Stars and Stripes 76
Land of Legends Raceway | Canandaigua, NY
Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (585) 412-9258

Event Info

Stars and Stripes 76
June 30, 2022
Land of Legends Raceway
2820 County Road 10
Canandaigua, NY 

Event Description
Welcome to the 1/2-mile dirt track in Canandaigua, NY, Land of Legends Raceway. Prepare yourselves for the Super DIRTcar Series Stars and Stripes 76, a celebration of patriotism with a $7,600-to-win feature! The DIRTcar Sportsman Central and West U.S. divisions will join the Big Blocks in this star-studded night.

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series

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Frequently Asked Questions
To Win Amount

Type of Grandstand

Handicapped Seating
We have handicap area available in sections A-D in turn 4

Handicapped Parking
Handicap placarded vehicles are allowed to drive into the grounds and park behind the bleachers. (Access gate is off our general parking lot)

Pit Age Limit

Pit Gate Location
Off County Road 10

Personal Coolers
Small 6 pack sized coolers allowed. NO alcohol or glass containers allowed


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Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
We serve multiple brands of beer/wine. No outside alcoholic beverages allowed to be brought in.

Smoking Policy
No smoking allowed in the grandstands

Family Section
Section J

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Camping Availability
onsite, non-electric

Camping Cost

Closest Airport
Rochester (Canandaigua has a small airport)

Other Airport

Track Info
Track Phone
(585) 412-9258

Ticket Phone
(585) 412-9258

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Track Size & Type
0.500; super fast clay oval

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DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap

ON POINT: McLaughlin makes late race pass to take home first points-paying victory at Land of Legends

Haers led the pack for most of the race but couldn’t hold off McLaughlin, while Sheppard charged from 11th-place to a podium finish and claimed the points lead

Max McLaughlin exited his Big Block Modified and banged on the roof before enthusiastically jumping to the ground to celebrate with his crew members liked he just won his first race.

In a way, he did.

After passing Justin Haers for the lead on Lap 73 of 76 during the Stars and Stripes 76 at Land of Legends Raceway, McLaughlin went on to win his first points-paying Super DIRTcar Series race – he’d already won three non-points Series races.

McLaughlin’s #8H machine ran solid during Qualifying and his Heat Race, placing third in each. He pulled the sixth position during the redraw, giving him a more than reasonable chance to chase the win.

Once the green flag dropped, he quickly moved himself into fourth position by Lap 4, which would be where he stayed for the next 30 Laps. But McLaughlin was not phased and stayed the course.

He made it into second place by Lap 40, but leader Haers was not yet within striking distance. Haers was an entire straightaway ahead at many points. However, fate would intervene, and a caution was thrown on Lap 45 after the #14J of Alan Johnson suffered a flat right rear tire.

On the restart, Haers and McLaughlin lined up in the front row. The #3H of Haers made it known he was not going to have the lead taken from him easily, bolting out to a quick lead. But just when onlookers may have thought the race was over, McLaughlin let them know they were wrong. He passed the night’s dominant leader in what seemed like an instantaneous move.

“He faded a little bit, and we just didn’t fade,” McLaughlin said. “It looked like he tried to protect the bottom. He was kind of the only person on the top. I was able to work the top, too. He probably just didn’t think anybody was able to roll, trying to protect the bottom. I was just able to hit a roll around him just a tiny bit, clear him on the back stretch, but props to him for racing me clean.”

Haers would not fade any more than one position, crossing the line second.

“I felt like the longer the race went on, I was kind of struggling off of Turn 2 and I just couldn’t pick the gas back up as quick as I was earlier in the race,” Haers said.

“I knew it kind of left me in a spot where I was struggling a little bit because I felt really good through (Turn) three and four and I didn’t think anyone would be able to pass me there. You got the lapped traffic, and they were kind of killing my momentum a little bit. And his car was better in one and two…that’s the bottom line.”

Third place finisher Matt Sheppard drew 11th in the redraw after edging out the #215P of Adam Pierson in incredible fashion on the last turn of their Heat Race, showing why he is an eight-time Super DIRTcar Series champion, currently in the hunt for number nine.

Sheppard made do with the hand he had been dealt, charging his way into contention one position at a time. A five-time career winner at the track, he was well versed in what it would take to do so.

“Thankfully, I got a lot of laps around this place, so I can kind of feel my way around in the dark,” Sheppard said.

“It was definitely dusty. The track conditions have been a little bit of a struggle here all year when I’ve been here…we had a good race car tonight, a lot of experience around this place. I just kind of knew where to go. When the car wasn’t working in one spot, I knew kind of how to move it around.”

With the third-place finish, Matt Sheppard became the new Super DIRTcar Series points leader – now four points ahead McLaughlin, who moved up to second. Mat Williamson, the points leader coming into the race, finished 20th, dropping him to third.

UP NEXT:  The Super DIRTcar Series travels to the Keystone State for the first time this season, competing at Big Diamond Speedway in Pottsville, PA on July 12 and then at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Raceway in Bloomsburg, PA on July 13.

If you can’t make it to the tracks, you can watch all the action live on DIRTVision – either online or by downloading the DIRTVision App.

Feature (76 Laps): 1. 8H-Max McLaughlin[6]; 2. 3H-Justin Haers[1]; 3. 9S-Matt Sheppard[11]; 4. 25R-Erick Rudolph[8]; 5. 44-Stewart Friesen[10]; 6. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[5]; 7. 4-Anthony Perrego[20]; 8. 23C-Kyle Coffey[13]; 9. 48G-Gary Tomkins[17]; 10. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[4]; 11. 99L-Larry Wight[16]; 12. 3J-Marc Johnson[15]; 13. 84Y-Alex Yankowski[14]; 14. 91-Billy Decker[22]; 15. 14J-Alan Johnson[3]; 16. 42P-Pat Ward[12]; 17. 215P-Adam Pierson[2]; 18. 2L-Jack Lehner[18]; 19. 7Z-Zachary Payne[23]; 20. 88-Mat Williamson[25]; 21. (DNF) 49-Billy Dunn[21]; 22. (DNF) 70A-Alex Payne[9]; 23. (DNF) 14-CG Morey[28]; 24. (DNF) 32R-Ronnie Davis III[24]; 25. (DNF) M1-Dave Marcuccilli[19]; 26. (DNF) 21A-Peter Britten[7]; 27. (DNF) 37-Paul St Sauveur[27]; 28. (DNS) 2A-Mike Gular

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Feature Results
16+58HMax McLaughlin 760.0004Running150$7,600
21-13HJustin Haers 76-1.00372Running146$4,000
311+89SMatt Sheppard 76-3.1930Running144$2,500
48+425RErick Rudolph 76-4.4430Running142$1,800
510+544Stewart Friesen 76-4.7850Running140$1,600
65-183XTim Sears Jr76-7.5360Running138$1,400
720+134Anthony Perrego 76-8.1470Running136$1,300
813+523CKyle Coffey 76-9.2600Running134$1,200
917+848GGary Tomkins 76-10.4390Running132$1,100
104-698HJimmy Phelps 76-11.1400Running130$1,000
1116+599LLarry Wight 76-12.5750Running128$800
1215+33JMarc Johnson 76-14.2680Running126$700
1314+184YAlex Yankowski 76-14.7160Running124$600
1422+891Billy Decker 76-15.9360Running122$575
153-1214JAlan Johnson 76-17.6340Running120$550
1612-442PPat Ward 76-22.3690Running118$525
172-15215PAdam Pierson 76-2.8630Running116$500
181802LJack Lehner 75-1 Laps0Running114$500
1923+47ZZachary Payne 75-1 Laps0Running112$500
2025+588Mat Williamson 75-1 Laps0Running110$500
2121049Billy Dunn 51-25 Laps0DNF108$500
229-1370AAlex Payne 39-37 Laps0DNF106$500
2328+514CG Morey 28-48 Laps0DNF104$0
2424032RRonnie Davis III22-54 Laps0DNF102$500
2519-6M1Dave Marcuccilli 18-58 Laps0DNF102$500
267-1921APeter Britten 15-61 Laps0DNF102$500
2727037Paul St. Sauveur 2-74 Laps0DNF102$0
2826-22AMike Gular 0-76 Laps0DNS102$0
Last Chance Showdown Results
11049Billy Dunn 100.00010Running0$0
2207ZZachary Payne 10-0.9420Running0$0
34+196JF Corriveau 10-4.6930Running90$0
46+234Kevin Root 10-5.2240Running90$0
55017Marcus Dinkins 10-7.9920Running90$0
67+114CG Morey 10-10.5120Running0$0
78+156Garrison Krentz 10-11.3480Running90$0
89+137Paul St. Sauveur 10-11.9490Running0$0
910+127DDaniel Johnson 10-12.7320Running90$0
1012+229NYGreg Birosh 10-14.4690Running90$0
11110174Jeff Lawrence 10-19.6380Running90$0
123-927JDanny Johnson 0-10 Laps0DNF90$0
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
12+191Billy Decker 100.00010Running0$0
21-132RRonnie Davis III10-1.8120Running0$0
33033JRobbie Johnston 10-4.9260Running90$0
44088Mat Williamson 10-5.9610Running0$0
55012SDarren Smith 10-7.0090Running90$0
66011JJames Sweeting 10-9.8510Running90$0
78+12AMike Gular 10-11.5460Running0$0
87-148TDave Rauscher 10-12.3630Running90$0
99021PDerrick Podsiadlo 10-13.7510Running90$0
1011+17Troy Sperring 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
1110-119Tim Fuller 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
13+29SMatt Sheppard Waterloo, NY0.000
220215PAdam Pierson East Corinth, VT-170.814
31-242PPat Ward Genoa, NY-172.888
44023CKyle Coffey Caledonia, NY-173.709
56+148GGary Tomkins Clifton Springs, NY-174.621
67+149Billy Dunn Watertown, NY-177.595
711+427JDanny Johnson Rochester, NY-178.810
88017Marcus Dinkins Watkins Glen, NY-179.202
95-414CG Morey Rutland, VT-182.507
109-137Paul St. Sauveur Saint-Hyacinthe, QC-183.910
110-1134Kevin Root Geneva, NY-190.794
1210-2174Jeff Lawrence New Smyrna, FL-190.794
Heat 2 Results
11021APeter Britten Brisbane, QLD0.000
26+444Stewart Friesen Sprakers, NY-171.010
32-125RErick Rudolph Ransomville, NY-171.888
44084YAlex Yankowski Covington Township, PA-173.193
5502LJack Lehner Saratoga Springs, NY-176.773
63-37ZZachary Payne Stanley, NY-177.539
77096JF Corriveau Montreal, QC-179.880
88034Kevin Root Geneva, NY-180.458
910+156Garrison Krentz Lockport, NY-183.124
109-127DDaniel Johnson Middlesex, NY-183.397
1111029NYGreg Birosh Horseheads, NY-185.507
Heat 3 Results
11098HJimmy Phelps Baldwinsville, NY0.000
22070AAlex Payne Canandaigua, NY-171.270
3308HMax McLaughlin Mooresville, NC-172.267
4403JMarc Johnson Guilderland, NY-173.448
58+3M1Dave Marcuccilli Montezuma, NY-175.564
67+132RRonnie Davis IIISyracuse, NY-176.953
76-133JRobbie Johnston Ransomville, NY-178.994
85-312SDarren Smith Binghamton, NY-181.276
99048TDave Rauscher Waterloo, NY-181.586
1010021PDerrick Podsiadlo Penn Yan, NY-181.637
111107Troy Sperring Williamson, NYDNS
Heat 4 Results
11083XTim Sears JrCentral Square, NY0.000
22014JAlan Johnson Middlesex, NY-173.144
34+13HJustin Haers Phelps, NY-174.396
45+199LLarry Wight Fulton, NY-174.663
56+14Anthony Perrego Walden, NY-175.776
63-391Billy Decker Unadilla, NY-176.815
77088Mat Williamson St. Catharines, ON-177.821
89+111JJames Sweeting Brockport, NY-179.081
98-12AMike Gular Harleysville, PA-180.823
1010019Tim Fuller Watertown, NYDNS
Qualifying Results
1642PPat Ward 20.3810.000
210215PAdam Pierson 20.590-0.209
339SMatt Sheppard 20.680-0.299
4423CKyle Coffey 20.782-0.401
51114CG Morey 20.918-0.537
6848GGary Tomkins 21.006-0.625
7549Billy Dunn 21.017-0.636
8217Marcus Dinkins 21.257-0.876
9937Paul St. Sauveur 21.570-1.189
107174Jeff Lawrence 21.739-1.358
11127JDanny Johnson 21.739-1.358
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1721APeter Britten 20.4650.000
2425RErick Rudolph 20.653-0.188
387ZZachary Payne 20.724-0.259
41184YAlex Yankowski 20.752-0.287
522LJack Lehner 20.774-0.309
6144Stewart Friesen 20.793-0.328
71096JF Corriveau 20.967-0.502
8634Kevin Root 21.005-0.540
9927DDaniel Johnson 21.317-0.852
10356Garrison Krentz 21.368-0.903
11529NYGreg Birosh 21.368-0.903
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1598HJimmy Phelps 20.5980.000
2970AAlex Payne 20.664-0.066
3108HMax McLaughlin 20.795-0.197
413JMarc Johnson 20.855-0.257
5412SDarren Smith 21.058-0.460
6233JRobbie Johnston 21.116-0.518
7732RRonnie Davis III21.137-0.539
83M1Dave Marcuccilli 21.201-0.603
9848TDave Rauscher 21.294-0.696
101121PDerrick Podsiadlo 21.346-0.748
1167Troy Sperring 21.433-0.835
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
1383XTim Sears Jr20.6600.000
21014JAlan Johnson 20.666-0.006
3191Billy Decker 20.769-0.109
453HJustin Haers 20.862-0.202
5799LLarry Wight 20.893-0.233
664Anthony Perrego 20.957-0.297
7988Mat Williamson 21.056-0.396
822AMike Gular 21.288-0.628
9811JJames Sweeting 21.557-0.897
10419Tim Fuller 21.557-0.897