BARBERVILLE, FLA. – Wednesday, February 19, 2014 – The Super DIRTcar Series Big-Block Modified drivers warmed up yesterday at Volusia, but the real action begins today. A full night of racing is on deck for the Super DIRTcar Series, featuring a 30-lap feature race. The UMP DIRTcar Late Models join the Big Blocks at the Florida track. All general admission tickets for tonight’s show include a FREE Fan Pit Pass and are available for purchase at the gate.

If you aren’t able to make it in person, be sure to check out the action at Single day passes and package discounts for the rest of the week are available.

A-feature (30 laps): 1. 3h Justin Haers ($2,000), Phelps, N.Y.; 2. 55 Anthony Perrego, Montgomery, N.Y.; 3. 1 Billy Pauch, Frenchtown, N.Y.; 4. 9H Matt Sheppard, Waterloo, N.Y.; 5. 7z Dale Planck, Homer, N.Y.; 6. 1w Stewart Friesen, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario; 7. 21a Peter Britten, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 8. 20 Brett Hearn, Sussex, N.J.; 9. 98h Jimmy Phelps, Baldwinsville, N.Y.; 10. 30 Jamie Mills, Milford, Del.; 11.54 Steve Bernard, Granby, Quebec; 12. 5 Jimmy Horton, Neshanic Station, N.J.; 13. 07 Tim Kerr, Picton, Ontario; 14. 323 Neal Williams, Pittsgrove, N.J.; 15. 74 J.R. Heffner, Vatalie, N.Y.; 16. 8 Rich Scagliotta, Hillsborough, N.J.; 17. 21k Randy Chrysler, Lewiston, N.Y.; 18. 22J Jeremy Wilder, Fort Plain, N.Y.; 19. 85 H.J. Bunting, Milford, Del.; 20. 6m Mat Williamson, St. Catharines, Ontario; 21. 10v Billy VanInwegen, Sparrowbush, N.Y.; 22. 14 C.G. Morey, Rutland, Vt.; 23. 48Too Dave Rauscher, Waterloo, N.Y.; 24. 42 Kyle Sheldon, Nassau, N.Y.; 25. 22c Mario Clair, Drummondville, Quebec; 26. 99 Steve Paine, Waterloo, N.Y.. DNQ: 21 Yan Bussiere, Drummondville, Quebec; 1g Darwin Greene, Susquehanna, Penn.; 29 Chris Ostrowsky, Conklin, N.Y.; 64 Daniel Nadeau, Maryville, Quebec; 3A Kevin Albert, Lebanon, Penn.; 8R Rob Bellinger, Dexter, N.Y.; T21 Roger Chrysler, Lewiston, N.Y.; 88 Dave Allen, Palmyra, N.Y.

Haers dominates heat 1 to pick up win

Justin Hears jumped to an early lead in heat 1 over Billy Pauch and Jamie Mills. Mills and Pauch battled for second, but Haers was strong with at least a 10 car-length lead by lap 2. Haers picked up the heat race win, with Pauch second and Mills third. Steve Bernard and Randy Chrysler will also transfer to the feature.

Heat 1 Finish:

1 3h Justin Haers 17.379
2 1p Billy Pauch 17.602
3 30 Jamie Mills 17.552
4 54 Steve Bernard 17.820
5 21k Randy Chrysler 18.156
6 21 Yan Bussiere 18.246
7 74h J.R. Heffner 18.306
8 1g Darwin Greene 18.336
9 64 Daniel Nadeau


Rookie Perrego beats veteran Hearn to win heat 2

Eight-time Super DIRTcar Series champion Brett Hearn shared the starting front row with rookie and fast-timer Anthony Perrego, and battled the Big-Block newcomer at the green flag. But Perrego pulled ahead for the early lead.

Not one to let go of a win, Hearn charged forward and challenged Perrego toward the end, passing the No. 55 as the two rounded turn 1 in the final lap. Perrego pulled on the inside in turn 4 to return the challenge and finished just a nose ahead of Hearn, winning by just a few hundredths of a second.

Heat 2 finish:

1 55G Anthony Perrego 17.207
2 20 Brett Hearn 17.480
3 9h Matt Sheppard 17.575
4 1w Stewart Friesen 17.490
5 85 H.J. Bunting 17.742
6 42s Kyle Sheldon 18.064
7 99 Steve Paine 18.357
8 29 Chris Ostrowsky 18.542
9 88 Dave Allen 18.466

Mario Clair battles Scagliotta to win heat 3

Mario Clair claimed the initial lead in heat 3, but it wasn’t long before second-placer Scagliotta was able to catch back up. Scagliotta challenged Clair in the last lap, but Clair stayed ahead by just 0.02 seconds.

Heat 3 finish:

1 22c Mario Clair 17.585
2 8s Rich Scagliotta 17.712
3 98h Jimmy Phelps 18.039
4 O7 Tim Kerr 17.929
5 10v Billy VanInwegen 18.091
6 3A Kevin Albert 18.401
7 48Too Dave Rauscher 18.151
8 8R Rob Bellinger 18.212

Pete Britten picks up win in heat 4

Australian driver Pete Britten make fast time in his group and started on the front row in heat 4. He pulled ahead to an early lead and fended off challenges from Dale Placnk, who finished second. Also transfering are Jimmy Horton, Neal Williams and Mat Williamson.

Heat 4 finish:

1 21a Pete Britten 17.545
2 7z Dale Planck 18.846
3 5 Jimmy Horton 17.916
4 323 Neil Williams 18.055
5 6m Mat Williamson 18.257
6 22J Jeremy Wilder 18.269
7 14 C.G. Morey 18.666
8 T21 Roger Chrysler 18.746

Haers. Perrego, Clair, Britten to lead off their heats

7:30 p.m. Tonight’s Super DIRTcar Series heats have been set by time trials. Before competition, each driver enters a pill draw to determine his or her qualifying group. Competitors time trial in their group and the driver with the fastest time leads their group in the heat race.

Four heat races will help set the field for tonight’s feature and one B-Main last-chance qualifier. The top five from each heat will transfer and the top six from the B-Main.

Justin Haers, of Phelps, N.Y., will lead his heat, sharing the front row with Jamie Mills. A regular on the tour, Haers has yet to pick up a series victory, but has raced strong at Volusia in the past. He picked up a second-place finish last year.

Rookie Anthony Perrego and veteran Brett Hearn will lead off group 2. “Super Mario” Clair and Rich Scagliotta will start on the front row in group 3. Peter Britten and Dale Planck have the honor in group 4. 

Heat 1 Lineup:

3h Justin Haers
30 Jamie Mills
1p Billy Pauch
54 Steve Bernard
21k Randy Chrysler
21 Yan Bussiere
74h J.R. Heffner
1g Darwin Greene
64 Daniel Nadeau

Heat 2 Lineup:

55G Anthony Perrego
20 Brett Hearn
1w Stewart Friesen
9h Matt Sheppard
85 H.J. Bunting
42s Kyle Sheldon
99 Steve Paine
88 Dave Allen
29 Chris Ostrowsky

Heat 3 Lineup:

22c Mario Clair
8s Rich Scagliotta
O7 Tim Kerr
98h Jimmy Phelps
10v Billy VanInwegen
48Too Dave Rauscher
8R Rob Bellinger
3A Kevin Albert

Heat 4 Lineup:

21a Pete Britten
5 Jimmy Horton
323 Neil Williams
6m Mat Williamson
22J Jeremy Wilder
14 C.G. Morey
T21 Roger Chrysler
7z Dale Planck


Rookie Perrego fast in time trials

7:20 p.m. His first night in a Big-Block Modified Anthony Perrego scored fast time in two practice rounds. That was yesterday. His second night – the first full race night – Perrego’s No. 55 is fast again, clocking a lap of 17.207 seconds over Justin Hears’s 17.379 and defending series champion Brett Hearn’s 17.480.

Perrego will start at the pole in his heat race, sharing the front row with veteren Hearn. Also leading their heatas are Justin Haers and Jamie Mills for heat 1, Mario Clair and Rich Schagliotta for heat 3 and Peter Britten and Dale Plan for heat 4.

Number Driver   Time Trial Time
55G Anthony Perrego 17.207
3h Justin Haers 17.379
20 Brett Hearn 17.480
1w Stewart Friesen 17.490
21a Pete Britten 17.545
30 Jamie Mills 17.552
9h Matt Sheppard 17.575
22c Mario Clair 17.585
1p Billy Pauch 17.602
8s Rich Scagliotta 17.712
85 H.J. Bunting 17.742
54 Steve Bernard 17.820
5 Jimmy Horton 17.916
O7 Tim Kerr 17.929
98h Jimmy Phelps 18.039
323 Neil Williams 18.055
42s Kyle Sheldon 18.064
10v Billy VanInwegen 18.091
48Too Dave Rauscher 18.151
21k Randy Chrysler 18.156
8R Rob Bellinger 18.212
21 Yan Bussiere 18.246
6m Mat Williamson 18.257
22J Jeremy Wilder 18.269
74h J.R. Heffner 18.306
1g Darwin Greene 18.336
99 Steve Paine 18.357
3A Kevin Albert 18.401
88 Dave Allen 18.466
29 Chris Ostrowsky 18.542
64 Daniel Nadeau 18.595
14 C.G. Morey 18.666
T21 Roger Chrysler 18.746
7z Dale Planck 18.846