DRUMMONDVILLE, Quebec – Sept. 10, 2011 – Matt Sheppard continued to be “Super” in the second half of the Big-Block Modified Super DIRTcar Series with an important victory at Saturday night at Autodrome Drummond’s Race Mania Weekend feature event, and more importantly, extending his 2011 Super DIRTcar Big-Block Series points lead over Billy Decker. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL RACE REPORT)

Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modified Race #10-Autodrome Drummond, Sept. 10, 2011 Event Summary

Feature Results: Sheppard, Planck, Phelps, Decker, Gougeon, Bussière, Hearn, Bellinger, G.Clair, Terrance, Sears Jr, Chicoine, Haers, Brouillard, Britten, Dufault, Currier, Whitteker, Boisvert, Dagenais, Scagliotta, Humes, Lalancette, Johnson, Bilodeau, Bernard, C.Therrien, Wight, M.Clair, A.Therrien

LAP LEADERS: Decker (1-30), Bernard (31-51), Decker (52-67), Sheppard (68-100)

BILSTEIN FAST TIME AWARD : 98H Jimmy Phelps 17.043 seconds/84.492MPH

Heat Races (8 laps, top 5 finishers transferred to the feature, top 3 went to redraw)

#1: Planck, Gougeon, C.Therrien, Bilodeau, G.Clair, A.Boisvert, A.Therrien, Humes

#2: Johnson, Bernard, Bellinger, Bussière, Brouillard, Phelps, Whitteker, Chicoine

#3: Sheppard, Phelps, Terrance, Wight, Hears, Clair, Dufault, Primeau

#4: Decker, Hearn, Sears, Britten, Currier, Dagenais, Scagliotta, Hamel

Consolation Race (10 laps, top 8 finishers transferred to the feature)

#1: Boisvert, M.Clair, Dufault, Whitteker, Lalancette, Hamel, Scagliotta, A.Therrien, Dagenais, Chicoine, Humes, Primeau

Autodrome Drummond Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modified Race #10 Roster (32)

0 Dan Humes/Canaan,CT

3 Claude Brouillard/Tracy,QUE

3h Justin Haers/Phelps, NY

6X Mitch Primeau/Cornwall, Ont

8 Rich Scagliotta/Bound Brook,NJ

8r Rob Bellinger/Dexter,NY

9s Matt Sheppard/Waterloo,NY

10 Tim Currier/Auburn,NY

13 Kevin Hamel/Granby,QUE

20 Brett Hearn/Sussex,NJ

21 Yan Bussiere/Drummondville,QUE

21a Peter Britten/Brisbane,QLD

22c Mario Clair/St-Edmond,QUE

22j Gino Clair/St-Germain,QUE

23 Dany Bilodeau/Victoriaville,QUE

27j Danny Johnson/Rochester,NY

38 Luke Whitteker/Iroquois, Ont

39 Clement Therrien/Victoriaville,QUE

39a Alan Therrien/Victoriaville,QUE

44 Sebastien Gougeon/Drummondville,QUE

54 Steve Bernard/St Paul Abbotsford,QUE

62 Tom Sears/Clay, NY

63 Dominic Dufault/Ste-Victoire,QUE

66X Carey Terrance/Hogansburg, NY

77x Dale Planck/Cortland,NY

91 Billy Decker/Unadilla,NY

95 Alex Boisvert/Drummondville,QUE

97 Michel Chicoine/Ste-Cecile de Milton,QUE

98h Jimmy Phelps/Baldwinsville,NY

98L Justin Lalancette/Cornwall, Ont

99L Larry Wight/Phoenix,NY

124 Pierre DagenaisGatineau,QUE