Heroes Remembered 100
Weedsport Speedway | Weedsport, NY
Sunday, May 29, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (315) 834-3067

Event Info

Heroes Remembered 100
May 29, 2022
Weedsport Speedway
1 Speedway Drive
Weedsport, NY 

Event Description
After Mat Williamson won by just under one second last season, he looks to reclaim his crown at the Heroes Remembered 100 at Weedsport Speedway in a $7,500-to-win feature!

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series

Sprint Car Track Record
13.401 seconds by Greg Hodnett on 5/17/15

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Feature Laps Length

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To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Seat cushions are permitted. Please note, the top five rows of each section have individually numbered, contoured resin seats and can not accommodate portable stadium seats with back support.

Handicapped Seating
Row A of most sections

Handicapped Parking
Near Grand Entrance

Pit Age Limit
None. Parent or Guardian must complete minor waiver form.

Pit Gate Location
Towpath Road Weedsport NY 13166

Personal Coolers
Yes, small 6″ x 6″ x 12″, personal, soft sided cooler that holds no more than 6 cans. No alcohol. No glass. Must be in original sealed containers.


Credit Card Use
Concessions, Office, Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Beer and Wine can be purchased by spectators over the legal age of 21. No outside alcohol permitted.

Smoking Policy
No smoking in grandstands. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

Family Section
Section 8 – no smoking, no alcohol, no foul language.

Parking Cost
Free parking except concerts.

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
Determined by event see website for specific details

Closest Airport
Whitford Airport

Other Airport
Syracuse Hancock International

Track Info
Track Phone
(315) 834-3067

Ticket Phone
(315) 834-3067

Track Email

Track Size & Type
0.375; D-shaped clay

Sprint Car Track Record
13.401 seconds by Greg Hodnett on 5/17/15

Competitor Info
DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

POWER AT THE PORT: Friesen Dominates Heroes Remembered 100 at Weedsport

Mahaney Battles from 10th to Second, Rudolph Finishes Third to Round-Out the Podium

WEEDSPORT, NY – May 29, 2022 – Back-to-back runner-up finishes in the first two races of the season set Stewart Friesen atop the Super DIRTcar Series standings, but his hunger for more still remained. He showed up to Weedsport Speedway Sunday night and took a big bite out of the competition, leading all but 17 laps of the Heroes Remembered 100 for his second tour victory of the year.

After a solid lap in My Place Hotels Qualifying that set him third on the Heat Race grid, Friesen was bested only by Mike Mahaney, of King’s Ferry, NY – a foreshadowing of the night’s Feature race, with a slightly different outcome. Friesen redrew fifth for the Feature, setting him up for a dominant run to the point in the first 100-lap feature of the season, where his Halmar International #44 proved to be up to the challenge of endurance.

“The Halmar team made a lot of adjustments and they paid off,” Friesen said.

“Not a lot of times you throw the kitchen sink at it and you come away with something better. Sometimes you gotta go too far and you have to back off. Just some stuff we wanted to try, we tried tonight, and it was good. The car was really good. It was maneuverable. It was a little bit on the tight side but we’ll take it.”

After a quick caution thrown four laps in, Friesen had already moved up a spot into fourth, trailing Adam Pierson, Matt Sheppard and Erick Rudolph. He continued his steady climb in the running order, taking over the lead by Lap 18, and never relinquished the lead for the remainder of the race.

The turnout of Big Block Modified drivers was plentiful, with 51 drivers officially registering. Twenty-eight drivers started the Feature, which tested the leaders and their ability to navigate through traffic. Friesen kept a steady hand in the multiple tests he endured throughout 100 laps.

Stewart Friesen celebrates his win at Weedsport Speedway. (Alex Bruce Photo)

“It was fun honestly,” Friesen said. “It forced me to move around the track and find some lines and keep my momentum up.”

“I kind of got the lead on the bottom and then I’m like, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep the bottom for all 100 laps and it pay off. But I tried to keep the tires under me the best I could. And then in the lap traffic we had a really great race car, so big thanks to the Halmar team.”

Mahaney drew a hard hand pulling the tenth position in the redraw. After some difficulty during the first 25 laps, he was able to fight his way into fifth position by Lap 51. He refused to settle as his climb continued, taking over second place with 14 laps remaining. But it was the night for #44 to shine, as Mahaney crossed the finish line second.

“It was too little too late. This car’s really fast, and I’m really happy to get to second. We worked and worked and worked, but we couldn’t get any cautions,” Mahaney said.

“There were a lot of guys racing for position who were lapping. There was racing all over the place on this track. It was a really nice, slick track. You could go anywhere.”

Third place finisher Erick Rudolph, of Ransomville, NY held the second position trying to keep up with Friesen for over 40 laps. But he couldn’t hold on anymore when Mahaney slipped by him on lap 87, pushing him into third.

“About the mid-point of the race I thought I had the best car, I was catching Stewie a little,” Rudolph said.  “But the last three laps I was just hanging on. He started pulling away from me and I struggled in traffic and Mike slipped by me. It was a good effort though.”

Defending Super DIRTcar Series champion Matt Sheppard finished outside of the podium in fourth. He led nine of the first 20 laps before being passed by Mahaney on Lap 66. Like his competition, any attempts to advance was met with the need to navigate through heavy congestion, which contributed to keeping him off of the podium for the night.

UP NEXT:  The Super DIRTcar Series travels east bound to Lebanon Valley Speedway for the King of the Spring 100 on Monday, May 30. Catch all the action live on DIRTVision.


RESULTS: Feature (100 Laps):

44-Stewart Friesen[5]; 2. 35-Mike Mahaney[10]; 3. 25R-Erick Rudolph[2]; 4. 9S-Matt Sheppard[3]; 5. 99L-Larry Wight[8]; 6. 8H-Max McLaughlin[14]; 7. 37S-Gary Lindberg[7]; 8. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[4]; 9. 88-Mat Williamson[13]; 10. 2L-Jack Lehner[19]; 11. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[18];12. 32R-Ronnie Davis III[6]; 13. 4-Anthony Perrego[16]; 14. 21A-Peter Britten[21]; 15. 215PAdam Pierson[1]; 16. 91-Billy Decker[11]; 17. 60-Jackson Gill[9]; 18. 84Y-Alex Yankowski[15]; 19.3RS-Ryan Susice[23]; 20. 3H-Justin Haers[22]; 21. 3J-Marc Johnson[12]; 22. 12S-Darren 23. (DNF) 9X-Tyler Trump[20]; 24. (DNF) 49-Billy Dunn[17]; 25. (DNF) 34-Kevin Root[26]; 26. (DNF) 2A-Mike Gular[25]; 27. (DNF) 17-Marcus Dinkins[28]; 28. (DNF) X-Chad Phelps[24]






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Feature Results
15+444Stewart Friesen 1000.00083Running150$7,500
210+835Mike Mahaney 100-2.4920Running146$4,000
32-125RErick Rudolph 100-4.6270Running144$2,500
43-19SMatt Sheppard 100-9.4169Running142$1,800
58+399LLarry Wight 100-11.8900Running140$1,600
614+88HMax McLaughlin 100-13.4830Running138$1,400
77037SGary Lindberg 100-17.9660Running136$1,300
84-498HJimmy Phelps 99-1 Laps0Running134$1,200
913+488Mat Williamson 99-1 Laps0Running132$1,100
1019+92LJack Lehner 99-1 Laps0Running130$1,000
1118+783XTim Sears Jr99-1 Laps0Running128$800
126-632RRonnie Davis III99-1 Laps0Running126$700
1316+34Anthony Perrego 99-1 Laps0Running124$600
1421+721APeter Britten 99-1 Laps0Running122$575
151-14215PAdam Pierson 99-1 Laps8Running120$550
1611-591Billy Decker 99-1 Laps0Running118$525
179-860Jackson Gill 99-1 Laps0Running116$500
1815-384YAlex Yankowski 99-1 Laps0Running114$500
1923+43RSRyan Susice 99-1 Laps0Running112$500
2022+23HJustin Haers 99-1 Laps0Running110$500
2112-93JMarc Johnson 98-2 Laps0Running108$500
2227+512SDarren Smith 97-3 Laps0Running106$0
2320-39XTyler Trump 54-46 Laps0DNF104$500
2417-749Billy Dunn 44-56 Laps0DNF102$500
2526+134Kevin Root 44-56 Laps0DNF102$500
2625-12AMike Gular 30-70 Laps0DNF102$500
2728+117Marcus Dinkins 21-79 Laps0DNF102$0
2824-4XChad Phelps 3-97 Laps0DNF102$500
Last Chance Showdown Results
11021APeter Britten 100.00010Running0$0
26+43RSRyan Susice 10-3.6130Running0$0
33034Kevin Root 10-4.1440Running0$0
45+115Todd Root 10-4.3640Running90$200
52-342PPat Ward 10-5.4230Running90$200
64-228Jordan McCreadie 10-6.7860Running90$200
79+223CKyle Coffey 10-7.5400Running90$200
810+22AMike Gular 10-8.5380Running0$0
911+219Tim Fuller 10-8.5390Running90$200
108-228TMichael Trautschold 10-9.8380Running90$200
1115+470AAlex Payne 10-11.1590Running90$200
1214+214CG Morey 10-11.8890Running90$200
1312-136Ben Bushaw 10-12.9010Running90$200
1416+218$Sean Beardsley 3-7 Laps0DNF90$200
157-827JDanny Johnson 2-8 Laps0DNF90$200
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
13+23HJustin Haers 100.00010Running0$0
220XChad Phelps 10-3.8630Running0$0
38+55HChris Hile 10-5.4030Running90$200
41-312SDarren Smith 10-6.1970Running0$0
57+2M1Dave Marcuccilli 10-7.1650Running90$200
64-27ZZachary Payne 10-8.6030Running90$200
710+317Marcus Dinkins 10-10.8620Running0$0
89+1165Rex King Jr10-11.6120Running90$200
96-337Paul St. Sauveur 10-12.3610Running90$200
1013+302Roy Bresnahan 10-13.0500Running90$200
11110C3Chas Wolbert 10-13.2240Running90$200
1214+248TDave Rauscher 10-15.2460Running90$200
1315+218Ryan Macartney 10-17.0140Running90$200
1412-291FBobby Flood 5-5 Laps0DNF90$200
155-1056Garrison Krentz 4-6 Laps0DNF90$200
Heat 1 Results
11035Mike Mahaney Kings Ferry, NY0.000
23+144Stewart Friesen Sprakers, NY-146.492
32-191Billy Decker Unadilla, NY-147.095
4404Anthony Perrego Walden, NY-147.855
55021APeter Britten Brisbane, QLD-150.012
67+13HJustin Haers Phelps, NY-150.893
78+13RSRyan Susice Wilson, NY-151.629
89+15HChris Hile Oswego, NY-152.999
96-319Tim Fuller Watertown, NY-153.847
1010002Roy Bresnahan Fulton, NY-155.879
1111018$Sean Beardsley Central Square, NY-159.313
Heat 2 Results
12+132RRonnie Davis IIISyracuse, NY0.000
21-137SGary Lindberg Ridgeway, ON-147.064
3303JMarc Johnson Guilderland, NY-150.354
45+149Billy Dunn Watertown, NY-152.403
54-112SDarren Smith Binghamton, NY-153.413
67+128Jordan McCreadie Watertown, NY-153.829
76-137Paul St. Sauveur Saint-Hyacinthe, QC-154.516
810+223CKyle Coffey Caledonia, NY-155.024
990C3Chas Wolbert Warren, OH-155.981
108-214CG Morey Rutland, VT-157.272
Heat 3 Results
11099LLarry Wight Fulton, NY0.000
2209SMatt Sheppard Waterloo, NY-146.417
33088Mat Williamson St. Catharines, ON-148.375
44083XTim Sears JrCentral Square, NY-149.334
55042PPat Ward Genoa, NY-151.046
6607ZZachary Payne Stanley, NY-153.142
79+227JDanny Johnson Rochester, NY-154.404
87-1165Rex King JrBristolville, OH-155.414
98-136Ben Bushaw Tully, NY-155.810
1010048TDave Rauscher Waterloo, NY-156.997
Heat 4 Results
12+198HJimmy Phelps Baldwinsville, NY0.000
21-1215PAdam Pierson East Corinth, VT-147.878
35+28HMax McLaughlin Mooresville, NC-148.745
47+32LJack Lehner Saratoga Springs, NY-149.460
56+1XChad Phelps Oswego, NY-150.132
64-215Todd Root Syracuse, NY-151.298
73-4M1Dave Marcuccilli Montezuma, NY-152.196
89+12AMike Gular Harleysville, PA-152.619
910+191FBobby Flood Montgomery, NY-153.802
108-270AAlex Payne Canandaigua, NY-154.732
Heat 5 Results
12+125RErick Rudolph Ransomville, NY0.000
21-160Jackson Gill Plessis, NY-341.553
34+184YAlex Yankowski Covington Township, PA-343.033
43-19XTyler Trump Lacona, NY-343.376
57+234Kevin Root Geneva, NY-344.083
65-156Garrison Krentz Lockport, NY-345.470
76-128TMichael Trautschold ROSCOE, NY-346.956
88017Marcus Dinkins Watkins Glen, NY-348.564
910+17STorrey Stoughtenger Phoenix, NY-350.632
109-118Ryan Macartney Pauling, NY-350.632
Qualifying Results
1435Mike Mahaney 16.8930.000
2691Billy Decker 17.163-0.270
3144Stewart Friesen 17.234-0.341
434Anthony Perrego 17.286-0.393
5721APeter Britten 17.451-0.558
61119Tim Fuller 17.474-0.581
7103HJustin Haers 17.590-0.697
883RSRyan Susice 17.650-0.757
995HChris Hile 17.681-0.788
10202Roy Bresnahan 17.949-1.056
11518$Sean Beardsley 18.382-1.489
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1237SGary Lindberg 17.2330.000
2632RRonnie Davis III17.562-0.329
333JMarc Johnson 17.595-0.362
4812SDarren Smith 17.813-0.580
5449Billy Dunn 17.855-0.622
6137Paul St. Sauveur 17.883-0.650
7728Jordan McCreadie 17.930-0.697
81014CG Morey 18.003-0.770
95C3Chas Wolbert 18.238-1.005
10923CKyle Coffey 18.332-1.099
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1599LLarry Wight 17.3280.000
2109SMatt Sheppard 17.336-0.008
3888Mat Williamson 17.484-0.156
4683XTim Sears Jr17.544-0.216
5442PPat Ward 17.605-0.277
637ZZachary Payne 17.681-0.353
79165Rex King Jr17.827-0.499
8136Ben Bushaw 18.122-0.794
9727JDanny Johnson 18.341-1.013
10248TDave Rauscher 18.713-1.385
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
17215PAdam Pierson 17.4730.000
2198HJimmy Phelps 17.512-0.039
33M1Dave Marcuccilli 17.555-0.082
4515Todd Root 17.616-0.143
548HMax McLaughlin 17.630-0.157
610XChad Phelps 17.639-0.166
782LJack Lehner 17.657-0.184
8970AAlex Payne 17.736-0.263
962AMike Gular 17.741-0.268
10291FBobby Flood 18.094-0.621