GRANBY, QC – July 23, 2018 – Late in the race Stewart Friesen, five-time NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series talent, pulled alongside current points leader and defending NAPA Super DIRT Week Champion on the back stretch and powered ahead to take the lead. Friesen never intended to look back but with four laps to go Sheppard suffered a right rear flat, bringing out the caution flag. HBR Motorsports driver Jimmy Phelps and Erick Rudolph in the no. 25r lined up behind the Halmar Racing no. 44 of Stewart Friesen, poised to take a stab at the lead. Unfortunately for both of those drivers, Friesen’s car never faded and kept ahead of his challengers.

1) Stewart Friesen 2) Jimmy Phelps 3) Erick Rudolph 4) Danny Johnson 5) Brett Hearn 6) Peter Britten 7) Rich Scagliotta 8) Matt Sheppard 9) Mathieu Boisvert 10) Max McLaughlin 11) Francois Bernier 12) Dominic Dufault 13) Joisanne Plante 14) David Herbert 15) Adam Roberts 16) Louie Jackson Jr. 17) Dave Raucher 18) Yan Bussiere 19) Tim Fuller 20) Steve Bernier 21) Steve Bernard 22) Francois Bellemare 23) Daniel Nadeau 24) Dany Gagne 25) Carey Terrence 26) Maxime Michon 27) Pierre Hebert 28) Kayle Robidoux 29) Mario Clair 30) Jean-Nicolas Gareau 31) Gino Clair 32) Simon Perreault 33) Paul St. Sauveur 34) Maxime Plante 35) Michael Parent 36) Kevin Hamel