09/08/2018 Blackout 100 Autodrome Drummond

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DRUMMONDVILLE, QUE – September 9, 2018 – For the second night in a row the winner came from the sixth row, specifically, 11th place. Danny Johnson marched through the top third of the field to take the win at Autodrome Drummond ahead of local favorites Mathieu Boisvert and driver/promoter Yan Bussiere. Unfortunately, Johnson’s teammate Peter Britten came up light on the scales in post-race inspection and was forced to surrender his second-place finish.

Autodrome Drummond Blackout Race 100 Results (100 Laps)

1. Danny Johnson 2. Mathieu Boisvert 3. Yan Bussiere 4. Max McLaughlin 5. Erick Rudolph 6. Claude Brouillard 7. Dany Bilodeau 8. Louie Jackson Jr. 9. Alex Therrien 10. Rich Scagliotta 11. Jean-Francis Corriveau 12. Mario Clair 13. Sebastian Gougeon 14. Carey Terrence 15. Patrice Demers 16. Eric Landry 17. Yannick Mathieu 18. Adam Roberts 19. Dave Rauscher 20. Brett Hearn 21. Patrick Beaumier 22. Kevin Hamel 23. Paul St. Sauveur 24. Matt Sheppard 25. Jimmy Phelps 26. Mathieu Desjardins 27. Steve Bernard 28. Dominic Dufault 29. David Hebert 30. Francois Bellemare

DQ Peter Britten