50th NAPA Super DIRT Week
Oswego Speedway | Oswego, NY
Sunday, October 09, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (315) 342-0646

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50th NAPA Super DIRT Week
October 3, 2022 to October 9, 2022
Oswego Speedway
300 E Albany Street
Oswego, NY 

Event Description
It's the 50th running of the NAPA Super DIRT Week, and there's no shortage of activities on and off the track. Live entertainment, autograph sessions, a past champions race, and more highlight the Super DIRTcar Series, DIRTcar 358 Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsmans, and DIRTcar Pro Stocks racing throughout the week. $50,000 is on the line in the Super DIRTcar Series feature.

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Super DIRTcar Series

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NAPA Auto Parts

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All Ages

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No alcohol from the outside...yes it is sold at the track

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Race Recap

THE DREAM CONTINUES: Matt Sheppard wins the 50th Super DIRT Week Billy Whittaker Cars 200

On a night that will be remembered for years to come, Matt Sheppard etched his name on one of the most historical pages in Super DIRT Week’s history book.

After claiming the SRI Performance/Stock Car Steel & Aluminum Pole Award Thursday night at Oswego Speedway, Sheppard started on the front row for the $50,000-to-win, 200-lap, Billy Whittaker Cars 200 during the 50th Running of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week and fought every step of the way to secure that etching.

The first quarter of the race saw the Waterloo, NY driver out in front of the pack with the defending Super DIRT Week champion Mat Williamson battling to stay in striking distance behind him. The significance of strategic and efficient pit stops came into play when the two Super DIRTcar Series standouts opted to make their first pit stop of the marathon race. Sheppard added fuel and changed both rear tires, while Williamson elected for a refuel.

After exiting the pit area, Sheppard put on an impressive performance, taking only 18 laps to return to second place, using precise maneuvering to navigate around the heavy lapped traffic.

Conversely, Williamson struggled to regain his rhythm, not finding the top 10 again until the second half of the race.

Behind the front runners, Marc Johnson, of Guilderland, NY, rose to the occasion to put on an attention-grabbing performance. Starting in 10th, the full-time Super DIRTcar Series driver came alive and initially passed Peter Britten for the lead on Lap 66. He remained in contention at the halfway point when several drivers elected to take advantage of the competition caution for fuel and tires – including Sheppard.

“Super” Matt kept the pressure on Johnson for about 100 laps with “The Dark Knight” not backing down. However, on Lap 160, Johnson’s car lost its fight.

“The tires just didn’t hold up long enough,” Johnson said. “It’s not like they wore out. It’s just fresh ground tires are definitely a big advantage. I don’t know if they sealed up, but they didn’t work like they were working. They gave up a little too early.”

Once Sheppard regained the lead from Johnson, it was permanent. He never relinquished command, finding clean air several car lengths in front of his competition. Even though the #9S appeared to win every challenge that was thrown at him, it did not come easy with stiff competition from a host of drivers like Johnson, Max McLaughlin, who led for a while, Jimmy Phelps and Adam Pierson for a portion of the race.

He was able to continue his 2022 reign and best all of them, seeing the checkered flags at Super DIRT Week during the Super DIRT Series event for the third time in his storied career (2009, 2017 and 2022) – and seventh overall, between Big Block Modifieds, Small Block Modifieds and Sportsman, after his 2022 Salute to the Troops 150 win Saturday night.

“There were a lot of points in that race where I just didn’t think we were good enough,” Sheppard said.  “I couldn’t steer good enough. Kind of like last night, at the end. We got steering good enough just to get the job done… [There was] a lot of lapped traffic. I hope the fans enjoyed that one because we were on the edge of our seat in the race car. That’s for sure.”

Williamson was a second contender who realized the effect of his high risk, high reward pit stop decisions as the race carried on.

“I thought we had time for Matt there after that caution,” Williamson said.  “Then, he just took off. He was really good. At the end, I was just trying to hold Max off. He was coming pretty good. We had that flat tire. I can’t say enough about my guys in the pit. I made the call to take fuel, no tires the first time and then the guys drove around me like I was standing still. Then I got on the radio, and I said, ‘I’m sorry guys. I screwed up.’ We made the call to take tires late and then got into a little jingle.”

The St. Catharines, ON driver persisted until the end for a second-place finish, driving the last five laps on a deflating front left front tire.

Mooresville, NC native Max McLaughlin took advantage of the race length to round out the podium. The 22-year-old up-and-coming star of the Series battled for contention the entire race, even finding himself temporarily out in front at several points. With 40-laps remaining, the #Z8 dug deep, weaving his way through the heavy lapped traffic into third place. Showing his determination, he made one last push to pass Williamson for the runner-up position, but time ran out. McLaughlin notched a respectable third-place finish.

His Heinke-Baldwin Racing teammate Jimmy Phelps finished behind him in fourth, while Johnson finished in fifth.

This is the second time in Sheppard’s career he’s swept the weekend between the Super DIRTcar Series and DIRTcar 358 Modified divisions (first in 2017). Another night he’ll remember forever, especially being the 50th Running of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week.

“I can’t even put it into words, I’ve got to pinch myself every week with the roll we’ve been on the last month or so,” Sheppard said. “I keep waiting for it to end. Expecting it to end. Somehow, someway, we’ve just been keeping it rolling.

“It’s special. I mean, it’s Super DIRT Week. Weekend sweep. Fiftieth anniversary. It’s just a feather in the cap in a dream season. I don’t know if anybody will have a season like this again. It’s just unreal, really.”

Sheppard will now enter the Super DIRTcar Series championship finale at the World of Outlaws World Finals, Nov. 2-5, with seven Series wins this year and a more than 150-point lead on his quest for a ninth Series title.

UP NEXT: The Super DIRTcar Series will travel to Concord, NC for the World of Outlaws World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Nov. 2-5 – the final event of the 2022 season where the Series champion will be crowned.

RESULTS: Billy Whittaker Cars Trux 200 Billy Whittaker Cars & Trx 200 (200 Laps): 1. 9S-Matt Sheppard[1]; 2. 88-Mat Williamson[2]; 3. Z8-Max McLaughlin[8]; 4. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[13]; 5. 9-Marc Johnson[10]; 6. 7D-Tyler Dippel[21]; 7. 26-Ryan Godown[4]; 8. 44-Stewart Friesen[7]; 9. 19-Tim Fuller[25]; 10. 3-Justin Haers[23]; 11. 49-Billy Dunn[40]; 12. 35L-LJ Lombardo[26]; 13. 25-Erick Rudolph[11]; 14. 21A-Peter Britten[5]; 15. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[12]; 16. 35-Mike Mahaney[6]; 17. 5H-Chris Hile[24]; 18. 20-Brett Hearn[35]; 19. 22-Tanner Van Dohren[30]; 20. 4-Anthony Perrego[14]; 21. 2-Jack Lehner[19]; 22. 7Z-Zachary Payne[36]; 23. 43-Jimmy Horton[33]; 24. 12-Darren Smith[9]; 25. 14M-CG Morey[39]; 26. 215-Adam Pierson[16]; 27. 17-Marcus Dinkins[37]; 28. 34-Kevin Root[27]; 29. 21C-Brian Calabrese[34]; 30. 62S-Tom Sears Jr[32]; 31. 99L-Larry Wight[31]; 32. 125-Jackson Gill[28]; 33. 28-Jordan McCreadie[29]; 34. 28L-Gary Lindberg[18]; 35. 84-Gary Tomkins[22]; 36. 98-Rocky Warner[17]; 37. 37-Paul St Sauveur[38]; 38. 27J-Danny Johnson[20]; 39. 39-Kyle Coffey[15]; 40. 91-Billy Decker[3]

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Feature Results
1109SMatt Sheppard 2000.00093Running150$50,000
22088Mat Williamson 200-3.5990Running146$25,000
38+5Z8Max McLaughlin 200-4.13835Running144$15,000
413+998HJimmy Phelps 200-4.6023Running142$10,000
510+59Marc Johnson 200-5.50043Running140$6,000
621+157DTyler Dippel 200-8.2490Running138$4,000
74-326Ryan Godown 200-11.0670Running136$3,600
87-144Stewart Friesen 200-11.7403Running134$3,400
925+1619Tim Fuller 200-12.4061Running132$3,200
1023+133Justin Haers 200-13.1781Running130$3,000
1140+2949Billy Dunn 200-14.1440Running128$2,800
1226+1435LL.J. Lombardo 200-15.1110Running126$2,600
1311-225Erick Rudolph 200-16.5101Running124$2,400
145-921APeter Britten 200-16.85114Running122$2,200
1512-383XTim Sears Jr200-17.4680Running120$2,000
166-1035Mike Mahaney 200-18.0410Running118$1,900
1724+75HChris Hile 200-19.5450Running116$1,800
1835+1720Brett Hearn 199-1 Laps0Running114$1,700
1930+1122Tanner Van Dohren 199-1 Laps0Running112$1,700
2014-64Anthony Perrego 199-1 Laps0Running110$1,700
2119-22Jack Lehner 199-1 Laps1Running108$1,600
2236+147ZZachary Payne 199-1 Laps0Running106$1,600
2333+1043Jimmy Horton 197-3 Laps0Running104$1,600
249-1512Darren Smith 197-3 Laps0Running102$1,600
2539+1414MCG Morey 196-4 Laps0Running102$1,600
2616-10215Adam Pierson 192-8 Laps0Running102$1,600
2737+1017Marcus Dinkins 192-8 Laps0Running102$1,600
2827-134Kevin Root 179-21 Laps0DNF102$1,600
2934+521CBrian Calabrese 178-22 Laps0DNF102$1,600
3032+262STom Sears Jr170-30 Laps0DNF102$1,600
3131099LLarry Wight 169-31 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3228-4125Jackson Gill 154-46 Laps1DNF102$1,500
3329-428Jordan McCreadie 151-49 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3418-1628LGary Lindberg 132-68 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3522-1384Gary Tomkins 117-83 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3617-1998Rocky Warner 101-99 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3738+137Paul St. Sauveur 97-103 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3820-1827JDanny Johnson 63-137 Laps0DNF102$1,500
3915-2439Kyle Coffey 50-150 Laps1DNF102$1,500
403-3791Billy Decker 32-168 Laps0DNF102$1,500
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+199LLarry Wight 150.00015Running0$500
21-143Jimmy Horton 15-0.2690Running0$200
33020Brett Hearn 15-3.7640Running0$200
44058MMarshall Hurd 15-4.2240Running90$200
56+137MMathieu Desardins 15-5.6420Running90$200
67+17Rick Laubach 15-7.0400Running90$200
75-270AAlex Payne 15-8.7240Running90$200
88037Paul St. Sauveur 15-10.7490Running0$200
910+127WNick Webb 15-11.0200Running90$200
1017+7115Kenny Tremont Jr15-15.9850Running90$200
1112+1Z4JJ Courcy 15-16.6920Running90$200
1211-163Adam Roberts 15-19.9120Running90$200
1315+21NYGregory Atkins 15-21.2430Running90$200
1413-116Aaron Jacobs 15-23.4480Running90$200
1523+811Steve Lewis, Jr. 15-23.6880Running90$200
1614-20Matt Humes 12-3 Laps0Running90$200
1718+14CMichelle Courcy 9-6 Laps0DNF90$200
189-936BBen Bushaw 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
1916-376John Brown 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
2019-126RCorey Cormier 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
2120-1M1David Marcuccilli 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
2221-136Brian Whittemore 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
2322-1713Tommy Collins 0-15 Laps0DNS0$200
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11062STom Sears Jr150.00015Running0$0
22021CBrian Calabrese 15-3.3470Running0$0
34+17ZZachary Payne 15-7.0710Running0$0
43-1XChad Phelps 15-7.5690Running90$200
5508Rich Scagliotta 15-8.3420Running90$200
67+149Billy Dunn 15-9.2810Running0$0
710+314SBrian Swarthout 15-11.5840Running90$200
86-202Roy Bresnahan 15-12.3290Running90$200
918+927JRDaniel Johnson 15343.6710Running90$200
109-127Jeremy Pitts 15-15.8610Running90$200
1113+219WJustin Wright 15-16.7250Running90$200
1216+448TOODave Rauscher 15-17.5010Running90$200
1319+617TRichie Tobias Jr15-18.9990Running90$200
1412-217Marcus Dinkins 14-1 Laps0Running0$0
1511-49XTyler Trump 13-2 Laps0Running90$200
1614-201CBob Henry Jr6-9 Laps0Running90$200
178-914MCG Morey 5-10 Laps0Running0$0
1815-374Dave Flannigan Jr. 0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
1917-24VBilly VanInwegen Jr0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
2020028TMichael Trautschold 0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
2121015Todd Root 0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
2222011SJames Sweeting 0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
2323018Ryan Macartney 0-15 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
1109SMatt Sheppard Waterloo, NY0.000
22026Ryan Godown Ringoes, NJ-4.114
35+244Stewart Friesen Sprakers, NY-4.198
4409Marc Johnson Guilderland, NY-5.332
59+498HJimmy Phelps Baldwinsville, NY-6.369
67+1215Adam Pierson East Corinth, VT-8.152
78+12Jack Lehner Saratoga Springs, NY-9.560
83-584Gary Tomkins Clifton Springs, NY-10.280
919+1019Tim Fuller Watertown, NY-10.592
1017+7125Jackson Gill Plessis, NY-11.161
1115+443Jimmy Horton Bridgewater, NJ-12.282
1213+121CBrian Calabrese Johnstown, NY-12.800
136-758MMarshall Hurd Endwell, NY-14.362
1418+48Rich Scagliotta Hillsborough, NJ-14.835
1514-17Rick Laubach Quakertown, PA-15.355
1623+714MCG Morey Rutland, VT-16.270
1711-627WNick Webb Brownville, NY-17.647
1816-29XTyler Trump Lacona, NY92.046
1922+316Aaron Jacobs Frankfort, NY314.153
2012-801CBob Henry JrClay, NY809.284
2120-176John Brown Danbury, CT808.347
2225+34VBilly VanInwegen JrPort Jervis, NY807.899
2310-1326RCorey Cormier Middletown, NY1,238.539
2424028TMichael Trautschold ROSCOE, NYDNS
2521-4713Tommy Collins Groton, NYDNS
2626018Ryan Macartney Pauling, NYDNS
Heat 2 Results
11088Mat Williamson St. Catharines, ON0.000
22021APeter Britten Brisbane, QLD-1.353
38+5Z8Max McLaughlin Mooresville, NC-3.041
44025Erick Rudolph Ransomville, NY-4.827
56+14Anthony Perrego Walden, NY-4.980
67+198Rocky Warner Gloversville, NY-6.012
73-427JDanny Johnson Rochester, NY407.269
810+23Justin Haers Phelps, NY-9.302
95-435LL.J. Lombardo Danbury, CT-9.988
1016+628Jordan McCreadie Watertown, NY-12.987
119-262STom Sears JrClay, NY-14.739
1218+620Brett Hearn Sussex, NJ-16.988
131307ZZachary Payne Stanley, NY-20.028
1412-237MMathieu Desardins Sorel, QC-20.871
1514-149Billy Dunn Watertown, NY-21.355
1611-536BBen Bushaw Tully, NY-1.372
1720+314SBrian Swarthout Beaver Dams, NY-2.680
1821+3Z4JJ Courcy Mexico, NY-4.661
1919019WJustin Wright Piffard, NY-7.952
2015-51NYGregory Atkins Keeseville, NY-12.661
2117-448TOODave Rauscher Waterloo, NY-13.844
2224+24CMichelle Courcy Mexico, NYDNF
2322-117TRichie Tobias JrNorth Canaan, CTDNF
2423-136Brian Whittemore Pittsford, VTDNS
2525011SJames Sweeting Brockport, NYDNS
Heat 3 Results
11091Billy Decker Unadilla, NY0.000
22035Mike Mahaney Kings Ferry, NY-2.541
33012Darren Smith Binghamton, NY-8.259
45+183XTim Sears JrCentral Square, NY-8.501
54-139Kyle Coffey Caledonia, NY-10.248
69+328LGary Lindberg Ridgeway, ON-11.438
710+37DTyler Dippel Wallkill, NY-12.646
814+65HChris Hile Oswego, NY-13.528
98-134Kevin Root Geneva, NY-16.030
107-322Tanner Van Dohren Allentown, PA-16.494
1124+1399LLarry Wight Fulton, NY-16.752
1217+5XChad Phelps Oswego, NY-17.684
1313070AAlex Payne Canandaigua, NY-18.661
1418+402Roy Bresnahan Fulton, NY-21.394
1516+137Paul St. Sauveur Saint-Hyacinthe, QC-21.619
1615-127Jeremy Pitts SCHAGHTICOKE, NY-1.523
1719+263Adam Roberts Watertown, NY-5.423
1820+217Marcus Dinkins Watkins Glen, NY-8.882
1925+60Matt Humes North Canaan, NYDNF
2022+274Dave Flannigan Jr. Port Robinson, ONDNF
2111-10115Kenny Tremont JrWest Sand Lake, NYDNF
2221-127JRDaniel Johnson Middlesex, NYDNF
236-17M1David Marcuccilli Cayuga, NYDNS
2412-1215Todd Root Syracuse, NYDNS
2523-211Steve Lewis, Jr. Ransomville, NYDNS
Qualifying Results
1499SMatt Sheppard 21.7370.000
24788Mat Williamson 21.800-0.063
31791Billy Decker 21.935-0.198
44826Ryan Godown 21.983-0.246
53821APeter Britten 21.997-0.260
62635Mike Mahaney 22.036-0.299
76084Gary Tomkins 22.108-0.371
83527JDanny Johnson 22.118-0.381
95412Darren Smith 22.133-0.396
10199Marc Johnson 22.162-0.425
113325Erick Rudolph 22.167-0.430
121539Kyle Coffey 22.221-0.484
132744Stewart Friesen 22.232-0.495
142235LL.J. Lombardo 22.234-0.497
15783XTim Sears Jr22.244-0.507
161058MMarshall Hurd 22.263-0.526
17124Anthony Perrego 22.264-0.527
1825M1David Marcuccilli 22.288-0.551
193215Adam Pierson 22.315-0.578
206998Rocky Warner 22.353-0.616
216122Tanner Van Dohren 22.375-0.638
22652Jack Lehner 22.394-0.657
2321Z8Max McLaughlin 22.395-0.658
247234Kevin Root 22.397-0.660
252398HJimmy Phelps 22.417-0.680
265962STom Sears Jr22.424-0.687
272028LGary Lindberg 22.426-0.689
287626RCorey Cormier 22.435-0.698
29713Justin Haers 22.451-0.714
30557DTyler Dippel 22.470-0.733
312427WNick Webb 22.475-0.738
32936BBen Bushaw 22.492-0.755
3313115Kenny Tremont Jr22.530-0.793
345601CBob Henry Jr22.550-0.813
355137MMathieu Desardins 22.557-0.820
36115Todd Root 22.603-0.866
371421CBrian Calabrese 22.622-0.885
38527ZZachary Payne 22.624-0.887
392870AAlex Payne 22.629-0.892
40737Rick Laubach 22.641-0.904
416449Billy Dunn 22.647-0.910
42625HChris Hile 22.649-0.912
433743Jimmy Horton 22.662-0.925
4461NYGregory Atkins 22.745-1.008
453427Jeremy Pitts 22.825-1.088
46589XTyler Trump 22.832-1.095
473228Jordan McCreadie 22.852-1.115
486837Paul St. Sauveur 22.891-1.154
492125Jackson Gill 22.927-1.190
504648TOODave Rauscher 23.005-1.268
5142XChad Phelps 23.016-1.279
5288Rich Scagliotta 23.116-1.379
531120Brett Hearn 23.130-1.393
547002Roy Bresnahan 23.147-1.410
553919Tim Fuller 23.162-1.425
565719WJustin Wright 23.164-1.427
573663Adam Roberts 23.226-1.489
584376John Brown 23.291-1.554
591614SBrian Swarthout 23.297-1.560
604517Marcus Dinkins 23.335-1.598
614713Tommy Collins 23.453-1.716
6231Z4JJ Courcy 23.473-1.736
635327JRDaniel Johnson 23.602-1.865
646616Aaron Jacobs 23.618-1.881
651817TRichie Tobias Jr23.784-2.047
664074Dave Flannigan Jr. 23.917-2.180
674114MCG Morey 24.096-2.359
683036Brian Whittemore 24.217-2.480
697511Steve Lewis, Jr. 24.560-2.823
706328TMichael Trautschold 24.721-2.984
7154CMichelle Courcy 24.846-3.109
724499LLarry Wight 24.846-3.109
73674VBilly VanInwegen Jr24.846-3.109
747411SJames Sweeting 24.846-3.109
75500Matt Humes 24.519-2.782
762918Ryan Macartney 24.846-3.109