2012 DIRT Hall of Fame Class: Bill Colton

Bill Colton Earns Northeast Modified Hall Of Fame Mechanic Award In 2012

Veteran chassis designer and crewman Bill Colton has been named to receive the annual ‘Mechanic of the Year Award’ and will be formally honored during the 21st Northeast Modified Hall of Fame induction and special award ceremonies scheduled for Sunday, May 27 on the Cayuga County Fairgrounds in conjunction with the annual Memorial Day Weekend holiday show at neighboring Rolling Wheels Raceway Park.

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2012 DIRT Hall of Fame Class: Ovide Doiron


By Gary Spaid & Joel Doiron

Ovide Doiron was born in Shediac, New Brunswick on the 22nd of September 1940. It is from this date as to where the #40 originated. He will turn 72 years of age this year.

He started his racing career on asphalt at the Riverside Speedway (Montreal area) in 1958, in a NASCAR affiliated division. During this time he worked on the cars owned by the track owners. One incident he recollects is having the throttle stick (probably because of the seven carburetors linked together!!) and flew off the first turn. When the safety officials got to the car, it was broken in half and Ovide was suffering from a few broken bones.

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Hall of Fame on Social Media

Dirt Motorsport Hall of Fame & Classic Car Museum begins evolution on Social Media with a bang!

Weedsport, New York – Lou Lazzaro never had use for a Facebook or a Twitter. And a You-tube? That is probably nothing that his fellow Hall of Famer, “Irish” Jack Murphy would have wished on his worst enemy. But today, they were both celebrated on the popular social media site Facebook, as though it were Victory lane at Fonda, Oswego, Langhorne, Lebanon Valley, Fulton or any of the great short tracks of their respective era’s.In it’s first 5 days of existence the Facebook home of the Dirt Motorsports Hall of Fame and Classic Car Museum has quickly become the interactive race shop to 420 very passionate and loyal race fans. In this, the first phase of the Hall’s social media emergence, the people have spoken, “let us live, breath, eat and (not) sleep racing, all day, everyday. It is a bench racer’s historic paradise.

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