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Highbank Holdup Competitor Notes


Highbank Holdup Competitor Notes

by Kolby Paxton,

The Super DIRTcar Series cars and stars kick off their 2018 season this Saturday with the fourth annual Highbank Holdup 100 at Fulton Speedway in New York.

For the first time, this Super DIRTcar Series event is airing LIVE on

Before each Super DIRTcar Series event, the drivers are sent competitor notes informing them of the upcoming race, including rules, procedures, and any information they may need to prepare for the event.

In order to help better understand each Super DIRTcar Series event and increase everyone’s knowledge, we’re breaking down the specific rules and notes that are sent to the competitors prior to each race.

Every series or track has its own rules and regulations; therefore these rules, notes, and purses may vary from event to event.


General Schedule (All Times Eastern)

12:30 PM – Inspection Begins (Draw Begins)

2:45 PM – Draw Concludes

3 PM – Mandatory Driver’s Meeting

3:45 PM – Hot Laps

4:15 PM – Group Time Trials

4:50 PM – Opening Ceremonies

5 PM – Qualifying Races

Highbank Holdup 100 Specific Rules

Tires: The “Hoosier” D300, D400 or D500 will be permitted.

Fuel: Only VP D-113, D-12 will be permitted. 358-Modified may run D-109 fuel. Fuel will be available at the track and to be purchased. (Fuel will be available at the speedway through VP).