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World Finals Nov. 2 LIVE UPDATES

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Photo: Nov. 2, – Grandstand before the gates open. Photo by Kevin Kovac.

Super DIRTcar Series: All Dirt Roads Lead to Charlotte

CONCORD, N. C. – Oct. 24, 2012 – With only two feature events left in the Super DIRTcar Series, Big-Block Modified competitors are prepping for one of the biggest dirt racing events of the year, PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Thursday, Nov. 1, through Saturday, Nov. 3.

Not only is PEAK Motor Oil World of Outlaws World Finals presented by NAPA Auto Parts one of only three events that hosts the three premier dirt track series, the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, and the Super DIRTcar Series, but it is the last event of the season for all three. Click here to see the live updates page for the the Super DIRTcar Series portion of the event. For more information about the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series or the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, visit the series websites. For scoring, visit

Lining up something special…

Nov. 2, 3:45 p.m. The Super DIRTcar Series drivers’ meeting is over, and teams are getting ready for hot laps, B-Features, and tonight’s A-Feature (see partial lineup below). Rumor has it that something special, never before seen, will happen immediately preceding tonight’s Super DIRTcar Series A-Feature. If you’re at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, make sure you’re in your seat after the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Last Chance Showdown; and make sure you have your camera at the ready…or use your smart phone and Tweet your pictures with the hashtag #AllDirtRoads.


Friday qualifying and lineups

Nov. 2, 6:21 p.m.  Finish today’s B-Feature races and incomplete A-Feature lineup posted below.

Friday B-Feature Results

B-Feature 1, Finish: 1. 3d Matt DeLorenzo; 2. 8R Rob Bellinger; 3. 56 Vince Vitale; 4. 6N Kevin Bates; 5. 21m Bob McGannon; 6. 63 Adam Roberts; 7. 88 Dave Allen; 8. 10V Billy VanInwegen; 9. 96 Mike Turner; 10. 21K Randy Chrysler; 11. 66x Carey Terrance; 12. 62s Tom Sears, Jr.

B-Feature 2, Finish: 1. 1J Stewart Friesen; 2. 71 Mike Bowman; 3. 48too Dave Rauscher; 4. 97 Michel Chicoine; 5. 26 Rick Richner; 6. 55 Matt Hulsizer; 7. 5* Tyler Siri; 8. 10h Matt Hitchcock; 9. 1H Tim Hindley; 10. T21 Roger Chrysler; 11. 4 Jerry Shaffer; DNS 10c Tim Currier


Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified Nov. 2 Lineup

1. 747 Ryan Godown

2. 21a Pete Britten

3. 74 Tim Fuller

4. 4* Tim McCreadie

5. 91 Billy Decker

6. 84 Gary Tomkins

7. 20 Brett Hearn

8. 115 Kenny Tremont, Jr.

9. 3 Justin Haers

10. 98h Jimmy Phelps

11. 49 Billy Dunn

12. 8 Rich Scagliotta

13. 27J Danny Johnson

14. 9s Matt Sheppard

15. 07 Tim Kerr

16. 85 Dan Vauter

17. 3d Matt DeLorenzo

18. 1J Stewart Friesen

19. 8R Rob Bellinger

20. 71 Mike Bowman

21. 56 Vince Vitale

22. 48too Dave Rauscher

23. 5* Tyler Siri

24. 62s Tom Sears, Jr.

25. 10V Villy VanInwegen

26. 21m Bob McGannon

27. 97 Michel Chicoine

28. 6N Kevin Bates