Super DIRTcar Series Summer Starter
Albany Saratoga Speedway | Malta, New York
Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Feature Results
1105HChris Hile 710.00032Running150$7,500
26+43DMatt Delorenzo 71-1.7680Running146$4,000
330215Adam Pierson 71-2.9810Running144$2,500
413+921APeter Britten 71-3.0510Running142$1,800
59+4111Demetrios Drellos 71-4.2310Running140$1,600
67+19SMatt Sheppard 71-4.5000Running138$1,400
711+483XTim Sears Jr71-5.0470Running136$1,300
816+888Mat Williamson 71-5.1060Running134$1,200
920+113JMarc Johnson 71-5.5500Running132$1,100
108-22RJRonnie Johnson 71-6.4080Running130$1,000
1115+491Felix Roy 71-6.6040Running128$800
1214+212Darren Smith 71-7.5580Running126$700
1321+898HJimmy Phelps 71-8.1180Running124$600
1412-296JF Corriveau 71-8.6800Running122$575
1522+77MMMichael Maresca 71-9.0490Running120$550
1624+87Donald Ronca 71-9.5710Running118$525
1718+135Mike Mahaney 71-9.9640Running116$500
1819+199LLarry Wight 71-10.1990Running114$500
1917-215XJustin Stone 65-6 Laps0DNF112$500
202-184Anthony Perrego 51-20 Laps39DNF110$500
215-1619Tim Fuller 49-22 Laps0DNF108$500
2226+454Steve Bernard 48-23 Laps0DNF106$500
2328+517Marcus Dinkins 36-35 Laps0DNF104$0
2423-12Jack Lehner 35-36 Laps0DNF102$500
2510-1591DBilly Decker 34-37 Laps0DNF102$500
2625-18HMax McLaughlin 32-39 Laps0DNF102$500
274-2337MMathieu Desjardins 27-44 Laps0DNF102$500
2827-132RRonnie Davis III26-45 Laps1DNF102$0
Hard Charger: Marc Johnson
Last Chance Showdown Results
11098HJimmy Phelps 100.00010Running0$0
2202Jack Lehner 10-0.0410Running0$0
34+128Michael Trautschold 10-1.0710Running0$0
411+717Marcus Dinkins 10-2.3790Running0$0
57+221CBrian Calabrese 10-2.9670Running90$0
6604BDerek Bornt 10-3.8470Running90$0
78+11Richard Ronca 10-4.1390Running90$0
83-5115Kenny Tremont Jr10-4.5230Running90$0
9906HJosh Hohenforst 10-4.5280Running90$0
101009VVincent Visconti 10-5.7430Running90$0
115-644Stewart Friesen 9-1 Laps0DNF90$0
1212018Ryan Macartney 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
Hard Charger: Marcus Dinkins
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
1107MMMichael Maresca 100.00010Running0$0
2207Donald Ronca 10-2.2350Running0$0
35+287Neil Stratton 10-2.5480Running0$0
49+532RRonnie Davis III10-4.3540Running0$0
56+127Jeremy Pitts 10-5.4560Running90$0
611+534Kevin Root 10-6.0530Running90$0
77054Steve Bernard 10-6.5690Running90$0
810+214CG Morey 10-6.7410Running90$0
94-515Todd Root 10-7.0350Running90$0
103-78HMax McLaughlin 8-2 Laps0DNF0$0
118-37ZZachary Payne 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
Hard Charger: Ronnie Davis III
Heat 1 Results
1137MMathieu Desjardins 128.2730.0005
224Anthony Perrego 129.583-1.3104
35111Demetrios Drellos 130.878-2.6053
4321APeter Britten 131.837-3.5642
5415XJustin Stone 132.516-4.2431
6798HJimmy Phelps 133.188-4.9150
78115Kenny Tremont Jr134.161-5.8880
8644Stewart Friesen 135.030-6.7570
91021CBrian Calabrese 136.032-7.7590
1096HJosh Hohenforst 136.311-8.0380
111117Marcus Dinkins 136.755-8.4820
Heat 2 Results
115HChris Hile 0.0000.0005
223DMatt Delorenzo 0.0000.0004
3483XTim Sears Jr0.0000.0003
4391Felix Roy 0.0000.0002
5699LLarry Wight 0.0000.0001
652Jack Lehner 0.0000.0000
7928Michael Trautschold 0.0000.0000
874BDerek Bornt 0.0000.0000
9101Richard Ronca 0.0000.0000
1089VVincent Visconti 0.0000.0000
111118Ryan Macartney 0.0000.0000
Heat 3 Results
119SMatt Sheppard 127.0620.0005
22215Adam Pierson 128.115-1.0534
3591DBilly Decker 129.569-2.5073
4312Darren Smith 131.234-4.1722
5435Mike Mahaney 131.663-4.6011
667MMMichael Maresca 132.234-5.1720
778HMax McLaughlin 133.363-6.3010
81087Neil Stratton 133.576-6.5140
9954Steve Bernard 134.129-7.0670
101132RRonnie Davis III134.474-7.4120
11834Kevin Root 135.196-8.1340
Heat 4 Results
122RJRonnie Johnson 129.2050.0005
2119Tim Fuller 129.401-0.1964
3496JF Corriveau 131.596-2.3913
4388Mat Williamson 132.309-3.1042
553JMarc Johnson 133.537-4.3321
667Donald Ronca 134.399-5.1940
7715Todd Root 134.966-5.7610
8927Jeremy Pitts 135.227-6.0220
987ZZachary Payne 136.014-6.8090
101014CG Morey 136.952-7.7470
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
112+1137MMathieu Desjardins 00.0000Running5$0
221+195HChris Hile 0-0.0980Running0$0
314+114Anthony Perrego 0-0.1130Running0$0
415+113DMatt Delorenzo 0-0.1260Running0$0
516+1121APeter Britten 0-0.1600Running0$0
64-291Felix Roy 0-0.2020Running0$0
713+615XJustin Stone 0-0.2180Running0$0
81-783XTim Sears Jr0-0.2740Running0$0
922+13111Demetrios Drellos 0-0.2750Running0$0
103-72Jack Lehner 0-0.2990Running0$0
117-444Stewart Friesen 0-0.3070Running0$0
1210-299LLarry Wight 0-0.3170Running0$0
1320+798HJimmy Phelps 0-0.3380Running0$0
1417+34BDerek Bornt 0-0.3620Running0$0
159-6115Kenny Tremont Jr0-0.3730Running0$0
162-149VVincent Visconti 0-0.4340Running0$0
175-126HJosh Hohenforst 0-0.4700Running0$0
186-1228Michael Trautschold 0-0.5250Running0$0
1911-821CBrian Calabrese 0-0.6630Running0$0
208-121Richard Ronca 0-0.6810Running0$0
2118-317Marcus Dinkins 0-0.6830DNF0$0
2219-318Ryan Macartney 0-0.6840DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Chris Hile
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
113+129SMatt Sheppard 00.0000Running0$0
220+1819Tim Fuller 0-0.0460Running0$0
35+2215Adam Pierson 0-0.0690Running0$0
419+152RJRonnie Johnson 0-0.1050Running0$0
511+612Darren Smith 0-0.1060Running0$0
618+1288Mat Williamson 0-0.1130Running0$0
712+535Mike Mahaney 0-0.1220Running0$0
810+296JF Corriveau 0-0.1360Running0$0
98-191DBilly Decker 0-0.1800Running0$0
107-33JMarc Johnson 0-0.1850Running0$0
114-77MMMichael Maresca 0-0.2060Running0$0
1215+37Donald Ronca 0-0.2130Running0$0
139-48HMax McLaughlin 0-0.2480Running0$0
143-1115Todd Root 0-0.2850Running0$0
156-934Kevin Root 0-0.3780Running0$0
1614-27ZZachary Payne 0-0.4010Running0$0
1721+454Steve Bernard 0-0.4200Running0$0
1817-127Jeremy Pitts 0-0.4260Running0$0
192-1787Neil Stratton 0-0.4510Running0$0
201-1914CG Morey 0-0.5500Running0$0
2116-532RRonnie Davis III0-0.8030Running0$0
Hard Charger: Tim Fuller
Hot Laps 1 Results
121+205HChris Hile 00.0000Running0$0
23+12Jack Lehner 0-0.0600Running0$0
320+1798HJimmy Phelps 0-0.0940Running0$0
422+18111Demetrios Drellos 0-0.0980Running0$0
516+1121APeter Britten 0-0.1150Running0$0
613+715XJustin Stone 0-0.1260Running0$0
719+1218Ryan Macartney 0-0.1480Running0$0
815+73DMatt Delorenzo 0-0.1890Running0$0
910+199LLarry Wight 0-0.2160Running0$0
104-691Felix Roy 0-0.2230Running0$0
1111021CBrian Calabrese 0-0.2290Running0$0
1214+24Anthony Perrego 0-0.2300Running0$0
131-1283XTim Sears Jr0-0.2880Running0$0
142-129VVincent Visconti 0-0.3550Running0$0
159-6115Kenny Tremont Jr0-0.3860Running0$0
166-1028Michael Trautschold 0-0.4540Running0$0
177-1044Stewart Friesen 0-0.5050Running0$0
1817-14BDerek Bornt 0-0.5100Running0$0
195-146HJosh Hohenforst 0-0.5490Running0$0
2012-837MMathieu Desjardins 0-0.6300Running0$0
218-131Richard Ronca 0-0.7050Running0$0
2218-417Marcus Dinkins 0-0.7870Running0$0
Hard Charger: Chris Hile
Hot Laps 2 Results
17+63JMarc Johnson 00.0000Running0$0
29+78HMax McLaughlin 0-0.0010Running0$0
321+1854Steve Bernard 0-0.1200Running0$0
411+712Darren Smith 0-0.1350Running0$0
550215Adam Pierson 0-0.1660Running0$0
619+132RJRonnie Johnson 0-0.1700Running0$0
713+69SMatt Sheppard 0-0.1980Running0$0
820+1219Tim Fuller 0-0.1990Running0$0
92-787Neil Stratton 0-0.2490Running0$0
104-67MMMichael Maresca 0-0.2610Running0$0
113-815Todd Root 0-0.3030Running0$0
1218+688Mat Williamson 0-0.3070Running0$0
1315+27Donald Ronca 0-0.3260Running0$0
141407ZZachary Payne 0-0.3320Running0$0
1510-596JF Corriveau 0-0.3570Running0$0
168-891DBilly Decker 0-0.3580Running0$0
1717027Jeremy Pitts 0-0.3640Running0$0
1816-232RRonnie Davis III0-0.4240Running0$0
196-1334Kevin Root 0-0.6680Running0$0
2012-835Mike Mahaney 0-0.6720DNF0$0
211-2014CG Morey 0-0.6740DNF0$0
Hard Charger: Steve Bernard
Event Info  
Super DIRTcar Series Summer Starter
Albany Saratoga Speedway
2671 US Rt. 9
Malta, New York 

Event Description
The Super DIRTcar Series Big Blocks will visit the Malta, NY track for the first time this season in a 71-lap, $7,500-to-win, showdown with Mike Mahaney aiming to defend his title!


Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
5:15PM Super DIRTcar Series Driver Meeting
6 PM Super DIRTcar Series Hot Laps
DIRTcar Sportsman Hot Laps
Super DIRTcar Series Low-E Insulation Qualifying
Opening Ceremonies
DIRTcar Sportsman Heats
Super DIRTcar Series Heats - 8 Laps
DIRTcar Sportsman Feature A - 20 Laps
Super DIRTcar Series Redraw
Super DIRTcar Series Hytorc of NY Last Chance Showdown - 10 Laps
DIRTcar Sportsman Feature B - 20 Laps
Super DIRTcar Series Feature - 71 Laps

**Schedule Subject to Change

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating

Handicapped Seating
located on bottom row

Handicapped Parking
parking located at front by main gate

Pit Age Limit

Pit Gate Location
by main entrance

Personal Coolers
six pack on non alcoholic beverage no glass


Credit Card Use

Alcohol Sales
no alcohol may be brought in

Smoking Policy
no smoking in grandstands

Family Section
every section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
onsite, non-electric, sanitary facility

Camping Cost

Track Info  

Albany Saratoga Speedway
2671 US Rt. 9

Track Phone
(518) 587-0220

Ticket Phone
(518) 587-0220

Track Email

Track Type
0.400; semi-banked clay

Closest Airport
Albany International

Other Airport

Pit Gate Location
by main entrance

Track Map
Competitor Info