Summer Nationals
Ransomville Speedway | Ransomville, NY
Thursday, August 25, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (716) 791-3602

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Summer Nationals
August 24, 2022
Ransomville Speedway
2315 Braley Rd
Ransomville, NY 

Event Description
The Super DIRTcar Series will be joined by the DIRTcar Sportmans in the Summer Nationals at Ransomville Speedway. The 75-lap big blocks will offer $7,500 to the winner.

Series Racing
Super DIRTcar Series DIRTcar Sportsman Series

Sprint Car Track Record
12.629 seconds by Donny Schatz on 10/16/17

Late Model Track Record
17.432 seconds by Billy Moyer in 2005

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Event Schedule
Completion off event from Wednesday, Aug. 24

7:30PM Hot Laps
8PM Racing
*All times Eastern

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DIRTcar Sportsman Series

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Be polite to those sitting in front of and behind you

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Bottom row

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Near ticket booth

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Any age with a copy of birth certificate and a minor release signed by a parent

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You may bring in a small soft sided cooler, no glass and no alcohol


Credit Card Use
Pit Gate, Ticket Window

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No alcoholic beverages may be brought in, we do sell beer at our beer booth located near the concession stands

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No smoking in the grandstands. Smoking may be done in the grassy area

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non-electric, onsite

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Closest Airport
Buffalo International or NIagara Falls

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Track Phone
(716) 791-3602

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(716) 791-3602

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Sprint Car Track Record
12.629 seconds by Donny Schatz on 10/16/17

Late Model Car Track Record
17.432 seconds by Billy Moyer in 2005

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Williamson continues momentum he found during SummerFAST with a needed win as the 50th NAPA Super DIRT Week approaches

Mat Williamson came into the 2022 season as the two-time and defending NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week Champion. The expectations were high for the St. Catharines, ON driver.

Williamson claimed a Feature victory during DIRTcar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park in February, and then went winless.

Until Thursday night at Ransomville Speedway.

After a slow start to the 2022 Super DIRTcar Series championship season, Williamson found momentum during SummerFAST with two fourth-place finishes, moving him back into second in the point standings. But he was still looking to get the “monkey off his back,” and score his first points-paying victory of the year.

All the pieces seemed to align as the Series rolled into Ransomville Speedway, where Williamson is the current 358 Modified points leader. He won his Heat Race and then drew the pole for the 75-lap Summer Nationals Feature in the redraw.

He jetted out to a quick lead at the green flag and held a tight grip on the lead throughout the race, never letting the likes of Peter Britten, Matt Sheppard, Gary Lindberg and Billy Decker get close enough to challenge.

“It’s much needed,” Williamson said about the win. “I’ve been pretty vocal with how we’ve struggled lately, and this was needed tonight. These guys work harder than anybody and when you struggle, you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know if it’s you or the other driver. It gets to the point where you don’t know if you can do it anymore. So that’s nice to win.

“The starting position obviously helped us tonight. It seems like lately that’s the place you need to be to start these races. You gotta start out front. Hopefully we learned a thing or two.”

Peter Britten drew the outside pole for the Feature and maintained that position throughout the night, fending off Gary Lindberg and Sheppard. He attempted to stay within striking distance of Williamson on the multiple restarts, but the Williamson was too strong each time. Britten settled for second, with Lindberg rounding out the podium in third.

“The first part of the race, I couldn’t even stay near [Williamson],” Britten said. “He was just zinging. I didn’t know how he was doing it either because I didn’t have that much grip. He’s a local around here. He’s really good. He started on the pole. He just knows exactly what to do here. He knows how to set up the car.”

Lindberg, of Ridgeway, ON, started the Feature in fourth but found himself in sixth halfway through the race. After some slick maneuvering in traffic, he found the right formula to pass Sheppard, the eight-time and defending Super DIRTcar Series champion.

“The restarts here are always better if you start on the top,” Lindberg said. “We were lucky we were on the top. He gave me room and I gave him enough room. I know he runs the Series, so I didn’t want to mess with him. Earlier I was behind him, so I didn’t want to push the issue. When I was beside him, I knew he would run me clean. We just got lucky and rolled around on the top on him.”

Matt Sheppard crossed the line fourth and local driver Erick Rudolph rounded out the top five.

UP NEXT: The Super DIRTcar Series will travel back to Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon, NY on Sept. 3 for Mr. DIRT Track USA. It will pay out a massive $25,500 and grant the winner a guaranteed starting spot at the 50th Running of NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week.


Summer Nationals 75 (75 Laps): 1. 88-Mat Williamson[1]; 2. 21A-Peter Britten[2]; 3. 37S-Gary Lindberg[4]; 4. 9S-Matt Sheppard[6]; 5. 25R-Erick Rudolph[12]; 6. 91-Billy Decker[3]; 7. 3J-Marc Johnson[14]; 8. 44-Stewart Friesen[5]; 9. 215P-Adam Pierson[8]; 10. 3-Chad Brachmann[11]; 11. 4-Anthony Perrego[7]; 12. 42-Pete Bicknell[20]; 13. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[15]; 14. 38-Ryan Susice[19]; 15. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[9]; 16. 34-Kevin Root[18]; 17. 8H-Max McLaughlin[10]; 18. 37-Paul St Sauveur[16]; 19. 27J-Danny Johnson; 20. 111-Allan Wills[22]; 21. 17-Marcus Dinkins[13]; 22. 96-JF Corriveau[21]; 23. 27-Daniel Johnson[17]; 24. 12S-Darren Smith[23]; 25. 2L-Jack Lehner[26]; 26. 70A-Alex Payne[25]; 27. 7Z-Zachary Payne[24]








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Feature Results
11088Mat Williamson 750.00074Running150$7,500
22021APeter Britten 75-1.5140Running146$4,000
34+137SGary Lindberg 75-2.2100Running144$2,500
46+29SMatt Sheppard 75-4.1740Running142$1,800
512+725RErick Rudolph 75-5.3630Running140$1,600
63-391Billy Decker 75-6.6680Running138$1,400
714+73JMarc Johnson 75-6.8670Running136$1,300
85-344Stewart Friesen 75-8.0060Running134$1,200
98-1215PAdam Pierson 75-8.6320Running132$1,100
1011+13Chad Brachmann 75-9.7210Running130$1,000
117-44Anthony Perrego 75-10.5070Running128$800
1220+842Pete Bicknell 75-10.8240Running126$700
1315+298HJimmy Phelps 75-11.8940Running124$600
1419+538Ryan Susice 75-12.8960Running122$575
159-683XTim Sears Jr75-13.2020Running120$550
1618+234Kevin Root 75-15.0380Running118$525
1710-78HMax McLaughlin 75-15.9601Running116$500
1816-237Paul St. Sauveur 75-18.3530Running114$500
190-1927JDanny Johnson 7564.8230Running112$500
2022+2111Allan Wills 71-4 Laps0Running110$500
2113-817Marcus Dinkins 58-17 Laps0Running108$500
2221-196JF Corriveau 43-32 Laps0Running106$500
2317-627Daniel Johnson 39-36 Laps0Running104$500
2423-112SDarren Smith 20-55 Laps0Running102$500
2526+12LJack Lehner 0-75 Laps0Running102$500
2625-170AAlex Payne 0-75 Laps0Running102$500
2724-37ZZachary Payne 0-75 Laps0Running102$500
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+142Pete Bicknell 100.00010Running0$0
21-170AAlex Payne 10-0.8300Running0$0
36+32LJack Lehner 10-1.4680Running0$0
44014CG Morey 10-2.3720Running90$0
53-211SSteve Lewis, Jr. 10-4.6740Running90$0
65-126Rich Richner 10-5.4000Running90$0
77074Dave Flannigan Jr. 10-6.8030Running90$0
88033JRobbie Johnston 0-10 Laps0DNS90$0
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11096JF Corriveau 100.00010Running0$0
220111Allan Wills 10-1.4290Running0$0
33033Tyler Willard 10-2.4510Running90$0
45+156Garrison Krentz 10-4.0240Running90$0
54-112SDarren Smith 10-5.3980Running0$0
67+126CLuke Carleton 10-5.9280Running90$0
76-11Andrew Smith 6-4 Laps0Running90$0
88027JDanny Johnson 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
11044Stewart Friesen Sprakers, NY0.000
2209SMatt Sheppard Waterloo, NY-141.963
33091Billy Decker Unadilla, NY-143.956
45+117Marcus Dinkins Watkins Glen, NY-146.571
56+127Daniel Johnson Middlesex, NY-148.253
64-270AAlex Payne Canandaigua, NY-149.367
77011SSteve Lewis, Jr. Ransomville, NY-151.540
89+126Rich Richner Niagara Falls, NY-152.187
98-174Dave Flannigan Jr. Port Robinson, ON-154.277
Heat 2 Results
13+225RErick Rudolph Ransomville, NY0.000
25+34Anthony Perrego Walden, NY-388.088
34+183XTim Sears JrCentral Square, NY-389.076
42-23JMarc Johnson Guilderland, NY-389.521
59+47ZZachary Payne Stanley, NY-390.113
66042Pete Bicknell St Catharines, ON-391.560
78+114CG Morey Rutland, VT-391.866
81-72LJack Lehner Saratoga Springs, NY-240.365
97-233JRobbie Johnston Ransomville, NY-40.009
Heat 3 Results
12+188Mat Williamson St. Catharines, ON0.000
21-1215PAdam Pierson East Corinth, VT-144.248
33021APeter Britten Brisbane, QLD-146.771
44098HJimmy Phelps Baldwinsville, NY-147.667
55034Kevin Root Geneva, NY-150.572
66096JF Corriveau Montreal, QC-150.941
77033Tyler Willard St. Catherines, ON-151.418
89+156Garrison Krentz Lockport, NY-151.573
98-126CLuke Carleton Port Colbrone, ON-152.975
Heat 4 Results
1103Chad Brachmann Sanborn, NY0.000
24+237SGary Lindberg Ridgeway, ON-149.624
3308HMax McLaughlin Mooresville, NC-151.076
42-237Paul St. Sauveur Saint-Hyacinthe, QC-152.818
56+138Ryan Susice Wilson, NY-153.721
68+2111Allan Wills Ransomville, NY-154.742
75-212SDarren Smith Binghamton, NY-154.767
87-11Andrew Smith Lockport, NY-155.664
99027JDanny Johnson Rochester, NYDNS
Qualifying Results
1444Stewart Friesen 17.1140.000
289SMatt Sheppard 17.160-0.046
3791Billy Decker 17.163-0.049
4170AAlex Payne 17.483-0.369
5617Marcus Dinkins 17.540-0.426
6327Daniel Johnson 17.866-0.752
7211SSteve Lewis, Jr. 18.093-0.979
8574Dave Flannigan Jr. 18.175-1.061
9926Rich Richner 18.345-1.231
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
132LJack Lehner 17.1890.000
243JMarc Johnson 17.308-0.119
3125RErick Rudolph 17.347-0.158
4283XTim Sears Jr17.435-0.246
594Anthony Perrego 17.455-0.266
6742Pete Bicknell 17.882-0.693
7833JRobbie Johnston 17.948-0.759
8514CG Morey 18.015-0.826
967ZZachary Payne 18.015-0.826
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
15215PAdam Pierson 17.2060.000
2288Mat Williamson 17.370-0.164
3921APeter Britten 17.424-0.218
4698HJimmy Phelps 17.577-0.371
5334Kevin Root 17.645-0.439
6896JF Corriveau 17.692-0.486
7133Tyler Willard 17.885-0.679
8726CLuke Carleton 18.086-0.880
9456Garrison Krentz 18.099-0.893
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
173Chad Brachmann 17.6040.000
2437Paul St. Sauveur 17.792-0.188
338HMax McLaughlin 17.833-0.229
4237SGary Lindberg 17.834-0.230
5112SDarren Smith 17.836-0.232
6838Ryan Susice 17.983-0.379
751Andrew Smith 18.098-0.494
89111Allan Wills 18.126-0.522
9627JDanny Johnson 18.126-0.522