perrego 00.0000Running5$0
23+143Keith Flach 0-0.0600Running0$0
310+791Felix Roy 0-0.1190Running0$0
48+4215Adam Pierson 0-0.1830Running0$0
55012Darren Smith 0-0.2210Running0$0
64-29SMatt Sheppard 0-0.2740Running0$0
719+1299Kolby Schroder 0-0.3750Running0$0
822+1498HJimmy Phelps 0-0.3930Running0$0
914+587Neil Stratton 0-0.3990Running0$0
1016+625PMichael Parent 0-0.4210Running0$0
1123+1254Steve Bernard 0-0.4360Running0$0
1217+555HBrett Haas 0-0.4400Running0$0
136-78HMax McLaughlin 0-0.4470Running0$0
1415+129Matt Caprara 0-0.4550Running0$0
1513-221APeter Britten 0-0.4650Running0$0
167-92Jack Lehner 0-0.4700Running0$0
1712-58Richard Scagliotta 0-0.5190Running0$0
189-96Robert Bublak 0-0.5350Running0$0
1918-174John Virgilio 0-0.5430Running0$0
2021+1115Kenny Tremont Jr0-0.6120Running0$0
212-194SLBob Hentschel 0-0.6940Running0$0
2220-218Ryan Macartney 0-0.7480Running0$0
2311-12M2Todd Morey 0-1.1890Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jimmy Phelps
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
118+172RJRonnie Johnson 00.0000Running0$0
29+744Stewart Friesen 0-0.0060Running0$0
311+815XJustin Stone 0-0.0600Running0$0
410+632CJames Meehan 0-0.1000Running0$0
51-43Chad Brachmann 0-0.1250Running0$0
621+1588Mat Williamson 0-0.1300Running0$0
722+153JMarc Johnson 0-0.1410Running0$0
84-491DBilly Decker 0-0.2560Running0$0
916+717Marcus Dinkins 0-0.2640Running0$0
1013+319Tim Fuller 0-0.2700Running0$0
115-683XTim Sears Jr0-0.2790Running0$0
128-435Mike Mahaney 0-0.2870Running0$0
1319+65HChris Hile 0-0.2950Running0$0
141403DMatt Delorenzo 0-0.3080Running0$0
156-914CG Morey 0-0.3500Running0$0
1620+46HJosh Hohenforst 0-0.3500Running0$0
177-1099LLarry Wight 0-0.3740Running0$0
1812-621CBrian Calabrese 0-0.4350Running0$0
1917-24BDerek Bornt 0-0.4580Running0$0
2015-57Donald Ronca 0-0.5110Running0$0
212-1927Jeremy Pitts 0-0.5130Running0$0
223-191Richard Ronca 0-0.6690Running0$0
Hard Charger: Ronnie Johnson
Hot Laps 1 Results
1104Anthony Perrego 00.0000Running0$0
23+143Keith Flach 0-0.1480Running0$0
314+1187Neil Stratton 0-0.1810Running0$0
4409SMatt Sheppard 0-0.1970Running0$0
55012Darren Smith 0-0.2020Running0$0
619+1399Kolby Schroder 0-0.2420Running0$0
78+1215Adam Pierson 0-0.3800Running0$0
822+1498HJimmy Phelps 0-0.3930Running0$0
917+855HBrett Haas 0-0.3930Running0$0
1016+625PMichael Parent 0-0.4020Running0$0
1123+1254Steve Bernard 0-0.4200Running0$0
127-52Jack Lehner 0-0.4670Running0$0
1321+8115Kenny Tremont Jr0-0.4740Running0$0
1415+129Matt Caprara 0-0.4800Running0$0
1518+374John Virgilio 0-0.5110Running0$0
1620+418Ryan Macartney 0-0.5570Running0$0
1713-421APeter Britten 0-0.5680Running0$0
186-128HMax McLaughlin 0-0.5870Running0$0
199-106Robert Bublak 0-0.6010Running0$0
2012-88Richard Scagliotta 0-0.6340Running0$0
2110-1191Felix Roy 0-0.9390Running0$0
2211-11M2Todd Morey 0-1.0280Running0$0
232-214SLBob Hentschel 0-1.0300Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jimmy Phelps
Hot Laps 2 Results
18+735Mike Mahaney 00.0000Running0$0
219+175HChris Hile 0-0.0980Running0$0
318+152RJRonnie Johnson 0-0.1040Running0$0
41-33Chad Brachmann 0-0.1800Running0$0
522+173JMarc Johnson 0-0.2140Running0$0
69+344Stewart Friesen 0-0.2990Running0$0
74-391DBilly Decker 0-0.3090Running0$0
820+126HJosh Hohenforst 0-0.3320Running0$0
921+1288Mat Williamson 0-0.3540Running0$0
1010032CJames Meehan 0-0.3620Running0$0
1115+47Donald Ronca 0-0.3810Running0$0
127-599LLarry Wight 0-0.4320Running0$0
1313019Tim Fuller 0-0.4320Running0$0
1411-315XJustin Stone 0-0.5360Running0$0
1512-321CBrian Calabrese 0-0.6080Running0$0
1616017Marcus Dinkins 0-0.6460Running0$0
1714-33DMatt Delorenzo 0-0.6770Running0$0
185-1383XTim Sears Jr0-0.7060Running0$0
1917-24BDerek Bornt 0-0.8050Running0$0
206-1414CG Morey 0-0.9330Running0$0
212-1927Jeremy Pitts 0-0.9960Running0$0
223-191Richard Ronca 0-1.1230Running0$0
Hard Charger: Chris Hile
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Event Info  

Malta Massive Weekend
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Albany Saratoga Speedway
2671 US Rt. 9
Malta, New York 

Event Description
It's a Malta Massive Weekend at Albany Saratoga Speedway. The DIRTcar 358 Modified and Sportsman Series on Friday, followed by the DIRTcar Pro Stocks and the Super DIRTcar Series Big Blocks on Saturday with a $11,500 payout, for the 115 lap race, and the final qualifying spot for the 2023 Super DIRT Week.

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series

Support Divisions
DIRTcar Pro Stock Series

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Support Divisions
DIRTcar Pro Stock Series

To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating

Handicapped Seating
located on bottom row

Handicapped Parking
parking located at front by main gate

Pit Age Limit

Pit Gate Location
by main entrance

Personal Coolers
six pack on non alcoholic beverage no glass


Credit Card Use

Alcohol Sales
no alcohol may be brought in

Smoking Policy
no smoking in grandstands

Family Section
every section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
onsite, non-electric, sanitary facility

Camping Cost

Track Info  

Albany Saratoga Speedway
2671 US Rt. 9
Malta, New York 

Track Phone
(518) 587-0220

Ticket Phone
(518) 587-0220

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Track Type
0.400; semi-banked clay

Closest Airport
Albany International

Other Airport

Pit Gate Location
by main entrance

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