DRUMMONDVILLE, QC – July 24, 2018 – It was a clash of the titans once again as Super Matt Sheppard passed and held off Stewart Friesen to win the Racing Stock 100 at Autodrome Drummond. The pair of superstars swapped positions from the previous night’s race at Autodrome Granby, where Friesen won and Sheppard took second place. The 4/10 of a mile race track in Drummondville, Quebec featured a tremendous amount of passing throughout the entire field. The running order was constantly in flux as drivers searched high and low for a fast way around. But in the end Matt Sheppard’s smooth, easy, high line on the cushion proved to be the fastest line of them all. Erick Rudolph grabbed third for the second night in a row as well.

1) Matt Sheppard 2) Stewart Friesen 3) Erick Rudolph 4) Max McLaughlin 5) Yan Bussiere 6) Mathieu Desjardins 7) Brett Hearn 8) Peter Britten 9) Dany Bilideau 10) Tim Fuller 11) Alex Therrien 12) Rich Scagliotta 13) Patrice Demurs 14) Dave Rauscher 15) Carey Terrence 16) Adam Roberts 17) Francois Bellemare 18) David Hebert 19) Mario Clair 20) Jimmy Phelps 21) Sebastian Gougeon 22) Mathieu Boisvert 23) Kevin Hamel 24) Danny Johnson 25) Louie Jackson Jr. 26) Gino Clair 27) Pierre Hebert 28) Steve Bernard 29) Matthieu Larremee 30) Mikael Labreche 31) Paul St. Sauveur